Secure Usb Freeware

LaCie PC Lock 1 7 LaCie 

With LaCie PC/Mac® Lock software, it's easy to keep all your files safe and Secure—simply by using the LaCie Usb key that you already own. PC/Mac Lock allows you to log on and off your computer simply by inserting a Usb key. Once you've plugged in your key, PC/Mac Lock will automatically log you on—then when . Freeware download of LaCie PC Lock 1 7, size 5.37 Mb.


Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software Cypherix Software 

Cryptainer LE is a totally free 448-bit disk encryption software. Simple, easy to use encryption application that creates encrypted 'vaults'. One can store any kind of data in them. Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software allows you to encrypt any file or folder on any Windows PC. Protects all types of Media and any type of data. Password protect . Freeware download of Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software, size 35.88 Mb.

Cypherix LE Free Encryption Software Cypherix Encryption Software 

Cypherix LE Ttotally free 448 bit disk encryption software. Simple, easy to use encryption application that creates encrypted "vaults". One can store any kind of data in them. Cypherix LE allows you to encrypt any file or folder on any Windows PC. Protects all types of Media and any type of data. Password protect any file or folder with . Freeware download of Cypherix LE Free Encryption Software, size 19.75 Mb.

BUFFALO Secure Lock Ware 2 66 BUFFALO INC. 

BUFFALO Secure Lock Ware is BUFFALO’s free solution to the security needs of their external drives users. This Fort-Knox-like simple software performs two security-related tasks – first, it locks and unlocks any BUFFALO Usb portable device, and secondly, SLW encrypts and decrypts any file or folder using AES encryption . Freeware download of BUFFALO Secure Lock Ware 2 66, size 3.87 Mb.

File Secure Free 1.0.1 Vitarsoft Corporation 

File Secure Free is ALL-IN-ONE Freeware in protecting confidential material and privacy. It has four powerful functions. First is File Encryption which can password lock the file and folder by military standard AES encryption algorithm, nobody can break up the encrypted file or folder. Second is Usb Lockup which can password lock the Usb drive and . Freeware download of File Secure Free 1.0.1, size 2.24 Mb.

USB Device Protection Ruel Pagayon 

Usb devices are very common nowadays, they come in many forms: Flash Drives, Thumb Drives, Card Readers, etc. Along with them, come these pesky worms. They replicate through various ways, and one way is by removable devices. They make a copy of themselves in the device's root directory, with hidden and system attributes. Most variants uses . Freeware download of USB Device Protection, size 4.72 Mb.

Portable Avant Browser 2012 Build169 Avant Force 

Here is Avant Portable browser which you can carry in your Usb drive and consumes less memory and is Secure like firefox. Avant Browser is top rated multi-window browser in Internet, which adds a batch of features and functionalities to Internet Explorer. Avant Browser application was designed to be one the fastest web browsers on the planet. . Freeware download of Portable Avant Browser 2012 Build169, size 18.77 Mb.

USB Disk Storage Format Tool 5.0 Authorsoft 

Usb flash drives hold everything from personal and medical information to music and pictures and even Secure data, with the added advantage of being small and rugged enough for keychain duty.

Usb Disk Storage Format Tool utility allows you to quickly and thoroughly format virtually any Usb flash drive with your choice of FAT, FAT32, . Freeware download of USB Disk Storage Format Tool 5.0, size 560.89 Kb.

Yappaman 1.0 Yappaman 

Yet Another Personal PAssword MANager lets You keep ALL your usernames and password on a single Usb memory stick in Secure way and also integrates with your system to automagically feed for You those boring login-pages.

Yappaman 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Yappaman 1.0, size 0 b.

QRosslink 1.0.2 Wouter ten Bosch 

QRosslink is a simple and Secure way to move your files to your computer and back.

SIMPLE: Going to a public computer and continuing your work doesn't need all the hassle of logging in to a service, installing software or Usb drives. Why should you, when you already have a smartphone? You can simply scan the code with our app and move . Freeware download of QRosslink 1.0.2, size 1.47 Mb.

Protect My Disk 6.2 SecuSimple 

Autorun viruses are getting more and more popular these days and they infect more and more Usb drives. You may protect your
computer with an antivirus program, but what do you do when you have to plug your Usb into another computer? Your Usb flash drive is exposed. Now, you can stop that in the most simple way: Protect My Disk. It is a simple . Freeware download of Protect My Disk 6.2, size 328.05 Kb.

USB Guardian 4.3.0 USB Guardian 

Usb Guardian is a special software application that prevents your computer from getting infected with nasty viruses an worms like Conficker (aka Downandup, Downadup and Kido!)

The software allows you to safely enjoy file sharing using just an Usb thumb drive for copying the files . Movies, mp3s, documents and pictures can be copied . Freeware download of USB Guardian 4.3.0, size 883.71 Kb.

Secure Email FAQ 1.0 Secure Email FAQ 

CryptoHeaven is the premier provider of Secure email hosting and encrypted email hosting. Our automatic and transparent encryption ensures end-to-end security that is unmatched in the industry. With CryptoHeaven you can access your Secure email account from anywhere. . Freeware download of Secure Email FAQ 1.0, size 95.23 Kb.

USB Drive Guard 1.1.20 Service Master Software 

Usb Drive Guard is a data leak prevention (DLP) security solution that enables network administrators to centrally control Usb drives on the network. This application runs silently on any windows PC and when someone inserts any type of storage device it will check a database on your network to see if its has been authorized. If the device has not . Freeware download of USB Drive Guard 1.1.20, size 38.84 Mb.

Password Safe 3 Password Safe Company Ltd 

Password Safe keeps all your passwords and personal data Secure with 256-bit encryption. It's an easy to use portable application which can be used from your PC or Usb thumbdrive. Password safe is a great personal data management tool. One 'Master Password' is all that is needed to access all your passwords and personal information.

. Freeware download of Password Safe 3, size 2.37 Mb.

USB Server for Linux 2.0 Incentives Pro 

Usb Server for Linux. This new unique software product allows to share any Usb device to use them over local network or Internet. To share Usb device plugged into computer with Linux OS you just need to install Usb Server product into your system. Your system must have kernel v2.6.15 and higher so you could use the product. Usb Server also requires . Freeware download of USB Server for Linux 2.0, size 95.23 Kb.

MXL USB Recorder 1.0 Marshall Electronics, Inc. 

MXL Usb Recorder is free software for recording sounds. It is used specifically for Marshall Electronics Microphones and Adapters, although I was able to use it with other brands. Usb Recorder is designed to simulate a digital and analog recorder. I found that the quality of the sound is excellent, no matter whether the recordings are made on a . Freeware download of MXL USB Recorder 1.0, size 1.13 Mb.

USB over Network (Client) FabulaTech 

Usb over Network (Client) is a far better remote automation utility that will bridge your distance for using any Usb drive from anywhere. With this application installed in your system you can configure any Usb drive so that you can work remotely with it over the Local network or even the Internet. You will be instantly connected to any Usb drive . Freeware download of USB over Network (Client), size 5.51 Mb.

USB Redirector Lite 4 6 Incentives Pro 

Usb Redirector Lite software allows to access remote Usb devices via local network or Internet. And from now you can work with this Usb device as if it is plugged directly to your computer. Being at home you can use your Usb device that is physically located in your office and vice versa. . Freeware download of USB Redirector Lite 4 6, size 0 b.

Secure Dispatch 0.9 Thomas Pongrac 

A Secure file transfer program that is designed be very flexible in the way it handles connections. It allows you to operate and take control over the program to make it do what you need it to do. It is designed to be more of a 'dumb' tool, but very powerful when configured properly as it doesn't have to make guesses for you. It . Freeware download of Secure Dispatch 0.9, size 3.79 Mb.

Secure Usb Web Results

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Ammonet Secure Data Transmission

Web based secure e-mail using secure socket layer (ssl) technology.

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Home for the Linux USB Project.


How to get USB devices to work under Linux.

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Linux USB Guide

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Qemu USB

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