Security Data Software

Kaspersky Security Scanner 16 Kaspersky Lab 

Kaspersky Security Scanner. Award-winning scanning capability – built by the same world-class experts that develop other Kaspersky products.

• Quick scanning for viruses and other Security threats
• Access to the latest, cloud-based Security Data
• Real-time results on your PC's Security status . Freeware download of Kaspersky Security Scanner 16, size 185.34 Kb.


Shadow Defender x64 

Shadow Defender provides a new way to solve current Security, Data protection and disaster recovery problems. Our unique approach provides disaster prevention, eliminating Security, Data protection and disaster recovery problems before they occur. Why recover from a PC disaster when you can prevent it? Shadow Defender is using a unique method . Free download of Shadow Defender x64, size 1.16 Mb.

WISeCrypt WISeKey SA 

WISeCrypt (Personal Edition) provides high Security Data encryption and protection. Users can securely protect, encrypt, decrypt and wipe files and folders on their PC or other storage devices. Users can view and decrypt S/MIME files. Users can safely transmit confidential Data over the Internet knowing that only the desired recipient can read it. . Freeware download of WISeCrypt, size 0 b.

Oci.Athena 1.0 

A platform for Security Data analysis.It focus on the quantitative analysis for securities,and research these problem:What and How decided to a trading,and can be believe.So,it include technical analysis,financial model,other to help to profit making. . Freeware download of Oci.Athena 1.0, size 44.93 Kb.

PythonSafe 0.15 

PythonSafe's goal is to produce an easy-to-use password manager, to store all your Security Data with only a single password to remember. PythonSafe will be developed with multiple front ends and will run on multiple platforms. . Freeware download of PythonSafe 0.15, size 33.92 Kb.

vSentinel 0.0.2 

vSentinel is a customizable 3D mapping of your network monitoring or Security Data for real-time or trend-based attack and anomaly detection and analysis. . Freeware download of vSentinel 0.0.2, size 2.47 Mb.

eMastering 3.0 Sterling Sound 

Sterling has developed a completely new electronic transmission utility designed to insure Data integrity and Data Security.

Data Integrity – SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) is a highly sophisticated method of verifying Data integrity. The eMastering Reference Player uses SHA-1 to ensure that all folders are transferred bit-for . Freeware download of eMastering 3.0, size 0 b.

LogQuest VF Standard Edition 5.0 Innerbus Co., Ltd. 

LogQuest VF is a Log analysis tool for all types of logs that searches information in any log. By analyzing Security Data from mixed devices, LogQuest VF helps customers worldwide to arrive at a solution.Any firm for example Security organization use LogQuest VF to find risks, and analyze relevant vital Security information. The LogQuest VF . Free download of LogQuest VF Standard Edition 5.0, size 55.25 Mb.

SecuKEEPER 2.93 AEPsoft 

Are your files and folders safe? SecuKEEPER Strongly lock your files and folders away from prying eyes. Today you do not go spending hundreds of dollars on encryption software. SecuKEEPER is an All-in-one file encryption software, Your best choice - can secure everything,offers four types of encryption protection for files at various Security . Free download of SecuKEEPER 2.93, size 3.52 Mb.

Portable WISeForm WISeKey SA 

WISeForm is designed as a password manager as well as an automatic form filler. It provides high Security Data encryption and protection for password and form Data and allows it to be shared between IE and Mozilla.

WISeForm allows users to create unique secure passwords for each of their web site logons, securely storing and . Free download of Portable WISeForm, size 4.88 Mb.

Adaptive Security Analyzer 2.0.0070 Privacyware 

Adaptive Security Analyzer combines conventional filtering and expert rule configuration capabilities with self-learning and neural algorithms to identify and provide insight about known and new threats hidden in user and system Data.

Whether your analysis requirements concern just a single firewall or thousands of devices and . Free download of Adaptive Security Analyzer 2.0.0070, size 4.39 Mb.

DriveCrypt 4.2 SecurStar GmbH 

Military strong 1344 Bit encryption:DRIVECRYPT securely and easily protects all proprietary Data on notebooks and desktop computers 100% of the time without users having to think about Security. Any organization, from a small company to a large international firm with thousands of users in the field, can effectively protect business plans, client . Free download of DriveCrypt 4.2, size 3.20 Mb.

Belltech InfoProtect - Data Security Belltech Systems 

Encrypt and hide Data within image files- In today's digital world we keep a lot of sensitive information in computer and emails or send via email. These Data can be easily seen by other if not protected properly. So to protect our privacy and Security we need to save ourselves from he preying eyes. Belltech InfoProtect is a perfect solution . Free download of Belltech InfoProtect - Data Security, size 1.34 Mb.

PureMessage for Windows/Exchange 3 1 Sophos 

Sophos PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange — part of Email Security and Data Protection — blocks spam, viruses, spyware and phishing. Scanning all inbound, outbound and internal email and Exchange message stores, it proactively protects against email-borne threats, and prevents confidential Data being lost . Freeware download of PureMessage for Windows/Exchange 3 1, size 429.93 Mb.

ASUS Data Security Manager 1.00.0014 ASUS 

Nowadays in the world there is secure network, anti-virus to protect system, and all that, but how about securing Data in the case of theft? What is the best way to secure the Data on a notebook? It is easy to think of password and encryption; we can use encryption software for confidential Data.

Here is Data protection software from . Free download of ASUS Data Security Manager 1.00.0014, size 0 b.

Inspice Trace 4.1 Inspice 

Inspice Trace is a laptop tracking Security software that protects your Data and laptop. Email you precise stolen laptop location information, which also enables quick identification of the theft suspect s name, phone number and address. In addition, it lets you unrecoverably destroy sensitive Data in your laptop in case of theft (need to upgrade . Free download of Inspice Trace 4.1, size 1.05 Mb.

Cyberoam EndPoint Data Protection Suite 3.21.0723 Elitecore Technologies Limited 

Cyberoam Endpoint Data Protection protects the organization's endpoints from Data leakage through Identity and group-based policy controls, encryption, shadow copies, logging, reporting and archiving. Cyberoam offers Data protection and asset management in four easy-to-deploy and use modules - Data Protection and Encryption, Device Management, . Free download of Cyberoam EndPoint Data Protection Suite 3.21.0723, size 98.04 Mb.

Juvenile Data 2.0 FamTec Software 

Offender tracking software for police officers and Security personnel. For large or small agencys. Numerous fields for Data including height, weight, eye color, gang affilation, school, etc.All fields are optional, enter only the Data you need. Search and sort Data in many ways. Although the program was designed for the purpose of tracking juvenile . Free download of Juvenile Data 2.0, size 3.38 Mb.

Auto Security Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

In this download database you will bind listings for companies that offer the following types of services relating to auto Security: Burglar Alarm Systems & Monitoring, Auto Glass Coating & Tinting, Custom Car Parts & Accessories, Alarm Systems Dealers, Fire Alarm Sales & Service, Security Systems & Services, Auto Alarms & . Free download of Auto Security Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.

USB CopyNotify! 1.4 CygNET System Pvt. Ltd. 

Stop the Data leak.Advancement of USB technology now enables us to store gigabytes of Data on a USB removable device that can be easily concealed in the palm of your hand. Anyone could discreetly insert this USB device into any of your PCs on your office network and steal all confidential Data or even worse introduce infected Data on your network . Free download of USB CopyNotify! 1.4, size 693.25 Kb.