Skinning Software

SkinCrafter 3.3.1 DMSoft Technologies 

User interface is essential part of every software. To create a successful product developers should take a good care of UI. SkinCrafter offers a great help in this time consuming task. Apply ready skins, made by professional designers, with just few lines of code and get excited with a brand new look of your application.SkinCrafter is a powerful . Free download of SkinCrafter 3.3.1, size 24.48 Mb.


vbSkinner Free 2.2 visual - basic 

You can change the look of your application easily adding this control to the forms.
With vbSkinner Free your project will have a skin.
The forms will have a rounded look, with a new title bar.
This version apply the skin in all the forms with just one Skinner control. Also makes the skin in MsgBox and InputBox dialogs. . Freeware download of vbSkinner Free 2.2, size 730.72 Kb.

SkinCrafter.NET 3.3.4 DMSoft Technologies 

SkinCrafter.Net offers a simple but highly featured .net user interface solution. C#, VB.Net and Managed C++ projects'forms and controls might be turned into a nice stylish interface with no additional line of code. Try SkinCrafter.Net today and see its performance in action. Simply add SkinCrafter component to you .Net project and choose a skin - . Free download of SkinCrafter.NET 3.3.4, size 31.09 Mb.

BusinessSkinForm Demo 7 25 Almediadev 

BusinessSkinForm Demo library helps you to create applications with skins support for forms, menus, hints, many standard and DB controls. Also this library includes Office2010 skins, Ribbon UI control and Ribbon UI Application Menu. With this program you can create skins using the special editor. . Free download of BusinessSkinForm Demo 7 25, size 23.36 Mb.

Serval's Skin Manager 1 21 Simmers Paint Shop 

Serval’s Skin Manager is a customizer for Forgotten Battles and Pacific Fighters


- Support for installing Pilotskins, Noseart (PF versions only) and Regiments.
- Function to create missing directories; In Some FB or PF versions directories that are needed to install skins are not present. Since . Freeware download of Serval's Skin Manager 1 21, size 4.92 Mb.

fragMOTION 1. 1. 2003 Fragmosoft 

FragMOTION is a powerful 3D modeler used for the creation and animation of characters. fragMOTION is intuitive and easy to use and contains many features that are only found in top of the line modelers. And if that's not enough for you, the event driven scripting system makes it a breeze for you to add your own features.

The . Free download of fragMOTION 1. 1. 2003, size 3.62 Mb.

Morph-O-Matic 2 4 Di-O-Matic, Inc. 

Morph-O-Matic, the industry standard morphing extension for 3ds max, has been designed from the ground up as a tool to assist modelers, animators and technical directors in creating complex morph setups and animations. No matter how complex the model or how numerous the targets, Morph-O-Matic will provide you with instant results every time.
. Free download of Morph-O-Matic 2 4, size 64.62 Mb.

Bones Pro 3.0 3D-IO 

In the current, extremely high demanding world of CG animation every possible increase of quality and speed is crucial to succeed over the competition. For convincing animations it is mandatory that the mesh deforms and follows the movements of the skeleton accurately. Creating realistic looking movements while the deadlines loom in the near future . Free download of Bones Pro 3.0, size 0 b.

DeskArtes 3Data Expert DeskArtes Oy 

3Data Expert® is a professional tool for repair, conversion and manipulation of 3D CAD data for 3D printing, Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Manufacturing as well as for simulation. DeskArtes 3Data Expert is used by major desing, manufacturing, automotive, consumer etc. companies around the world. 3Data Expert repair technology is also utilized by . Free download of DeskArtes 3Data Expert, size 82.73 Mb.

SkinMem 0.50 SkinTech 

SkinMem is a freeform skinnable system resource monitor. The program displays the percentage of the current RAM being used by your PC as well as the available RAM left in Mbs and display CPU usage. The program now gives you the option of displaying physical memory, virtual memory or page file memory and CPU usage.

One difference . Freeware download of SkinMem 0.50, size 224.26 Kb.

SkinSoft VistaSkin.Net 2 6 SkinSoft 

VistaSkin.Net transforms your .NET GUI applications to mimic the new Windows Vista look and feel. Your applications can now ship with a highly professional Vista appearance no matter what platform they are deployed on. The component has many advanced features and is able to skin the entire set of windows forms controls and components. Just drop the . Free download of SkinSoft VistaSkin.Net 2 6, size 1.81 Mb.

Pilot3D 1 20 New Wave Systems, Inc. 

Pilot3D is the lowest priced, full-featured, relational trimmed NURB curve and surface 3D modeling program on the market, with features not found in any other software, at any price. If you want complete shape control over your curves and surfaces, you need this easy-to-use program.

Let Pilot3D be your primary 3D modeling program or . Free download of Pilot3D 1 20, size 6.48 Mb.

maComfort 1. 6. 2001 Rafael L. Klaus 

maComfort is a background process usually starting automatically with Windows which enhances the overall usability of Windows.It's no longer up to you to adapt to the computer you're using, but rather to maComfort to solve all your issues.
It will emulate nearly all Mac OS hotkeys and key combinations on a Windows PC, let you use . Free download of maComfort 1. 6. 2001, size 0 b.

SysMetrix 3 45 Xymantix 

SysMetrix is a skinnable clock and metering application. Its purpose is to provide system metrics in a variety of interesting, useful, and cool ways. It can monitor and report on the hundreds of statistics including: Date, Time, CPU Usage, User Name, IP Address, etc.
It is a freeware program that works with hundreds of motherboards and . Freeware download of SysMetrix 3 45, size 6.31 Mb.

WindowBlinds 7 7.0 Stardock Systems 

Customize the look and feel of Windows with WindowBlinds. WindowBlinds is a program that enables users to customize the look and feel of the graphical user interface of Microsoft Windows. By applying "skins", WindowBlinds can change title bars, borders, push buttons, scroll bars, the taskbar, the Start menu and virtually every element of . Free download of WindowBlinds 7 7.0, size 34.42 Mb.

WindowBlinds 6 6 40 Stardock Systems 

Customize the look and feel of Windows XP or Vista with WindowBlinds. WindowBlinds is a program that enables users to customize the look and feel of the graphical user interface of Microsoft Windows. By applying "skins", WindowBlinds can change title bars, borders, push buttons, scroll bars, the taskbar, the Start menu and virtually every . Free download of WindowBlinds 6 6 40, size 21.99 Mb.

LogonStudioVista 1.0 Stardock Systems 

LogonStudio is a popular freeware program for creating and changing the Windows logon screen. LogonStudio Vista is a new program that enables users of Windows Vista to change their Windows logon screens. Users can apply logon screens that come with the program, create their own, or download hundreds of additional logon screens created by others at . Freeware download of LogonStudioVista 1.0, size 3.26 Mb.

Aspire UI Components Standard Edition 1. 3. 2005 GhostWire Studios 

Aspire UI Components ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) Library for Flash Application Development. Key features include easy skinning using external PNG bitmap files, automatic tab focus ordering, CSS text styles and layout management. . Free download of Aspire UI Components Standard Edition 1. 3. 2005, size 877.57 Kb.

NSIS Skincrafter plugin 2. 6. 2001 DMSoft Technologies 

An installer is the first thing that user faces beginning to use an application. So it’s really important to make your installation program not only user-friendly but also attractive. Taking into account this fact we developed NSIS SkinCrafter Plugin a freeware developer tool meant for skinning of install packages created with NSIS . Freeware download of NSIS Skincrafter plugin 2. 6. 2001, size 2.00 Mb.

7CONIFIER 0.7 R2 BETA 1.0 deviantart 

7CONIFIER is a tool is capable of changing all your taskbar and start menu icons in a single click (and key press)! All you need to do is select the package you would like to use and hit "Apply". 7CONIFIER comes pre-loaded with three packages (Eclipse 2, Token Light and Token Dark). If you like variety you can easily add more packages. . Freeware download of 7CONIFIER 0.7 R2 BETA 1.0, size 4.40 Mb.

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