Sip Voicemail Software

IVM Telephone Answering Attendant 5.10 NCH Software 

IVM answering attendant software is a complete voicemail, call attendant, interactive voice response, or autodial telephone management solution for small to medium businesses. IVM can be used for a wide range of solutions from a simple computer answering machine to running a sophisticated telephone interactive response system. Just run the install . Free download of IVM Telephone Answering Attendant 5.10, size 1.57 Mb.


IVM Telefon Management 4.23 NCH Software 

IVM is a telephone answering machine, voice mail, call attendant, info-line and interactive voice response (ivr) program for Windows computers with VoIP, voice modems or professional telephony line devices. Just run the install file and IVM will be ready to answer calls. But you can also create a sophisticated telephone interactive response system. . Free download of IVM Telefon Management 4.23, size 1.16 Mb.

PC-Telephone 6.1 SELECTRA LTD 

Make FREE pc-to-pc, pc-pc and cheap pc-to-phone, pc-phone, pc-to-fax, pc-fax, phone-to-pc, phone-pc, fax-to-pc, fax-pc, sip-phone, sip-to-phone calls over Internet/VoIP or ISDN/PSTN telephone networks. Use your computer as internet telephone, USB phone, USB handset, ISDN telephone, ISDN fax, answer phone, fax software, voicemail, caller ID, . Free download of PC-Telephone 6.1, size 1.39 Mb.

Uplink Skype to Sip Adapter 1.21 NCH Software 

Uplink connects sip protocol VoIP calls to the proprietary Skype phone network. It works in both directions.The sip protocol has become the industry standard for VoIP. Thousands of telephone companies, IP phone manufacturers and virtual IP based PBX systems use this protocol to connect calls. The problem is the proprietary IP phone 'Skype' has an . Free download of Uplink Skype to Sip Adapter 1.21, size 244.00 Kb.

Billion PBX 2.0 Profinfotech 

Billion PBX - new generation phone system working in IP-networks using sip protocol. Billion PBX can be installed on usual office computer to create fully functional phone system over the LAN. Users will be able to make not only voice calls but also will have a whole range of additional features like call forwarding, voicemail, callback and many . Free download of Billion PBX 2.0, size 13.28 Mb.

ABTO SIP Server 1.0 VoipSipSDK 

ABTO sip Server supports making calls over Internet and defines the way of handling of interactive voice, video and IM sessions. Main features: * implementation of the relevant standards from the sip working groups; * support for multiple transport protocols (both IPv4 and IPv6); * security mechanisms (with the newest sip Security IETF efforts); * . Free download of ABTO SIP Server 1.0, size 91.14 Kb.

ABTO SIP SDK 3.0.12 VoipSipSDK 

ABTO sip SDK provides a solution to quickly build VoIP softphone that can dial and receive calls on your computer or add VoIP features into your software or web website. Our powerful and highly customizable VoIP client designed as ActiveX control and has wide range of Features: fully-customizable user interface and brand name, conference call, . Free download of ABTO SIP SDK 3.0.12, size 108.54 Kb.

Mizu VoIP SoftPhone 2. 1. 2001 Mizutech SRL 

Mizu Softphone is a sip client software designed especially for VoIP service providers. Implements all telephony related class5 features like voicemail, call transfer, conference, presence, IM, video, FAX, SMS, all significant codecs (g.729, g.723, iLBC and many others) and extends standard sip services with other valuable functionalities like . Free download of Mizu VoIP SoftPhone 2. 1. 2001, size 16.47 Mb.

SIP Express Media Server 1.3.1 

SEMS is a GPLv2+ media and application server for sip based VoIP services. Basic applications like announcement, pre-call announcement, RBT, conference, voicemail, mailbox etc. and lots of example applications available. . Freeware download of SIP Express Media Server 1.3.1, size 4.42 Mb.

VaxVoIP SIP activeX SDK 1.0 VaxSoft Inc 

VaxVoIP sip SDK provides tools and components to quickly add sip (Session Initiation Protocol) based IP-Telephony make and receive phone calls feature in your web pages and software applications. It accelerates the development of sip based soft phone with your own GUI (graphical user interface) and brand name. It delivers superior voice quality by . Free download of VaxVoIP SIP activeX SDK 1.0, size 1.99 Mb.

Mizu SoftPhone 1.2.4 MizuTech LTD 

Full featured VOIP softphone based on the open standard sip protocol. With MizuPhone you can connect to any sip (proxy and / or registrar) server on the public internet or on your local area network.MizuPhone tries to combine the sip compatibility with P2P inteligence and an intuitive GUI. It is a perfect choice for everybody who wants to keep its . Free download of Mizu SoftPhone 1.2.4, size 95.00 Mb.

PCBest Network SIP SDK 1.71e PCBest Network 

PCBest sip SDK is one of most widely used tools to develop sip applications. It is simple, well designed and orginized, fexible and reliable. It will save you tons of time to develop a mature voip application. From high level sip ActiveX to low level sip SDK, the complete sip development solutions are giving users multipul choices to deploy their . Free download of PCBest Network SIP SDK 1.71e, size 2.84 Mb.

PCBest Networks SIP PB X V2.01 PCBest Networks 

A Windows free sip IP PBX software. It is very easy to use and deploy, with powerful features like:ACD, Auto Attendant, Call Park, Ring Group, Conference, Call Pickup Group, Auto Outbound Dialer, Database CDR report, Database PBX Status Report. It supports sip extensions, sip accounts, inbound and outbound calls, and customized dial plans. With new . Freeware download of PCBest Networks SIP PB X V2.01, size 4.24 Mb.

VoIP SIP Client SDK 1.2 conaito Technologies 

VoIP sip Client SDK for .NET and ActiveX - A powerful and highly versatile VoIP SDK to accelerate development of sip applications.

Our brand-new sip Client SDK provides a powerful and highly versatile solution to add quickly sip (Session Initiation Protocol) based dial and receive phone calls features in your software applications and . Free download of VoIP SIP Client SDK 1.2, size 7.36 Mb.

SIP Workbench BreakPoint Software 

sip Workbench is a graphical sip, RTP, STUN, and TURN protocol analyzer and viewer designed to help illustrate and correlate VoIP and IM network interactions. sip Workbench is a versatile tool designed for protocol developers, system integrators, and end-users to use to visualize, diagnose, and debug complex multi-protocol interactions.

SIP PBX v2 2 69 PC Best Networks 

A Free Windows sip PBX, with rich and powerful features like ACD(Automatic Call Distribution), Ring Group, Call Parking, Auto Attendant, Pickup Group, Conference, Auto-Dialer, Database CDR report, Database PBX Status Report, and much more. You can set up your own call-center in just a few of minutes. Support Plugin now. Customize your IVR menu by . Freeware download of SIP PBX v2 2 69, size 5.04 Mb.


Ozeki VoIP .NET SDK allows to develop Flash sip softphone using Javascript for adding it to web applications to make web to sip voice calls. The sample program is based on MediaGateway SDK that is part of Ozeki sip SDK. The softphone can be extended. It is possible to improve the webphone with sip voice/video calls, developing own softphone, IVR . Free download of FLASH SIP SOFTPHONE TO WEB PAGE 9.2.0, size 19.50 Mb.


Ozeki MediaGateway sip example to develop a Silverlight VoIP softphone in .Net. The sample program is based on Ozeki VoIP sip SDK that provides stable background. It allows to make sip voice and video calls, to develop own softphone, IVR applications, Silverlight/Flash text/voice/video chat programs, supports web-to-web voice and video calls, sip . Free download of SILVERLIGHT SIP SOFTPHONE 9.2.0, size 18.25 Mb.

SIP@Home 1.0.2 Utitel 

sip@Home is a sip Proxy server for Windows OS. It allows make calls between sip devices, such as mobile phone, PC, PSTN. sip@Home works as traditional sip proxy server or as full proxy, when all traffic includes voice data goes through sip@Home. When sip@Home works in full proxy mode it easy to configure home router to forward voice traffic through . Free download of SIP@Home 1.0.2, size 1.56 Mb.

Mizu SIP SoftPhone Free 2. 1. 2001 Mizutech S.R.L 

Full featured VOIP softphone based on the open standard sip protocol. With MizuPhone you can connect to any sip (proxy and/or registrar) server on the public internet or on your local area network. MizuPhone tries to combine the sip compatibility with P2P inteligence and an intuitive GUI. It is a perfect choice for everybody who wants to keep its . Freeware download of Mizu SIP SoftPhone Free 2. 1. 2001, size 8.24 Mb.