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Zen Cart All-in-One Product Feeds 12. 7. 2006 MagneticOne 

Zen Cart All-In-One package includes all available product feed packages developed by MagneticOne for Zen Cart shopping cart. You get maximum exposure listing your products In all major Search Comparison Engines. Package includes: ... Zen Cart Google Base Data Feed ... Zen Cart Froogle Data Feed ... Zen Cart Data Feed ... Zen Cart . Free download of Zen Cart All-in-One Product Feeds 12. 7. 2006, size 1.75 Mb.


InSite Search for Windows 1.0.0-1 NetLoad 

Search within the current site

This extension provides Search within the current site (opened In tab) from custom searchbar using the favorite Search engine. Customized for such Search Engines as Google, Yandex, Bing and Baidu. . Freeware download of InSite Search for Windows 1.0.0-1, size 31.46 Kb.

Searchbastard 1.5.2004 Bjorn Rosell 

Quickly access your Search Engines and powerful "Searchbastard Engines", which provides Search options and can clean up the Search results. Group Engines, and perform multisearch. The "selection Search" feature allows you to quickly look up words on a page, by selecting the text and typing the engine alias. Searchbastard . Freeware download of Searchbastard 1.5.2004, size 178.18 Kb.

Copernic Agent Basic 6. 1. 2002 Copernic 

Copernic Agent Basic is a very useful tool for web searches that performs browsing Search with multiple Engines at the same time.

User enters what to Search and the application selects the best Engines to perform the task and Search all of them at once. In addition, the application offers different Search criteria for repetitive . Freeware download of Copernic Agent Basic 6. 1. 2002, size 3.54 Mb.

Trellian BidTracker 1 5 Trellian Limited 

With Trellian BidTracker you can instantly and easily scout multiple pay per click Engines for the top bids on any keyword. Trellian BidTracker is an extremely effective tool that will save you time and most importantly, money. Clear, concise explanations and suggestions. Make intelligent advertising decisions. . Free download of Trellian BidTracker 1 5, size 34.94 Mb.

FirstStop WebSearch Free Edition 5.0.3 FirstStop WebSearch LLC 

FirstStop WebSearchâ„¢ Free Edition is an incredibly fast and easy to use software that uses multiple Search Engines to Search a myriad of web sites simultaneously for a more comprehensive Internet experience. It provides a wonderful way for you and your family to Search the web for school, work, or just for fun. * Search multiple Engines all . Freeware download of FirstStop WebSearch Free Edition 5.0.3, size 1.36 Mb.

Fascinated Digital Sounds Catch System 1.3 Manoj Communications 

The software aids you to find and download Digital sound files from Internet through large array of find portals to have the superior results. This found audio may be played via any digital players, including PSP, CD Player etc. Just enter the title of music or singer, and the software will find number of web directories and create list of . Free download of Fascinated Digital Sounds Catch System 1.3, size 786.43 Kb.

MeLite 9.10.04 Multi Edit Software, Inc. 

MeLite (pronounced M – E Lite), the latest programming tool from Multi Edit Software, Inc. provides exceptional power for a reduced rate. Geared towards the beginning programmer and student, MeLite gives you Intelligent Language Support with Smart Indenting, code templates, brace/construct matching, and auto commenting as you type! Also . Free download of MeLite 9.10.04, size 5.00 Mb.

Accurate Monitor for Search Engines 2.5 CleverStat 

Accurate Monitor for Search Engines is probably the most comprehensive Search engine optimization tool for professionals and semi-professionals. See for yourself. First, this tool monitors website position by keywords and phrases on all popular Search Engines, not just Google. New Search Engines are being added regularly. Second, when providing . Free download of Accurate Monitor for Search Engines 2.5, size 2.90 Mb.

Search Multiple Search Engines At Once Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Search for keywords on many Search Engines at once. . Free download of Search Multiple Search Engines At Once Software 7.0, size 821.25 Kb.

Search Engines Parser 1 7 Nijole 

Search Engines Parser is enormously fast, 100% automatic Search engine results extractor you were dreaming about for many times. Search Engines Parser can extract results from all Search Engines at the same time, parse titles, descriptions and links automatically. You can specify which Search engine(s) to use and what kind of data to parse. Search . Free download of Search Engines Parser 1 7, size 1.39 Mb.

Hello Engines 7.0 AceBIT GmbH 

Hello Engines!, a multi-award winning software package, provides everything you need for successful website promotion and Search engine submission and optimization. Increase the number of visitors to your website, create optimized HTML documents and improve your ranking with Search Engines. Hello Engines! covers everything you need for professional . Free download of Hello Engines 7.0, size 7.77 Mb.

internet search engines 2.00 Affiliate Software 

Search within more than 17 best Search Engines at once click ,The Search Engines Software provides access to a best Search Engines, In this case including Amazon,Yahoo, Google,Trafficswarm,Dmoz,Msn,AskJeeves,Looksmart,Searchalot,Earchlink,Mamma,Alltheweb,Blog Directory,Alta Vista ,Dogpile,Lycos, You will be able to perform all kinds of searches . Freeware download of internet search engines 2.00, size 304.13 Kb. Search FireFox Plugin 1.0 

Some of the benefits of SearchGBY: * The ability to Search multiple Search Engines at the same time. * The ability to filter results from all three Engines, so if the same result shows up on two sites, such as both Google and Yahoo, sites you will only see it once. * Screenshot previews of the home page of all Search results, that can be enlarged . Freeware download of Search FireFox Plugin 1.0, size 164.86 Kb.

Search Engine Explorer 3 SJCoyne&Co 

Search engine explorer is a multiple Search engine Search tool. It allows up to 20 Search Engines to be running and searched simultaneously at the touch of a button. The gruelling task of having to switch between Search Engines to find what you want on the internet can be completely eliminated. Search engine explorer cuts the time it takes to . Free download of Search Engine Explorer 3, size 5.80 Mb.

1-Hour Search Engine Optimization Crash Course 1.5 1-Hour Search Engine Optimization 

Free 1-hour Search engine optimization crash course on the basics of Search engine optimization and how to submit to Search Engines. The course is broken down into 10 chapters: 1. What Is Search Engine Optimization?; 2. Search Engine Optimization Part 1: Meta Tags; 3. Search Engine Optimization Part 2: HTML Tags; 4; Search Engine Optimization Part . Freeware download of 1-Hour Search Engine Optimization Crash Course 1.5, size 675.84 Kb.

Search Engine Submission Buddy 1.01 by Information Packaging 

Website promotion software that helps you to promote your website to Search Engines and directories manually. Simply enter the URL you wish to promote and the program will spider your meta tags for the appropriate information, the program stays on top of your browser and allows you to quickly copy and paste the data into the Search engine . Free download of Search Engine Submission Buddy 1.01, size 966.66 Kb.

Soft and Site Submitter 2.25 BrainLab SoftWare 

Soft and Site Submitter is an application for the semiautomatic registration In Search Engines, catalogues, ratings, advertising boards, shareware sites, link exchange sites and so on.1. Registration In catalogs and Search Engines Quick and easy registration In catalogs and Search Engines allows you without excessive efforts be able to conduct the . Free download of Soft and Site Submitter 2.25, size 309.62 Mb.

Search Engine Composer 5.8 MTop, Software Inc. 

With three steps, Search Engine Composer will help you create JavaScript, PHP and ASP Search Engines for your online web site, Intranet, CD and DVD In minutes! It indexes your entire site, build an efficient Search engine. It supports indexing static html, dynamic html (e.g. ASP, PHP, CGI), xml, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe PDF and RTF . Free download of Search Engine Composer 5.8, size 1.87 Mb.

Keyword Expert 3.52.807.31 IMR, Inc. 

Keyword Expert is an all-In-one keyword research tool for SEOers, affiliate marketers or any Internet marketer who advertises on pay-per-click Search Engines, such as Google and Overture. This ultimate SEO tool comprises five powerful utilities: Keyword Transformer, Popular Keywords, Keyword Organizer, Website Analyzer and AdWords Editor. In one . Free download of Keyword Expert 3.52.807.31, size 1.76 Mb.