Search String Software

Anywhere Location Search 

The Anywhere Location Search allows for location searches using a wide range of inputs (address, city/state, zip code, Search String, IP address, landmark name, etc). . Freeware download of Anywhere Location Search, size 65.85 Kb.



his console based tool finds Search String from input SQL trace file. The usage of Findtrc is quite simple. All you have to do is use the console and input something similar to this:
C> Findtrc.exe "SELECT * FROM Table1" c:\temp\test.trc

Text Search will be done against TextData column in trace file.

. Free download of Findtrc, size 0 b.

SQL Server Search 1.2 Martyn Bannister 

SQL Server Search is designed to Search a MSS SQL Server (6.5) database for procedures or triggers that contain a particular Search String. It is compiled with Powerbuilder 6.5 and requires the runtime libraries for this product.

To use it, alter the spsrcvw.ini file to contain your default server, database, username and password.

OllyStepNSearch 0.6.1 Didier Stevens 

The OllyStepNSearch plugin will allow you to Search for a given text when automatically stepping through the debugged program.

When the plugin is enabled, it will step automatically through the debugged program once a step command (like Step Into) is issued. Enabling the plugin is done with the d-deDUOptionsd-deDt menu command.

j-sand 1.0.0 

j-sand is an advanced Search tool written in java for developers. In the current first version it searches through a directory tree to find all files of a specified type and then inside those files for the specified Search String. . Freeware download of j-sand 1.0.0, size 3.18 Kb.

Boyer 1 5 Canadian Mind Products 

Fast String Search (indexOf) using the Boyer-Moore algorithm. Incorporate this class into your own Java programs to rapidly Search strings. use: import com.mindprod.Boyer.Boyer; ... Boyer b = new Boyer("dogcatwombat"); int where = b.indexOf("cat"); or int where = Boyer.indexOf("dogcatwombat","cat"); . Freeware download of Boyer 1 5, size 114.69 Kb.

XORSearch 1.4.0 Didier Stevens 

The XORSearch application was designed to be a small program to Search for a given String in an XOR, ROL or ROT encoded binary file. An XOR encoded binary file is a file where some (or all) bytes have been XORed with a constant value (the key).

A ROL (or ROR) encoded file has its bytes rotated by a certain number of bits (the key). A ROT . Freeware download of XORSearch 1.4.0, size 41.94 Kb.

Alert WildCard 1.0 Viable Software 

With WildCard you can Search any Text or HTML file for any text String, then replace that text String with alternate text you enter into the program. Additionally, you can Search for a single line of text or multiple lines of text containing carriage returns, and enter replacement text consisting of multiple lines as well.

* Our unique . Free download of Alert WildCard 1.0, size 2.56 Mb.

SSIS-DTS Package Search for SQL Server 2.0.18 Gerasus Software 

SSIS-DTS Package Search provides an easy way to find the SSIS and DTS packages that reference a server, database, table, stored procedure, column, etc. Be proactive and easily find the changes required in the SSIS and DTS packages before your next database roll out.
* searches all connections, properties, steps, SQL, scripts . Free download of SSIS-DTS Package Search for SQL Server 2.0.18, size 5.35 Mb.

SharePoint Search and Replace 1.0.16 CodePlex 

The SharePoint Search and Replace package provides a tool that replaces hardcoded strings in SharePoint lists, document libraries, web part properties and text-based documents. SharePoint administrators will find this useful during SharePoint upgrade process when user hardcoded URLs result in broken links due to server name changes.
You are . Freeware download of SharePoint Search and Replace 1.0.16, size 272.38 Kb.

Special search CubicDesign 

This program helps you to filter only lines (of a text file) that contains a specific String/text.


This program keeps only a portion of every line of text:

1 starting from the beginning of the line to the beginning of the "Search" String OR
2 starting from the end of the "Search" . Freeware download of Special search, size 870.32 Kb.

Advanced Find and Replace 5.0 Abacre Limited 

Advanced Find and Replace is exactly what the name implies. It's fast, easy to use, and a great time-saver for programmers and Webmasters in particular. This powerful utility lets you perform text searches on your local computer as if you were using an Internet Search engine. It features support for operators that allow you to specify phrases, . Free download of Advanced Find and Replace 5.0, size 1.42 Mb.

Inline Search for Internet Explorer 1 5 IEForge 

Inline Search 1.5 is a very useful free extension for Internet Explorer that resembles Firefox's Search bar. Inline Search is a add-on for IE. It integrates cleanly into Internet Explorer (v. 5.5 or above), and adds that little extra that eases your browsing efficiency when you are searching a particular bit of information.
We would . Freeware download of Inline Search for Internet Explorer 1 5, size 0 b.

shh-str-search (string search) 1.0 

looks inside the String <haystack> and prints out each starting location of the String <needle>. looks inside of <file> and prints out all of the starting positions # of each line where <String> exists. . Freeware download of shh-str-search (string search) 1.0, size 10.53 Kb.

BCPIndex 2.5 Georges Ware 

BCPIndex includes the complete 1662 version of The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) together with facilities to Search the book.

The Book of Common Prayer is the short title of a number of related prayer books used in the Anglican Communion, as well as by the Continuing Anglican, "Anglican realignment" and other Anglican . Free download of BCPIndex 2.5, size 0 b.

CustomSearch for Safari 1.3 Side Tree Software 

CustomSearch allows users to rapidly access numerous Search engines and sharing sites simultaneously.

Comes with entries for searching Wikipedia,, iTunes, TinEye, Google, and Bing, as well as entries for sharing on Facebook, MySpace, and Tumblr.

. Free download of CustomSearch for Safari 1.3, size 0 b.

Portable DocFetcher 1.1.3 Tran Nam Quang 

DocFetcher is an Open Source desktop Search application: It allows you to Search the contents of files on your computer. +oOeCOCL You can think of it as Google for your local files. The application runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, and is made available under the Eclipse Public License.

Basic Usage

The screenshot below . Freeware download of Portable DocFetcher 1.1.3, size 42.89 Mb.

DocFetcher for Windows 1.1.3 Tran Nam Quang 

DocFetcher is an Open Source desktop Search application: It allows you to Search the contents of files on your computer. +oOeCOCL You can think of it as Google for your local files. The application runs on Windows and Mac OS X, and is made available under the Eclipse Public License.

Basic Usage

The screenshot below shows . Freeware download of DocFetcher for Windows 1.1.3, size 36.60 Mb.

Portable EF Find 5.80 Emil Fickel 

Portable EF Find application was designed to be a helpful Search tool for Windows. Look for files, text, HEX sequences and regular expressions inside 7-Zip, ACE, ARC, CPIO, ARJ, BZIP2, CAB, GZIP, IMG, ISO (ISO9660), LHA, RAR, RPM, SFX, SQX, TAR, TBZ, TGZ, ZIP and ZOO archives.

The following languages are included in the package: . Free download of Portable EF Find 5.80, size 1.78 Mb.

Listary Portable 4.01.1191 Bopsoft 

Listary is an excellent find-as-you-type Search utility that makes searching items in large unmanageable lists of Windows applications a breeze. Items in Windows Explorer, Task Manager, Registry Editor, Windows Desktop, file Open/Save dialogs and numerous other components and third-party applications can be found instantaneously with this free . Freeware download of Listary Portable 4.01.1191, size 2.98 Mb.

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