Send Http Requests Software

N-Button Pro Manager Serial Port Tool 

N-Button Pro Manager up to 256 widgets that float on your desktop to control external devices, send specified data, run applications, send http requests or send data lists. It supports Serial Port / USB and Network connection between a PC and devices.

N-Button makes it possible to control relay controller boards of National Control . Free download of N-Button Pro Manager, size 0 b.


IA-REST-test 0.10 IhAr Software 

Simple but useful standalone Windows utility to test http/RESTful web services. It allow to send http-requests with specified parameters to a server application and displays the reply.

IA-REST-test utility can be used for:

- web-development,
- client-server REST application development,
- http protocol learn and . Freeware download of IA-REST-test 0.10, size 36.86 Kb.

WIN HTTP Sender 2.5.1 Soft-Net 

send http Tool is a http Request generator that works as a http Client and sender that allows you to analyze the http response.

Build your http requests and send them to any URLs in just a few seconds. This is a powerful bugging/ testing tool for your application or website.

Here are some key features of "WIN http . Freeware download of WIN HTTP Sender 2.5.1, size 639.63 Kb.

HTTP Debugger Pro 3.1 HTTP Debugger 

Want to see all browser http requests and server http responses? Need to analyze http headers and http content data? Try http Debugger!Web developers locate and eliminate website errors analyzing http headers, query strings, cookies, redirections, authorization headers, POST parameters and error codes.For each web page analyze the number of . Free download of HTTP Debugger Pro 3.1, size 2.66 Mb.

SoftX HTTP Monitor 3.2.0 

http Network Monitoring Software - control all outgoing http requests from your computer and download only necessary Internet resources.The http network monitoring software works with all popular web browsers; blocks built-in ads in many popular adware programs such as ICQ and eDonkey. * Works with all popular web browsers as well as blocks . Free download of SoftX HTTP Monitor 3.2.0, size 146.43 Kb.

Prestwood Ping Server 1.1 Prestwood Software 

The Prestwood Ping Server automates the monitoring of web sites and ftp sites by issuing ping or http requests on regular intervals. It is an ideal application for server farms, large web sites spanning multiple domains, online game servers, download file servers, or any enterprise that spans multiple internet addresses. The user can dictate how . Free download of Prestwood Ping Server 1.1, size 2.17 Mb.

HTTP & ICQ Sniffer 1.0 Chaser Soft 

Handy network utility to capture and log http requests and ICQ chat from computers within the same LAN. All intercepted messages are well organized by http or ICQ user with buddies and shown instantly on the main window. It provides rich-features report system to export captured ICQ conversations as CSV (Excel) files for later analyzing and . Freeware download of HTTP & ICQ Sniffer 1.0, size 444.42 Kb.

HTTPNetworkSniffer 64-bit 1.6 NirSoft 

HTTPNetworkSniffer is a packet sniffer tool that captures all http requests/responses sent between the Web browser and the Web server and displays them in a simple table. For every http request, the following information is displayed: Host Name, http method (GET, POST, HEAD), URL Path, User Agent, Response Code, Response String, Content Type, . Freeware download of HTTPNetworkSniffer 64-bit 1.6, size 83.97 Kb.

Transparent HTTP Proxy 1.6 

Transproxy is used in conjunction with the FreeBSD (ipfw and ipnat) or Linux transparent proxy feature (ipfwadm, ipchains and iptables), to transparently proxy http requests. . Freeware download of Transparent HTTP Proxy 1.6, size 23.59 Kb.

PHP HTTP client 1.0 Phphttpclient 

The original intent was to make a pretty simple "connect and send" http client, it has since grown to include as much http 1.0 client capabilitlies (as defined in RFC 1945) as possible.

PHP http client 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of PHP HTTP client 1.0, size 0 b.

HTTP Resource Test 0.1.1 AdmiralNemo 

This addon allows web developers to tailor custom http requests and see the response. Any type of request can be created, including GET, POST, and PUT, as well as any other method. Any number of arbitrary headers can be added such as Content-Type, Accept, or anything else, and the request entity can be directly entered. The server response headers . Free download of HTTP Resource Test 0.1.1, size 419 b.

HTTP Replay 1.4 Janus Security 

http Replay (previous http Sniffer) is a manual web security testing tool which can capture http requests, include request headers, post data, and you can modify the request and then resend them.
You can get the response headers and source code only, or load the response in web browser.

1. Using http Replay requires . Free download of HTTP Replay 1.4, size 314.57 Kb.

N-Button Lite 1.4 0.440 Serial Port Tool 

N-Button Lite version creates up to 8 widgets to control RS232 & Netwok related devices, run applications, send http request or send data list. It supports Serial Port/USB and Network connection between PC and devices. N-Button makes it possible to control RS232 related devices without any programming! It includes five types of widgets, Relay . Free download of N-Button Lite 1.4 0.440, size 2.65 Mb.

Cakephp Facebook Integration 1.0 

A cakephp facebook component with easy GUI installer with live examples to connect to apps, send app requests, write on wall, view profile picture, friends list, and many more . Freeware download of Cakephp Facebook Integration 1.0, size 1.18 Mb.

proxyconnect 0.0.1 

proxyconnect send http CONNECT request to http proxy to build transparent tunnel between its stdin/stdout and dedicated port on remote host.can be used to provide proxy support for SSH by adding a ProxyCommand directive in ssh_config. . Freeware download of proxyconnect 0.0.1, size 4.20 Kb.

REX - REST SQL/XML Mapping Service 0.9.0 

REX allows you to create REST interfaces by directly connecting http requests to SQL/XML queries without programming. . Freeware download of REX - REST SQL/XML Mapping Service 0.9.0, size 5.70 Mb.

REST CGI C++ library 1.0.1 

C++ library for interpreting http requests as REST service calls. Classes for method, resource, endpoint make it easy to expose business objects as a REST interface. Provides etags and time versioning constraints for http caching control. . Freeware download of REST CGI C++ library 1.0.1, size 1.12 Mb.

XmlHttpLib 1.0 Xmlhttplib 

XmlHttpLib(XHL) is a pure java developers library and cmd line tool for executing http requests with xml-input(, converting response html to xhtml) and transforming it with xslt to grab information from webpages.

XmlHttpLib 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL) . Freeware download of XmlHttpLib 1.0, size 2.66 Kb.

Webshield 1.0 

Security proxy to clean up all unallowed constructions from http requests, detect intruders and filter outgoing http traffic against leaking classified data.

Webshield 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); Other License . Freeware download of Webshield 1.0, size 0 b.

Fiddler XSRF Inspector 1.0 

Fiddler XSRF Inspector is a plugin for Fiddler 2 that extracts cross-site request forgery attacks from http requests.

Fiddler XSRF Inspector 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Fiddler XSRF Inspector 1.0, size 5.82 Kb.