Slow Pc Software

Vista Registry Cleaner 4.7.0 Digeus, Inc. 

Digeus Registry Cleaner for Windows Vista, a pc maintenance and recovery tool that eliminates system error messages, slow startup and shutdown speed, programs instability and computer crashes. Digeus Registry Cleaner for Windows Vista represents the cheapest way to speed up any pc without expensive hardware upgrades or any technical support.With . Free download of Vista Registry Cleaner 4.7.0, size 1.32 Mb.


Diskeeper 2009 Pro Premier 2009 Diskeeper Corporation 

Diskeeper 2009 Pro Premier edition provides unparalleled peak performance for power users and high powered workstation computing, delivering the ultimate in performance and reliability to those who appreciate it most. Diskeeper 2009 Pro Premier will extend the life and increase the efficiency of your systems while greatly increasing workplace . Free download of Diskeeper 2009 Pro Premier 2009, size 35.02 Mb.

SLOW-PCfighter 1.6.21 SPAMfighter 

Do you wish you had a fast pc? Have you shown too much tolerance towards your lazy pc?. slow-PCfighter offers a free scan and and seeks out all unused entries in your registry from failed software and driver installations, faulty uninstallations and disabled drivers and optimizes Windows start-up. Implemented with the latest technologies, . Free download of SLOW-PCfighter 1.6.21, size 4.35 Mb.

RegTweaker 3.1.1 

Why dose the RegTweaker head the list of success in registry cleaner field?Unique 1-Click Tool:
Characters for RegTweaker's All-In-One Unique: One Click Maintenance can scan, repair, and optimize your computer system very simply. All performance for hardware and software in your pc will be improved instantly. 1-Click Maintenance cleans . Free download of RegTweaker 3.1.1, size 2.17 Mb.

Perfect Tweaker 2010 05.01 Perfect Software 

Perfect Tweaker is an advanced registry cleaner in pc diagnosis and repair. It can do a complete scan of the pc errors such as system slowdown, freezing, crashing and deadlock. Safely optimize the speed of the system and set your pc in a fantastic performance! . Free download of Perfect Tweaker 2010 05.01, size 2.86 Mb.

Diskeeper 2011 Professional 2011 Diskeeper Corporation 

The only way to cure and prevent fragmentation. When fragmentation occurs, the system has already wasted precious I/O resources by writing fragmented files to many spaces on the disk instead of contiguously to one spot. Now you can prevent up to 85% of the fragmentation written to disk. Your system runs at maximum performance levels on a clean, . Free download of Diskeeper 2011 Professional 2011, size 37.12 Mb.

Wise PC Doctor 3.8.3 LineTo software Co., Ltd. 

Why use Wise pc Doctor?
One-Click Fix Tool:
Wise pc Doctor One-Click Fix tool will easily scan, repair, and optimize your computer system. Your pc's overall hardware and software performance will be improved immediately. One-Click Fix tool removes temporary files, cleans your registry errors and deletes junk files to optimize the . Free download of Wise PC Doctor 3.8.3, size 2.90 Mb.

WinZip System Utilities Suite 2.0 WinZip Computing 

WinZip System Utilities Suite is comprehensive set of tools that enhance the performance and speed of your pc. Optimize your system's registry, update its drivers, remove unwanted files, and improve memory management. Avoid costly and potentially irreversible system issues. WinZip System Utilities Suite includes easy-to-use tools that protect your . Free download of WinZip System Utilities Suite 2.0, size 14.27 Mb.

Diskeeper 2011 Home 2011 Diskeeper Corporation 

slow Computer? Everyone wants a fast computer. The problem is, most PCs start out fast and then over time start to experience pc slows, lags and crashes. But why? Put simply--fragmentation. Every time you save at file, surf the internet or access email on your computer you are creating fragmented files. This is a natural occurrence and happens each . Free download of Diskeeper 2011 Home 2011, size 42.39 Mb.

Norton PC Checkup 1.0 Symantec Corporation 

Norton pc Checkup is a free diagnostic tool that scans your pc to identify security, performance and system-related problems. Over 200 elements of your pc are scanned each time, giving you a complete and customized report on your pc?s overall health. Through its simple graphical user interface, you can review and perform simple do-it-yourself steps . Freeware download of Norton PC Checkup 1.0, size 11.74 Mb.

Nettoyage PC 2009 Emjysoft 

Easy Clean is a cleaning software for Windows. It destroyed all unnecessary files: unnecessary software launched at startup, temporary files, the Internet Explorer cache.. . Free download of Nettoyage PC 2009, size 6.30 Mb.

Diskeeper Home 15.0.9 Diskeeper Corporation 

Once installed, Diskeeper automatically goes to work cleaning up all of the performance-robbing fragmentation bogging down your pc, then it proactively prevents up to 85% (or more) of future fragmentation that would otherwise causes pc slows, so your pc stays fast, every minute of every day. Plus, it’s completely automatic so you . Free download of Diskeeper Home 15.0.9, size 42.50 Mb.

CyberDefender Registry Cleaner 1.3.1955.2183 CyberDefender 

CyberDefender Registry Cleaner gives you control over the errors it finds.Errors are grouped by category to help you decide how to act.Registry Cleaner allows you to remove data left behind by an incorrect uninstall, remove unnecessary code or drivers and much more . Free download of CyberDefender Registry Cleaner 1.3.1955.2183, size 4.97 Mb.

RAM Booster Pro 5 1 AISoftwares 

RAM Booster Pro is an application designed to help us keep our computer memory in its peak condition. This program provides information on the total capacity of virtual RAM and physical RAM. This utility also displays the percentage of free memory of each type.

The good thing about this program is that the user interface is very simple . Free download of RAM Booster Pro 5 1, size 1.85 Mb.

Diskeeper 2008 Home 12.0.794.32 Diskeeper Corporation 

When newly bought, a computer runs at its best. However with the passage of time and also with the way of handling and working, the performance gradually goes on decreasing. Thus, a time comes when the computer’s load time is longer than usual, programs become non-responsive, and above all there is always a risk of a system crash down. . Free download of Diskeeper 2008 Home 12.0.794.32, size 12.62 Mb.

Simnet Registry Repair 2010 Simnet Ltd. 

Simnet Registry Repair 2010 is a tool that can fix common registry errors. The application can scan your system's registry and find errors in a variety of different keys. These errors are said to be the cause of freezing and crashing in many cases that Windows computers suffer.

This particular scanner and repair tool has two . Free download of Simnet Registry Repair 2010, size 7.55 Mb.

LightSpeedPC 8.13.1 LightSpeedPC 

LightSpeedPC is a program to optimize your computer´s performance.

It will achieve this by scanning your system, searching for registry errors, unnecessary startup programs, wasted disk space and other things that slow down your system. Then, it will fix these problems, enhancing the speed and reliability of your system.

SuperEasy SpeedUp 2 2.0 SuperEasy Software GmbH & Co. KG 

Over time even the most modern pc becomes slow. SuperEasy SpeedUp 2 finds hidden errors, unwanted start-up entries and other problems that slow down your pc considerably.

Everyone wants their pc to be stable and fast all the time. SuperEasy SpeedUp 2 can speed up your pc – especially, if you are not a pc expert. Furthermore, the . Free download of SuperEasy SpeedUp 2 2.0, size 8.70 Mb.

Perfect Fix 2011 1 1 Perfect Fix 

Perfect Fix is an advanced registry cleaner in pc diagnosis and repair. It can do a complete scan of the pc errors such as system slowdown, freezing, crashing and deadlock. Safely optimize the speed of the system and set your pc in a fantastic performance! . Free download of Perfect Fix 2011 1 1, size 2.86 Mb.

Diskeeper Server 2011 Diskeeper Corporation 

This edition is streamlined from the ground up to focus on fast and efficient performance management of Windows® server operating systems – regardless of the amount of traffic or the time of day. Diskeeper server prevents the majority of fragmentation (scattered file fragments randomly placed across the hard drive) before it can happen . Free download of Diskeeper Server 2011, size 41.40 Mb.