Secure File Software

Secure File Delete ActiveX 3.0 Seekford Solutions, inc 

secure file Delete Wizard is an ActiveX control that allows you to completely wipe a file or directories data from disk securely so that there is no chance of recovery. This allows for the safe destruction of data for privacy and security. Features at a glance: Supports Files Supports Directories and recursion file pattern delete supported DOD . Free download of Secure File Delete ActiveX 3.0, size 756.74 Kb.


Secure File Encrypter 0.82 Connor Spencer Harries 

secure file Encrypter is a very small but handy application that was created in order to provide you with a means of securing information stored in your files.

The program can encrypt the selected document and only using secure file Encrypter will you be able to decrypt them to access the information again.

. Free download of Secure File Encrypter 0.82, size 0 b.

Secure File Deletion 11.04.01 

Looking to remove or shred files permanently from your computer system, then without any second opinion file shredder is the most appropriate application that you can rely on. Perhaps, the key aspect that makes it quite appropriate for secure file deletion is its ability of rewriting the file with random series of binary data multiple times. This . Free download of Secure File Deletion 11.04.01, size 4.60 Mb.

Secure File Split 1.10 UrsaLab Software 

secure file Split is a piece of beautiful software for split large file to smaller files by bytes, kilo bytes, mega bytes. Join split files to the original file. Use secure file Split to split files into pieces so that you can move them between systems on floppy disks, or email them out sharing with your friends over the Internet. Files can be . Free download of Secure File Split 1.10, size 461.37 Kb.

Sysax FTP Automation 6.18 Codeorigin, LLC 

Sysax FTP Automation is a secure file transfer automation and synchronization program with support for FTP, SFTP and FTPS. Both simple and complicated file transfer sequences can be easily automated. It has many useful features such as transfer status monitoring, email notification, file (de)compression, OpenPGP Encryption and Decryption, task . Free download of Sysax FTP Automation 6.18, size 12.43 Mb.

Secure File Transfer 2.0 

Java client and Server Application for secure file exchange using a secure SSL connection on the basis of JSSE. Works with Java J2SE v1.4.x. . Freeware download of Secure File Transfer 2.0, size 48.07 Kb.

Ultimate SFTP Component 5.1.12221 CodeUltimate, LLC 

The Ultimate SFTP (SSH secure file Transfer Protocol) .NET Component offers a comprehensive interface for SFTP, providing the developer with everything that he needs to incorporate secure file transfers in an application, as well as remote file management using SFTP. In addition to downloading and uploading by file name, URL, and wild card masks, . Free download of Ultimate SFTP Component 5.1.12221, size 15.52 Mb.

AceErase File Shredder 1.51 IT Works Software, Inc. 

AceErase is an easy to use, secure file shredder & privacy tool in one. It provides several powerful file shredding algorithms (DOD strength & stronger) to permanently delete, wipe, & erase your files, folders, recycle bin, free space, IE browsing history, cache, cookies, index.dat files, desktop run history, file tips, & more, . Free download of AceErase File Shredder 1.51, size 6.30 Mb.

Secure Dispatch 0.9 Thomas Pongrac 

A secure file transfer program that is designed be very flexible in the way it handles connections. It allows you to operate and take control over the program to make it do what you need it to do. It is designed to be more of a 'dumb' tool, but very powerful when configured properly as it doesn't have to make guesses for you. It . Freeware download of Secure Dispatch 0.9, size 3.79 Mb.

AceErase File Shredder History Eraser 2.0 IT Works Software, Inc. 

AceErase is an easy to use, secure file shredder & history eraser privacy tool. Several powerful file shredding algorithms (DOD strength & stronger) permanently delete, wipe, & erase your files, folders, recycle bin, free space, IE browsing history, cache, cookies, index.dat files, desktop run history, file tips, swap file, & more . Free download of AceErase File Shredder History Eraser 2.0, size 6.16 Mb.

Secure File Vault 1.0 

secure file Vault is a file and folder locker software incorporating 128 bit encryption techniques.This data encryption software not only locks your 'Content Sensitive' files and folders quickly and professionally using 128-bit Thayer encryption, but also makes it unable for others to view or use them without your consent. It has security features . Free download of Secure File Vault 1.0, size 2.13 Mb.

SecureFX 6.2 VanDyke Software Inc. 

SecureFX is a flexible, secure file transfer application with a visual interface that is easy to learn. SecureFX offers advanced capabilities including site synchronization and automation that help web designers and network administrators streamline everyday tasks. Delivering strong security with SFTP and SSL-based protocols as well as FTP, . Free download of SecureFX 6.2, size 12.13 Mb.

FTPShell Client 5.22 FTPshell Software 

secure file transfer solutions to simplify your work. Automate repetitive tasks with FTPshell scripts. The personal edition is now available as freeware. Some key features include,

* Comparison and synchronization - Easily compare local and remote folders and
synchronize them in either the upload (eg. updating a website) or download . Free download of FTPShell Client 5.22, size 2.67 Mb.

TransSoft's Broker 6 2 TransSoft Ltd 

Broker is a powerful FTP server for efficient, fast and secure file transfer on the internet/intranet. It is easy to set up and the administrator is able to control it completely from any remote location via a standard browser. Broker allows you to turn almost any MS Windows computer into an internet FTP server. . Free download of TransSoft's Broker 6 2, size 6.99 Mb.

Secure Socket File Transfer 32 

Simple and secure file transfers over SSL. Same program can be server and client. Runs as a unix daemon or Windows NT service. . Freeware download of Secure Socket File Transfer 32, size 1.31 Mb.

CodeTwo File Share CodeTwo 

CodeTwo file Share is a reliable and secure file sharing solution that enables you to easily share and synchronize your personal folders, as well as to define user access rights to the shared files.

With the help of CodeTwo file Share, you have the possibility to securely share business files in a local network or over the Internet . Free download of CodeTwo File Share, size 0 b.

EMCO LAN File Search 2.15.35 EMCO Software 

EMCO LAN file Search is a fast and secure file searching utility for LAN/WAN networks. You can search for specific file names indluding masks *.dll etc. You can easily search the whole network or specific computers manually, by selecting the computers you want to perform the search on. After each search you can perform additional actions on the . Free download of EMCO LAN File Search 2.15.35, size 1.51 Mb.

Clean Disk Security 7.78 Kevin Solway 

This program gives you secure file deletion, making sure that deleted files cannot be undeleted again. Deleting a file normally just removes the file's directory entry, but the data itself remains on the disk. This program completely eliminates the contents of deleted files. The highly acclaimed Gutmann disk cleaning method is now available as an . Free download of Clean Disk Security 7.78, size 663.55 Kb.

SFTP Connector 1.0.4485.0 RSSBus Inc. 

Quick And Easy Connections To Automate secure file Transfer. SFTP Connector is a secure managed file transfer solution empowering organizations to manage and govern secure business messaging and file transfer. secure Managed file Transfer Features: SSH-Enabled secure file Transfer (SFTP). Simple, straightforward design and streamlined . Freeware download of SFTP Connector 1.0.4485.0, size 3.36 Mb.

IRSYNC (file transfer utility) 0.1 

Flexible, secure file-transfer utility similar to rsync achieving high transfer rates for both large and small files on networks with both LANs and WANs (networks with low or high latencies). Supports interactive batch as well as scripting operation. . Freeware download of IRSYNC (file transfer utility) 0.1, size 85.31 Kb.