Seek Target Software

AmplifX 1.6.0 Nicolas Jullien 

The main purpose of AmplifX is to Seek in a collection of primers, such as any molecular biologist get in his refrigerators, those which can be use to amplify a fragment into a Target sequence, for example, and particularly, to design strategies to screen recombinant clones by PCR.

AmplifX is a tool that seeks in a primer collection and . Free download of AmplifX 1.6.0, size 0 b.


Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database Enfilade Studios 

Your primary interface with Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database is its simple but powerful plotting system. Quickly plotting your shots is as simple as point-and-click during or after you fire. Once plotted you gain the immediate benefit of Rifle Target's statics and analysis tools. . Free download of Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database, size 6.32 Mb.

Job Seek Manager 2 1 Z5Com Pty Ltd 

Job Seek Manager was designed to help you manage jobs applications. The process is very simple you select a job from the Web and copy and paste data into this software. After you have stored job details you can track, sort and filter it by any data fields. It also produces a number of listings. Good luck in your job search. It needs Microsoft .Net . Freeware download of Job Seek Manager 2 1, size 66.56 Kb.

Elite Live Songs Seek Manager Max 1.3 Digital Services 

The program helps you to Seek and save Digital audio files from Internet through large range of Seek engines to get the best results. The saved files can be played by every mpeg devices, including mobile phone, CD Player etc. All you need is write the name of tune or singer, and this program will search several of Seek directories and produce list . Free download of Elite Live Songs Seek Manager Max 1.3, size 786.43 Kb.

Seek Seriously 1.0 Alpha Jerry Chia Ming Liang 

Seek Seriously provides you with a simple and intuitive application that allows you to use the Australian / New Zealand job search engine without using a browser.

Seek Seriously enables you to select the search criteria, in order to filter the search results. It comes with a 'Bad List' section that includes companies you . Freeware download of Seek Seriously 1.0 Alpha, size 0 b.

Seek Toolbar Removal Tool 1.0 Security Stronghold 

Seek Toolbar Removal Tool will neutralize and remove all Seek Toolbar entries running on a scanned system. It will also make sure that malicious processes are no longer running and that they won't return when you reboot your computer. Clean your computer now from the Seek Toolbar infection using this simple removal tool. for WindowsXP, Vista, 7

The Target 1.0 CrociDB 

This is a simple Target Shooting game. There are two bars beside the Target, and they represent your shoot coordinates. Just shoot when you feel it's the time. You have a lot of game modes to play. . Freeware download of The Target 1.0, size 4.32 Mb.

Spreadsheet Goal Seeker 1.3.0 Model Advisor 

Spreadsheet Goal Seeker empowers Goal Seek function of Microsoft Excel allowing you to apply it to many cells at one time, simply configuring the Spreadsheet Goal Seeker's wizard. It performs multiple re-calculations automatically.Configuring the Spreadsheet Goal Seeker wizard, this Excel add-ind will executes multiple re-calculations automatically . Free download of Spreadsheet Goal Seeker 1.3.0, size 3.36 Mb.

iStorage Server 2.60 KernSafe Technologies, Inc. 

KernSafe iStorage Server is an advanced and powerful, full-featured iSCSI Target software that makes any x86, x64 or even Itanium Windows machine into an iSCSI Target. This new release, iStorage Server has added support for Microsoft Virtual Disk File (VHD) and VHD snapshots.
Being an advanced and powerful, full-featured software-only iSCSI . Free download of iStorage Server 2.60, size 10.27 Mb.

Discovery A Seek And Find Adventure 32.0 Mumbo Jumbo 

As its name clearly states, Discovery: A Seek And Find Adventure 1.0 is a Seek-and-find game show with a host, Jerry Landers, where you have to spin the wheel and travel to different locations such as Spain, China, Australia, Brazil, to name but a few.
From the very start, players are told to click "Stop" and see which exotic . Free download of Discovery A Seek And Find Adventure 32.0, size 23.46 Mb.

Target Words SoftSpot Software 

Target Words is a wonderful tool that allows you to create and solve nine letter anagrams in a snap. The program makes combination of letters and provides a list with the possible words. It even enables you to select up to four keys letters, which are the ones that must be in every word. The resulting words are shown in alphabetic order . Free download of Target Words, size 1.75 Mb.

Little Shop of Treasures 2 32.0 Zylom Games 

Welcome back to Huntington and an all-new adventure of Seek-and-find fun. Help the shoppers of this charming little town find the items they desire. You have to earn enough money to restore and reopen your Uncle Roy's gas station. Featuring two exciting game modes, a unique hint feature, and hours of eye-popping fun, Little Shop of Treasures 2 . Free download of Little Shop of Treasures 2 32.0, size 1.57 Mb.

Target Info Alpha 3. 1. 2001 Digero 

Target Info tells you what monsters have had debuffs cast on them, regardless of who cast them. You just have to be around when the vuln is cast. This is very useful in a fellow, where you have a few mages casting vulns at the same time. Makes avoiding those annoying recasts easier!! . Freeware download of Target Info Alpha 3. 1. 2001, size 227.33 Kb.

Seek The Rainbow Toolbar 6 4 Seek The Rainbow 

With the help of the Seek The Rainbow Toolbar attached to your web browser you can have fast access to the latest news, information, announcements and updated links about Seek The Rainbow Community. Moreover you can search the web from useful search engines provided by Seek The Rainbow Toolbar. . Freeware download of Seek The Rainbow Toolbar 6 4, size 0 b.

Geosoft Target 7. 2. 2001 geosoft 

Geosoft's Target™ is essential geology software that simplifies the processing and visualization of subsurface drillhole and borehole data, enabling explorationists to better manage drill projects, from initial planning to the evaluation stage.

Create and recreate sections in minutes. Process thousands of drillholes at a . Free download of Geosoft Target 7. 2. 2001, size 81.79 Mb.

SANDeploy Boot Server 2.0 SANDeploy Limited. 

A powerful iSCSI Target and iSCSI boot server with built-in DHCP, TFTP server software for Windows. that allows you quickly convert any Windows machine became an Multi-Target, Multi-LUN, Multi-Connection Diskless Boot iSCSI SAN Server. SANDeploy Server was designed for easy configuration, so any user can use iSCSI BOOT SAN just by press mouse . Free download of SANDeploy Boot Server 2.0, size 13.32 Mb.

KernSafe iSCSI Target 1 38 KernSafe Technologies 

KernSafe iStorage Server is an advanced and powerful, full-featured software-only iSCSI Target Server for Microsoft Windows (both commercial and free versions). iStorage Server is IP SAN solution and allows you quickly export an existing storage such physical disk, partition, CD/DVD-ROM, generaic SCSI device and even a variety of popular CD/DVD . Free download of KernSafe iSCSI Target 1 38, size 2.74 Mb.


Target 3001! is a CAD-/CAE-software for PCB design. The integration of the schematic-, simulation- and layout data into one user interface, and the integration of these data into one file is revolutionary to the work of the design engineer. The aim is a short time-to-market of your products abandoning internal conversion struggles.
The Target . Free download of TARGET 3001, size 33.87 Mb.

Fantastic Digital Songs Get Suite 1.3 Zagudaev-innovations!!! 

This software helps you to find and download Online songs files from Web through huge range of Seek engines to have the superior effect. The found files can be performed via every mp3 players, including PSP, CD Player etc. All you need is enter the title of song or writer, and the software will find numerous of find directories and produce list of . Free download of Fantastic Digital Songs Get Suite 1.3, size 786.43 Kb.

Flyff Target Changer 1.0 

FlyFF Server/Target/IP/Address Changer in an easy way... . Freeware download of Flyff Target Changer 1.0, size 175.59 Kb.