Sips Software

SIPS/ATOS for Prestashop 1.3 

Sips/ATOS bank module for Prestashop: CyberPlus/Banque Populaire - ElysNet/CCF - E-Transactions/Crdit Agricole - ElysNet/HSBC - Mercanet/BNP - ScelliusNet/La Banque Postale - Sherlocks/LCL - Sogenactif/Socit Gnrale - WebAffaires/Crdit du Nord . Freeware download of SIPS/ATOS for Prestashop 1.3, size 348.97 Kb.


DAQ Applet 1. 1. 2002 National Instruments Corporation 

Generate and Capture FM/Audio Signals Using NI USB DAQ.

The Wireless SOC Test FM Audio DAQ Applet is designed to work with any USB NI data acquisition devices that have both signal generation and acquisition capabilities.

This applet is used exclusively in the newly developed Applied Analog/Mixed-Signal Measurements course . Free download of DAQ Applet 1. 1. 2002, size 9.28 Mb.

Hydranome 1.0.0 Aart Housheer 

Welcome to the Hydranome,

you know that water is elementary for good health and vital to run critical functions of your body. Therefore you like to be well hydrated, though you frequently forget to drink water. Especially when you have a busy day.

The Hydranome helps to remind you to take every 20 minutes (3 times per hour) . Freeware download of Hydranome 1.0.0, size 2.73 Mb.

VPS+ 0.98b2105 L7TR 

VPS+ is a powerful virtual layered network protocol IDE or integrated development environment that can be used for:

1) Fast prototyping and deployment of protocol stacks in data network solutions including IoT and VoIP
2) Quality Assurance as a tool to validate network and device quality
3) Emulation of impaired network . Freeware download of VPS+ 0.98b2105, size 51.70 Mb.

PXO 0.98b2105 L7TR 

(1) PXO is the perfect softphone for RTC (2) PXO is very flexible with hundreds of configurable features (3) PXO is ideal for SIP and RTP feature testing (4) PXO supports over 25 speech and audio codecs (G.711, MuLaw, G.711, ALaw, G.726, G.723.1, G.729A, GSM6.10, AMR, G.728, G.722, iLBC, Speex, EVRC, GSM-EFR, G.729E, G.729D, LPC, G.722.1, RFC3047, . Freeware download of PXO 0.98b2105, size 51.70 Mb.