Shareware Protection Software

ActivLicense Online v1.01 Ionworx Technology 

ActivLicense Online is a professional and robust anti-piracy solution based on product activation technology designed to verify if your software products have been legitimately licensed, it's quick, easy and reliable, the activation can be done in few minutes via the Internet or by Telephone. This is a way to check software's licenses and control . Free download of ActivLicense Online v1.01, size 449.54 Kb.


SecureCode Protection 1.0.2 Ionworx Technology 

SecureCode is a new software protection based on the lastest techniques protection to provide a strong security to protect your software against reverse engineering and illegal copying, confidence that people can only run your application on your terms.SecureCode is not trial protection or registration software, you can use as protection against . Free download of SecureCode Protection 1.0.2, size 358.40 Kb.

ShareGuard Copy Protection 3.6 Zapper Software (510862 B.C. Ltd.) 

ShareGuard: For shareware developers who want to protect their software. Consists of 4 components: (1) ShareGuard Lock (2) ShareGuard Key (3) ShareGuard Locksmith (4) CRC Check. (1) ShareGuard Lock is the program that protects your software from reverse engineering and from being used longer than the specified demonstration period. This is called . Free download of ShareGuard Copy Protection 3.6, size 11.75 Mb.

Obsidium Software Protection System 1.4.6-17 Obsidium Software 

Obsidium is a feature-rich software protection and licensing system that was designed as a cost effective and easy to implement, yet reliable way to protect your software applications and games from unauthorized modifications (i.e. "cracking") and redistribution and provide a secure and flexible licensing/registration system.
It is . Free download of Obsidium Software Protection System 1.4.6-17, size 13.32 Mb.

Shareware Tracker AccuSolve, Inc. 

Sophisticated and feature-rich submission software for commercial, demo, freeware and shareware authors and publishers. Supports semi-automated submission to over 400 shareware download sites, software directories and search engines. Numerous submission tools enable the submitter to speed through submissions, increasing link popularity and visitor . Free download of Shareware Tracker, size 3.74 Mb.

Data Protection Software 1.46 Solidlabs Technology 

Data protection Software is intended for providing secure storage of your confidential data on hard or removable medium. . Free download of Data Protection Software 1.46, size 768.00 Kb.

Spyware Protection Pro 2 3B Software Inc. 

Spyware protection Pro scans your hard disk to find Spyware and Adware installed on your PC. When you delete this information it will make your PC and Internet run faster. By using a spyware remover regularly your computer will become more stable and help Windows and your software run faster.Used routinely, Spyware protection Pro will allow you to . Free download of Spyware Protection Pro 2, size 2.86 Mb.

dfg ShutDown XP 3.9.1 d.f.g 

This program is a professional shutdown, automation, atomic time synchronizing, disk cleaning and PC protection utility - the best you can get today. dfg ShutDown XP gives you an easy and thorough time controlled and automatic way to shutdown, restart or log off your system with optional power off and shutdown forcing (no questioning). Optionally . Freeware download of dfg ShutDown XP 3.9.1, size 1.14 Mb.

SoftwareShield SoftwareShield Technologies, Inc. 

The SoftwareShield System is a full featured licensing and copy-protection system for software developers who create Windows applications on the x86 platform. The SoftwareShield System allows you to make copy-protected, demo, trial, pay-per-use, leased and many other versions of your software.License Models You Can Use:
Trial (evaluation . Free download of SoftwareShield, size 32.41 Mb.

Shareware Assistant 1.5 OCloud Software 

shareware Assistant (SWA) is a program designed to help shareware authors process orders, manage their business, track customer information and offer/ship physical product (through our SwiftCD interface). It can automatically retrieve order mails from registration services, such as RegNow, SWReg, and ShareIt. Order confirmation e-mails are parsed . Free download of Shareware Assistant 1.5, size 3.74 Mb.

Shareware Submission Buddy 1.01 by Information Packaging 

shareware promotion software that helps you to promote your software to shareware sites and directories manually. Simply enter the URL of the PAD file you wish to promote and the program will spider your PAD file for the appropriate information, the program stays on top of your browser and allows you to quickly copy and paste the data into the . Free download of Shareware Submission Buddy 1.01, size 966.66 Kb.

Internet Privacy Protection Tool 1.05 Internet Privacy Software 

Internet Privacy protection Tool is software for protecting your privacy and personal data. With our software you can easily clean any Internet activity traces to protect your privacy. Our program supports all more popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Opera. You can clean and manage cookies, typed urls, favorites, auto-fill . Free download of Internet Privacy Protection Tool 1.05, size 6.67 Mb.

Live File Backup 2.30 Infonautics GmbH 

Live File Backup is the user-friendly real-time/live backup program for your home and business PC! The Continuous and automatic backup software is creating automatically file copies (generations/versions) when saving in the background. The backup files and its correponding copies can automatically be saved to local or external drives, USB memory . Free download of Live File Backup 2.30, size 4.00 Mb.

VISOCO Data Protection Master 1.1 VISOCO Software 

VISOCO Data protection Master is a tool that will help you increase the safety and accessibility of data from your Sybase ASE database. There are many ways to increase the safety of a database. As a rule, the two most popular methods are: a server cluster, and special software with a simpler hardware solution. In the case of a server cluster, if . Free download of VISOCO Data Protection Master 1.1, size 1.11 Mb.

Panda Global Protection 2012 5.00.00 Panda Security 

The new Panda Global protection 2012 is the most complete product, with everything you need to protect your computer and information . It protects you from online fraud, identity theft and all other Internet threats. Compatible with Windows 7.

Protect yourself from all kinds of online threats:
Keep your inbox spam-free and navigate . Free download of Panda Global Protection 2012 5.00.00, size 77.96 Mb.

Microsoft Excel Protection Remover 1.0 WeBBusterZ Engineering Software 

Microsoft Excel protection Remover is a software that will remove protection password from Microsoft excel worksheets allowing you to edit any protected cell. Passwords been created with "Protect sheet" and "Protect workbook" commands in Excel can be removed using this software. The software will work with both .xls and .xlsx . Free download of Microsoft Excel Protection Remover 1.0, size 20.41 Mb.

ProfPDF Protection Manager 1.0 llionsoft 

ProfPDF protection Manager is a specialized application for add/change/remove standard security in the PDF documens. Adobe Acrobat is not required. Simply select the PDF file or folder with PDF files, set protection options and push 'Start' button. PDF encryption will changed.

40 and 128 bit encryption
Recurse . Free download of ProfPDF Protection Manager 1.0, size 1.65 Mb.

Malware Protection 1.1.1 Regcure Reviews 

Malware protection detects and removes specific malicious software. Malware protection is a utility that may be used to detect and remove specific malicious software (malware).Note that it should not be used as a substitute for running normal proactive antivirus protection, but rather as a reactive tool to handle systems that are already infected. . Freeware download of Malware Protection 1.1.1, size 2.76 Mb.

Protection! Licensing Framework Standard 1.3 jProductivity, LLC 

protection! - a licensing framework that can be embedded into custom Java applications or components only allowing the permitted use according to the supplied license. protection! Licensing Framework for Java, delivers powerful and feature-rich licensing solution. protection! provides a robust feature set enabling developer to securely distribute . Free download of Protection! Licensing Framework Standard 1.3, size 14.65 Mb.

Photo copyright protection software 5 7 1800Soft Inc 

Photo copyright protection software is a powerful and professional photo watermarking software for digital photo protection. It provides features to add, move and rotate watermarks on the images. Also, you can set the transparency level of the watermark and rotate watermark at any degree. It is an easy to install and easy to manipulate program. It . Free download of Photo copyright protection software 5 7, size 2.60 Mb.