Slingbox Software

Jaksta Recorder for SlingBox 1.0.9 Jaksta Technologies Pty Ltd 

Looking for a super-easy way to record Slingbox TV streams remotely from your PC?

Just install Jaksta Recorder for Slingbox, then pick a channel, set a schedule, and Jaksta Recorder for Slingbox will tune into your TV and record automatically to your PC. Or, you can record instantly just by changing the channel and clicking the Record . Free download of Jaksta Recorder for SlingBox 1.0.9, size 4.57 Mb.


Jaksta Recorder for Slingbox for Windows Jaksta Technologies Pty Ltd 

Record TV from a Slingbox Stream to a PC easily with Jaksta Recorder for Slingbox. Schedule recordings for whenever you like. Convert to over 130 different formats. Slingbox Solo, Slingbox Pro HD and Slingbox AV are all supported. Easy set-up. Supports multiple Slingboxes.

Recording Slingbox TV streams remotely from your PC has never . Free download of Jaksta Recorder for Slingbox for Windows, size 13.13 Mb.

At-Large Recorder 2 3 Applian Technologies Inc. 

At-Large Recorder from Applian technologies is powerful software for recording videos directly from Sling Media Slingbox device on any Windows loaded PC. It functions just like VCR ands comes with an easy to use interface. The recording is optimized to give you maximum performance in quality of video. The recording can de done anytime or you can . Free download of At-Large Recorder 2 3, size 94.97 Mb.

SlingBox SDK beta.5 Slingboxsdk 

Provide an interface (sdk) to communicate with a Slingbox (Slingmedia) for creating custom Slingbox player program or some plugin for existing Media player (like VLC). Also Provide a sample application that can be use to record from Slingbox.

Slingbox SDK beta.5 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2) . Freeware download of SlingBox SDK beta.5, size 102.56 Kb.

QuickPlay SlingPlayer 0.4.6 SlingMedia 

QuickPlay SlingPlayer 0.4 is the latest version of software that combines the straightforwardness of HP QuickPlayer together with the portability of SlingMedia products.
After an agreement between HP and SlingMedia, they released QuickPlay SlingPlayer, whose main feature is that it allows you to watch TV from your computer or portable . Freeware download of QuickPlay SlingPlayer 0.4.6, size 0 b.

Keep NOT Running 1.1.0 r08 

Keep NOT Running can be useful in a few ways...

Let's say someone leaves Outlook running, thereby chewing up bandwidth by checking their POP account for new spam every 2 minutes, when the machine is idle (they haven't moved the mouse or pressed a key in awhile) then kill off outlook.exe

Let's say someone launches NBC video in . Freeware download of Keep NOT Running 1.1.0 r08, size 10.48 Kb.

MediaCentre for Windows 0.1.2 Benjamin Hoskins 

MediaCentre is an media centre server application for use on a home computer so you'll see your movies, play music and view / edit your pics when you're away from your computer, using a browser. Has been tested on MacOSX, Ubuntu Linux, and WindowsXP

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