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123 Search Results Buddy 2 1 Search Results 

123 Search Results Buddy 2.1 will let you do a internet Search, by right clicking on highlighted text. homepage . Freeware download of 123 Search Results Buddy 2 1, size 1.77 Mb.


Wikipedia Save Search Results Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

This application enables you to save Wikipedia Search Results as text or HTML files. It uses a simple interface where you just add the words you want to Search. Once the Results are retrieved, you can check the items you want to save.

The 'Save' function is disabled in the trial version. . Free download of Wikipedia Save Search Results Software 7.0, size 2.62 Mb.

Craigslist Save Search Results As Text or HTML Files Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Save Craigslist Search Results and the first page of each Search result. Save Results as a text file or an HTML file. . Free download of Craigslist Save Search Results As Text or HTML Files Software 7.0, size 833.54 Kb.

Yahoo! News Save Search Results Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

This software offers a solution for users who want to save Search Results from Yahoo! News. The user enters the text string to be searched for and defines the number of Results to be retrieved before starting the Search. There are check boxes to allow retrieval of: Title line, description line/s, time or first page of the URL. The Results can be . Free download of Yahoo! News Save Search Results Software 7.0, size 771.07 Kb.

SSuite Desktop Search Engine SSuite Office Software 

SSuite Desktop Search and Find is a useful windows desktop Search engine that can find files, folders, and file content. This small application is also multi-threaded for instant Search Results. Advanced Search features also included: Search by content e.g. text, file size, date created, date accessed, and many more options...

Perform . Freeware download of SSuite Desktop Search Engine, size 5.50 Mb.

Search Preview for Safari 1.2.3 Felix Cloutier 

Search Preview is a useful Safari extension that will display thumbnails right next to your Search Results.

This efficient extension is able to support the major Search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

. Free download of Search Preview for Safari 1.2.3, size 0 b.

RAX Search 1.2 RAX Development 

RAX Search - this is powerful freeware software for maximizing your Search Results. This software allows you to Search multiple Search engines at once and display the Results on your desktop. You don't need to use your browser and open multiple instances of browser. Just type Search words in a Search box and get result in one place as faster as . Freeware download of RAX Search 1.2, size 259.07 Kb.

QuickSearcher 1.7 AKS-Labs 

powerful file Search tool that lets preview Search Results before deciding whether to open the files. It is intelligent file Search solution for home and business. QuickSearcher has an ability to preview Search Results. It highlights the found word and the text near found position. QuickSearcherls preview helps to decide whether you want to open . Free download of QuickSearcher 1.7, size 620.54 Kb.

SearchRefiner 1.0 MadeForNet 

SearchRefiner delivers individual Search Results to each computer user based on his/her professional interests and hobbies.

It refines the Search Results received from a Search engine by moving the Results that are more relevant to you to a higher position on the list. . Freeware download of SearchRefiner 1.0, size 1.76 Mb.

BareGrepPro 2.50a Bare Metal Software Pty Ltd 

A file finding and text searching tool: * Regular expression text Search * High performance Search algorithm * Wildcard and regular expression file Search * Recursive directory Search * Real-time file viewer to see Search Results in context * Tabs for convenient access to files recently viewed * Configurable highlighting * Save, name and manage . Free download of BareGrepPro 2.50a, size 317.44 Kb.

Surf Canyon for Firefox 5.4.0 Surf Canyon Incorporated 

Find stuff faster on Google, Yahoo! and Bing by digging out Search Results from as deep as page 100. Surf Canyon automates the discovery of relevant Results buried in the Search pages on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. It also adds image previews to Craigslist. Simply enter your query at one of these Search engines as you always would. When you click a . Freeware download of Surf Canyon for Firefox 5.4.0, size 53.25 Kb.

SearchPreview 5.4 Edward Ackroyd 

SearchPreview adds preview thumbnails and popularity ranks of web sites into the Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Results pages. The SearchPreview thumbnail system currently consists of 9 dedicated servers and generates over 15 TB of traffic per month. For a very few Search terms, this version will insert sponsored links into the and . Freeware download of SearchPreview 5.4, size 41.98 Kb.

Searchbastard 1.5.2004 Bjorn Rosell 

Quickly access your Search engines and powerful "Searchbastard engines", which provides Search options and can clean up the Search Results. Group engines, and perform multisearch. The "selection Search" feature allows you to quickly look up words on a page, by selecting the text and typing the engine alias. Searchbastard . Freeware download of Searchbastard 1.5.2004, size 178.18 Kb.

AA Search Engine 20080921 

AASE(Anarchy Advantage Search Engine) is a Search engine that reorders Search Results with base in the habits of its users. By measuring user activity on the Search engine result page the Search engine constantly improves the Search Results. . Freeware download of AA Search Engine 20080921, size 240.62 Kb.

Auto-tentative search 1.0 Atsearch 

A client based Search system that studies the user's interests and preferences and automatically resorts the Search Results received from a Search engine, by moving more relevant Results to a better position on the list.

Auto-tentative Search 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Auto-tentative search 1.0, size 0 b.

Carrot2-CLI 3.6.3 Stanislaw Osinski & Dawid Weiss 

Carrot2-CLI provides you with a command-line interface for the Carrot2 framework, enabling you to easily build Search Results clustering engines.

Carrot2-CLI uses multiple clustering algorithms and can copy the attribute values on the output. It processes Carrot2 XML files and outputs XML or JSON files.

. Freeware download of Carrot2-CLI 3.6.3, size 0 b.

Carrot2 Workbench 3.6.3 Stanislaw Osinski & Dawid Weiss 

Carrot2 Workbench is an intuitive application that provides you with a fully-functional Search Results clustering engine, allowing you to organize Search Results into different categories.

Carrot2 Workbench features two document clustering algorithms and provides support for various Search engines, such as Google, Bing, eTools Meta . Free download of Carrot2 Workbench 3.6.3, size 0 b.

Austin probate A Austin Probate 

Use SearchPro for better Search Results. This is a free application. It consolidates the major Search engines into one powerful Search tool. If you have Austin probate needs, visit our website. You can also visit us for Austin estate planning, wills, and trusts.

. Free download of Austin probate A, size 1.36 Mb.

The Axioma Searcher Axioma Search LLC. 

The Axioma Searcher focuses on simplifying internet searches by categorizing, and sorting the Search Results of general Search engines. The Axioma Searcher is the only Search engine that finds the information a searcher is looking for based on individual, dynamic context and therefore increases relevancy, saves time and vastly improves the online . Freeware download of The Axioma Searcher, size 1.94 Mb.

AutoNext for ListGrabber 1.0 eGrabber Inc 

AutoNext - an add-on for ListGrabber- automates the extraction of contact lists from Search Results that run to multiple web pages. AutoNext navigates through the entire Search result, follows the 'next' page links, and captures contact lists found in every web page. The entire process is completed with a single click.

AutoNext replaces . Free download of AutoNext for ListGrabber 1.0, size 1.44 Mb.

Search Results Web Results


Select up to 4 engines from a list, and search results will appear in 4 frames in a new window. Also has a selective directory.

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1 Cool Search Bar

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KartOO visual meta search engine

Their document clustering and meta-search software automatically categorizes search results on-the-fly into hierarchical clusters.

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Andrew Gerhart's views for Search Engine Guide.

Meta Web Search

Providing search results from multiple sources and site submission.

Yahoo! News- Nuclear

Daily worldwide nuclear weapon and energy news based on search results. Links to photos and audio/visual files.