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QRosslink 1.0.2 Wouter ten Bosch 

Mobile \ Utilities

QRosslink is a simple and secure way to move your files to your computer and back.

SIMPLE: Going to a public computer and continuing your work doesn't need all the hassle of logging in to a service, installing software or USB drives. Why should you, when you already have a smartphone? You can simply scan the code with our app and move . Freeware download of QRosslink 1.0.2, size 1.47 Mb.


1Password - Password Manager and Secure Wallet 4.5.3 AgileBits Inc. 

Mobile \ Productivity

1Password creates strong, unique passwords for every site, remembers them all for you, and logs you in with a single tap. Its the best way to stay secure and the fastest way to use the web.

Loved and used by millions. Try 1Password today!


Everything in your 1Password vault is . Free download of 1Password - Password Manager and Secure Wallet 4.5.3, size 15.62 Mb.

4G Secure 4G Secure 

Mobile \ Business

Strong authentication solution for clients of 4G Secure and/or its affiliates. It allows strong authentication and online enrollment for online banking, online payment, loyalty cards, travel, ticketing and entertainment. This solution permits secure access by generating a 2D Barcode you present to your PC's webcam (or an affiliate Point-of-Sales . Freeware download of 4G Secure, size 838.86 Kb.

AccessToGo Remote Desktop/RDP Client 2.2.0 Ericom Software 

Mobile \ Business

AccessToGo is the FASTEST mobile RDP client - includes unique patent protected technology for optimal resizing of Windows objects. Get quick, easy & secure mobile RDP access to office/home PC and Windows apps (Excel, Acrobat, etc.) from smartphones & tablets. Its the only RDP client that supports touchpad & floating pointers. Unique . Freeware download of AccessToGo Remote Desktop/RDP Client 2.2.0, size 16.78 Mb.

Avira Secure Backup 1.05 Avira 

Mobile \ Utilities

Avira Secure Backup is designed in California and built in Europe. The
backup technology is already used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide
and growing rapidly.

Avira Secure Backup is the online storage solution for your digital life.
Easily backup and share your photos, backup your videos, backup your files

Easy WiFi USB 2.1 ke wu 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Turn your iPhone/iPad/iTouch into a portable USB Flash Drive. Very neat and easy to use!

Key Features:
- Store your documents, movies, musics, photos... any types of files.
- The system will automatically classified by type
- Share files with PC/Mac by Wi-Fi
- Share files with other apps on your device
- . Freeware download of Easy WiFi USB 2.1, size 7.03 Mb.

EdgeWave Secure Browser 2.0 EdgeWave, Inc 

Mobile \ Productivity

EdgeWave Secure Browser

The EdgeWave Secure Browser enables seamless integration between mobile devices and EdgeWave Security Solutions. This browser must be paired and provisioned with EdgeWaves iPrism Web Security product.

Browser Highlights
* Secure browsing with a Safari-like interface
* Accurate enforcement of . Freeware download of EdgeWave Secure Browser 2.0, size 2.62 Mb.

Encrypto Secure Communications 1.1 GzFox Inc. 

Mobile \ Social Networking

Encrypto is a secure communications application. It features peer to peer voice calls which are encrypted. All content in the application is encrypted. This includes call logs, Encrypto phonebook and Encrypto messages.
No call or message is ever logged on the Encrypto server. . Freeware download of Encrypto Secure Communications 1.1, size 17.83 Mb.

ESET Secure Authentication 2.20 ESET, spol. s r.o. 

Mobile \ Business

NOTE: This app requires installation of the server-side component, which is available on ESETs website. For more information, please see, or contact your network administrator.

ESET Secure Authentication provides ultra-strong authentication to make remote access to the company network . Freeware download of ESET Secure Authentication 2.20, size 2.83 Mb.

Hashword - The Secure Password Generator 1.1 Aphelion, LLC 

Mobile \ Utilities



Remembering a password is hard. Remembering a secure one is even more difficult! People typically do one of a few things:
Memorize one very secure password and use it for a lot of different sites.
Use different but simple and insecure passwords for a variety of . Free download of Hashword - The Secure Password Generator 1.1, size 314.57 Kb.

HuBolo - Secure, Encrypted Live Group Chat 1.23 Kip Haas 

Mobile \ Social Networking

HuBolo is a temporary social network featuring live group chat. No login, no followers, anonymous, secure, encrypted and fleeting. Private.

HUBs or Rooms can be created and large groups of over 200 people can join the HUB for a lively conversation for 7 minutes.

All conversations and photos in the Chat Room vanish from HuBolo . Freeware download of HuBolo - Secure, Encrypted Live Group Chat 1.23, size 2.62 Mb.

Hue Secure 1.1 Zunn Labs, Inc. 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

The Hue Secure app provides the quickest and simplest way to set home security timers and schedules on your Philips Hue lighting system.

Access the home dashboard to quickly and easily control all of your smart lights. Use the mad libs for lighting template to easily create your own lighting schedules, timers, and alarms.

My Dental Files - Secure Dental Records 1.2 RecordLinc 

Mobile \ Medical

MyDentalFiles is a secure way for you to access your dental records, communicate with your dentist, and find a new dentist from the largest database of dental professionals in the world.

- Access and store your dental records in the cloud
- Fill-out your dental forms once and never fill them out again at the dentists office
- . Free download of My Dental Files - Secure Dental Records 1.2, size 4.72 Mb.

MyDocumentVault - Your virtual USB Disk to Store/ View documents & files. 1.6 Techview 

Mobile \ Productivity

MyDocumentVault - Your virtual USB Disk to Store/ View documents & files.

MyDocumentVault is an app created specifically for users like you who want to keep personal data on local phone memory instead of putting on 3rd party sharing servers.

You can use this app just like USB Pen Drive or a Memory Stick to store your all . Free download of MyDocumentVault - Your virtual USB Disk to Store/ View documents & files. 1.6, size 8.81 Mb.

My Eyes Only 7 - Secure Password Manager & Data Vault 7.1.4 Software Ops LLC 

Mobile \ Business

Super secure password app, with the easiest setup, secure backup and syncing of any service in the App Store . . .

Have fast, convenient access to all your passwords and important personal data. My Eyes Only Pro provides a secure, easy way to store and keep the critical information you need close to you at all times. And it's super . Freeware download of My Eyes Only 7 - Secure Password Manager & Data Vault 7.1.4, size 13.42 Mb.

My Law Firm 1.0 AirSplash, Inc. 

Mobile \ Productivity

My Law Firm is a password protected document safe, media organizer, private browser and slideshow viewer in one exciting and highly functional product. It makes it easy to keep all your private files safe and secure from prying eyes. This makes it ideal for taking your notes, briefs, and client matters to court with you.

My Law Firm . Free download of My Law Firm 1.0, size 1.57 Mb.

RC Trackpad Lite: Secure Trackpad & Keyboard 3.0.1 m3me, Inc. 

Mobile \ Utilities

Turn your iPad or iPhone into a fully secure wireless multi-touch trackpad and keyboard for your Mac or PC. Control your computer from across the room, or be more productive at your desk. The only fully encrypted trackpad app!

? Wireless mouse and keyboard control for your Mac or PC
? Control your computer from your couch or your . Freeware download of RC Trackpad Lite: Secure Trackpad & Keyboard 3.0.1, size 37.43 Mb.

RC Trackpad: Secure Mouse, Touchpad, Keyboard & Remote 3.0.1 m3me, Inc. 

Mobile \ Utilities

Turn your iPad or iPhone into a fully secure wireless multi-touch trackpad, keyboard, remote and more for your Mac or PC. Control your computer from across the room, or be more productive at your desk. Launch any application on your computer. Find and switch to open documents. So much more than just a remote mouse app!

? Wireless mouse . Free download of RC Trackpad: Secure Mouse, Touchpad, Keyboard & Remote 3.0.1, size 37.43 Mb.

Simple Secure Notes PICO 

Mobile \ Productivity

Simple Secure Notes is a simple AES-128 and SHA-256 encrypted Notes Application with password security.
The folllowing are the functionalities available in this application :
1. Password protection for notes.
2. Add new notes to the list.
3. Edit/Delete notes from the list.
4. Change Password. . Freeware download of Simple Secure Notes, size 1.05 Mb.

121 Financial Mobile Banking 4.5.177 121 Financial Credit Union 

Mobile \ Finance

121 Financial Mobile Banking is a free app that provides our members secure access to their financial information from the convenience of their iPhone. View and monitor your 121 Financial Credit Union accounts, make a transfer, search for an ATM or nearby 121FCU Branch, or contact the Credit Union. . Freeware download of 121 Financial Mobile Banking 4.5.177, size 3.98 Mb.