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SharePoint List Collection 3.3.508.4 boostsolutions Co., Ltd 

sharepoint List Collection consolidates list items into a single grid view web part. All kinds of sharepoint lists from different sites can be selected in a sharepoint list collection web part. To create a list collection web part, you can select a site, a list and a list view, and select list columns from which you intend to collect information. . Free download of SharePoint List Collection 3.3.508.4, size 1.81 Mb.


Neoxen Visual Modus for SharePoint 10.04.023 Neoxen Systems 

Visual Modus is a Windows Desktop Explorer for sharepoint. It allows you to manage and share documents, restructure folders and other resources stored in sharepoint. Drag and drop between sharepoint sites, to and from your email, local folders, ftp sites and network locations. Copy, move, add, and remove entire folder structures. Check-in, . Free download of Neoxen Visual Modus for SharePoint 10.04.023, size 32.73 Mb.

InLoox 5.6.2 IQ medialab GmbH 

InLoox - project management integrated in Microsoft Outlook. The project management software InLoox operates within Outlook, simplifying and combining the organization of projects, documents, resources and budgets. InLoox provides highly effective support for everyday standard business processes: Project planning, scheduling and monitoring. . Free download of InLoox 5.6.2, size 47.49 Mb.

SharePoint Column Protector 

sharepoint Column Protector is a tool that extends standard sharepoint permission management capabilities. By default MOSS2007 / WSS 3.0 allows you to manage permissions per list element. Datapolis sharepoint Column Protector goes one level deeper and allows you to protect your data on per column basis. Permissions for columns are defined for each . Free download of SharePoint Column Protector, size 3.17 Mb.


WorkBox is an advanced platform designed to create and manage business processes. It is a practical tool to define simple documents flow such as flow of invoices, absences, sick leaves, business trips as well as modeling complex business processes based on company’s IT systems. Thanks to implementation of state workflow model, processes may . Freeware download of WorkBox, size 3.74 Mb.

Document Import Kit for SharePoint 2007 3.9 Vyapin Software Systems Pvt Ltd., 

Document Import Kit for sharepoint 2007 (DocKIT) is a powerful, easy-to-use tool to import documents from file systems&network shares into Microsoft Office sharepoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) and Microsoft Windows sharepoint Services v3.0 (WSS v3.0). DocKIT software has been designed and developed to address the specific needs of companies that . Free download of Document Import Kit for SharePoint 2007 3.9, size 5.85 Mb.

PerformancePoint Print WebPart 2.1 Perpetuum Software 

The decision of Microsoft to make easy-to-use powerful BI tools finds its reflection in PerformancePoint Server 2007. This application is based on sharepoint Server and Microsoft Office Excel, which is one of the most widely used analysis and planning tools around the world. PerformancePoint Server 2007 provides a full range of tools for company . Free download of PerformancePoint Print WebPart 2.1, size 299.01 Kb.

Virto SharePoint Workflow Activities Kit 5.1.3 Virtosoftware 

sharepoint Workflow Activities Extensions Kit is a no-code set of sharepoint extensions for creating custom workflows using tools such as sharepoint Designer, Visual Studio and Visio. Over 230 activities for creating custom sharepoint workflows provide robust functionality and are easy to use. Workflow Activities Extensions Kit allows you to Manage . Free download of Virto SharePoint Workflow Activities Kit 5.1.3, size 3.76 Mb.

SharePoint Virto Alerts Customizer 1.1.0 Virtosoftware 

Virto Alerts Customizer for Microsoft sharepoint is new and effective web part created to enhance and streamline sharepoint Alert Management System.Virto Alerts Customizer for sharepoint provides users with additional adjustment features. You can easily create your own Alerts which can be sent to a special user or group of users. This takes you . Free download of SharePoint Virto Alerts Customizer 1.1.0, size 145.04 Kb.

Enhanced SharePoint User Tasks Web Part 1.0 Layer 2 GmbH 

If working with sharepoint collaboration portals, numerous task lists exists in the various areas of work, scattered on various websites and pages of a site collection. So you can quickly lose the overview with your tasks!With the Enhanced sharepoint User Tasks Web Part by Layer2 you can rollup these tasks from various lists of the site collection . Free download of Enhanced SharePoint User Tasks Web Part 1.0, size 100.00 Kb.

Enhanced SharePoint User Tasks Menu 1.0 Layer 2 GmbH 

How to assign sharepoint task item properties, like completion, due date etc. with 1 click directly in menu - like in Outlook?Collaboration is one of the most common scenarios in sharepoint portals. This frequently includes tasks management operations. In comparison to Microsoft Outlook, out-of-the-box, however, there are some features missed. So . Free download of Enhanced SharePoint User Tasks Menu 1.0, size 100.00 Kb.

SharePoint List Item Sort Feature 1.0 Layer 2 GmbH 

List items are stored in sharepoint by default in the order in which they were created. Other sorting criteria can be defined using views, e.g. to sort elements alphabetically by title or by the modification date. Often there is also the requirement to change the order of the elements to be defined manually.This is can be done out-of-the-box for . Free download of SharePoint List Item Sort Feature 1.0, size 100.00 Kb.

SharePoint Business Data List Connector 1.0 Layer 2 GmbH 

The fast, easy and complete integration of external LOB data, e.g. from databases, is a common requirement in the use of Microsoft sharepoint technology. Existing solutions, such as the Business Data Catalog (BDC) in sharepoint 2007 or the Business Connectivity Services (BCS) in sharepoint 2010, are often too complex at the facility, bring with . Free download of SharePoint Business Data List Connector 1.0, size 100.00 Kb.

SharePoint Meeting Manager 1.0 Layer 2 GmbH 

Improved sharepoint Meeting Workspace template, that covers the complete meeting life-cycle before, during and after a meeting:#Planning for the meeting: Setting the meeting time and place using Outlook and / or sharepoint, inviting attendees, defining required and optional attendees, define the attendee role (Organizer, Attendee, Minute Taker), . Free download of SharePoint Meeting Manager 1.0, size 100.00 Kb.

SharePoint Choice Indicator 1.3.819.36 SharePointBoost Co., Ltd 

sharepoint Choice Indicator allows you to prioritize, organize and monitor task and list items by applying color-coded labels corresponding to selection criteria you specify. Choice Indicators support floating tooltip information, customizable color settings, and the ability to apply one or more colored labels to each list or task item, permitting . Free download of SharePoint Choice Indicator 1.3.819.36, size 693.95 Kb.

Virto SharePoint Tag Cloud Web Part 1.0 Virtosoftware 

Virto Tagging Web Part allows adding tags to sharepoint Lists Items and displaying them into Tag Clouds. Virto Tag Cloud web part is essentially a combination of two different but integrated web parts. The first one allows for extending list field sets with additional tag field. The second web part is designed for adding a tag cloud to a sharepoint . Free download of Virto SharePoint Tag Cloud Web Part 1.0, size 855.04 Kb.

SPList Manager for SharePoint 2007 1.2 Vyapin Software Systems Pvt Ltd., 

SPList Manager for sharepoint 2007 (SPListM) is a powerful application to import&manage metadata for list items in sharepoint. SPListM can import / update / delete list items (including folders and file attachments) in sharepoint lists. SPListM supports Microsoft Office sharepoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) and Microsoft Windows sharepoint . Free download of SPList Manager for SharePoint 2007 1.2, size 3.21 Mb.

XPlica for SharePoint 2007 1.6.1 Vyapin Software Systems Pvt Ltd., 

XPlica for sharepoint 2007 enables sharepoint users to migrate documents and its associated metadata from one sharepoint library to another. XPlica migrates sharepoint libraries, folders, documents, version histories and metadata to the desired destination location. XPlica supports both sharepoint 2003 (sharepoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows . Free download of XPlica for SharePoint 2007 1.6.1, size 2.64 Mb.

Virto Ajax SharePoint Form Extender 5.0.0 Virtosoftware 

Virto Custom List Form Extender is Ajax and Java Script based Web Part allowing for quick and simple customizing sharepoint list forms for creating, editing and viewing list items.

. With new Virto List Form Extender web part by Virtosoftware you can easily design your own list forms and replace the default ones with them with just a few . Free download of Virto Ajax SharePoint Form Extender 5.0.0, size 1.65 Mb.

Virto Ajax Data View for SharePoint 1.0 Virtosoftware 

Virto DataGrid is a ready-to-use Ajax-enabled JavaScript control that displays items from sharepoint lists (from a site or a site collection) or SQL items in a single grid. The web part enables displaying of any field from a list or a table, allowing for flexible ordering, sorting and resizing with drag&drop, supporting sub grids (2-nested . Free download of Virto Ajax Data View for SharePoint 1.0, size 732.16 Kb.

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