Small Game Mac Software

Crazy Money MAC 1. 1. 2001 XPowerGames 

Games \ Kids Games

Crazy Money is a small game and is fun and addictive for all ages. The player needs to move and link the coins with same value at all four directions (up, down, left, right). The linked coins shall be cleared up and exchanged into coin with higher value. For instance, two coins of $5 shall change into one coin of $10 and five coins of $10 shall . Freeware download of Crazy Money MAC 1. 1. 2001, size 13.55 Mb.


Codebreaker - The Game 1.0 Codebreakergame 

Games \ Puzzle

Codebreaker is a small game that runs in your browser (so you don't need to install it). The aim is to find the right code (3 digits). But the panel only tells you how many digits are right, not which ones. You can play the game on our webpage.

Logic game, Runs in your webbrowser - no installation needed

Codebreaker - The . Freeware download of Codebreaker - The Game 1.0, size 1.20 Mb.

Football Bump 1.0 

Games \ Arcade Style

A small game written using python and pygame. The player has to keep the ball from hitting the floor. The ball bounces and behaves according to a realistic physics model. . Freeware download of Football Bump 1.0, size 4.13 Mb.

Jorillas 0.8 

Games \ Simulations

JGorillas is a small game written in the Java(TM) programming language, featuring two players (henceforth called monkeys regardless of their actual appearance) who throw items (henceforth called bananas regardlass of their actual properties) at each othe . Freeware download of Jorillas 0.8, size 276.25 Kb.


Games \ Puzzle

This is a small game where you have to find your way out of a labyrinth. Collect as much money as possible and find the secret! Then you can search for the finish. Beat your best friend on three maps bigger than 1,587,500 px! Have a lot of fun! . Freeware download of mLabyrinth, size 32.71 Kb.

Ultra Bille 0.2 

Games \ Arcade Style

A small game in wich you have to control a ball throw differents labyrinthes. Programmed in C using SDL and gcc. . Freeware download of Ultra Bille 0.2, size 87.68 Kb.

RPG Game Icons 2011.1 

Desktop \ Icons and Cursors

As an RPG gaming developer you understand the time it takes to create custom gaming illustrations and icons. If you have done your research you most likely have found that a lot of the ready made graphics are inferior quality which means that you are better off investing the time to create your own. Thanks to our RPG Game Icons now you can focus . Free download of RPG Game Icons 2011.1, size 1.40 Mb.

Animals Puzzle 1.0.0 Kids Puzzle Planet 

Games \ Puzzle

It can be hard to find great computer games for young children out there on the Internet. Many are too complicated or inappropriate in another way while others are simply too expensive. However, if you look hard enough, there are also plenty of great products out there. One such application that helps children to get acquainted with using a . Free download of Animals Puzzle 1.0.0, size 16.21 Mb.

Ocean Puzzle 2.0.0 Kids Puzzle Planet 

Games \ Puzzle

Ocean Puzzle is a casual game designed for young children to help them get acquainted with the basic controls of the computer. It also provides them with something that is both enjoyable and constructive to do at the same time. It is a puzzle game complete with a very user-friendly and intuitive interface with colorful pictures. It can be difficult . Free download of Ocean Puzzle 2.0.0, size 16.07 Mb.

Free Funny Puzzle 2.0.0 Kids Puzzle Planet 

Games \ Kids Games

It is well known that games are an essential and most efficient method of learning for children. This is exactly what this game is designed for. It will perfectly introduce your child to the computers and teach him or her some basic computer skills. Not only is it going to be fun for your kid, but it will also help him or her develop attention to . Freeware download of Free Funny Puzzle 2.0.0, size 12.57 Mb.

Christmas Puzzle MAC 2.0.0 Kids Puzzle Planet 

Games \ Word Games

Christmas Puzzle is a great gift for your children. It's a colorful children's game that entertains and educates the little ones by showing them bright and colorful pictures of attributes and characters related to this wonderful holiday. Santa Claus and the Snowman, playful kids, bright balloons and a decorated Christmas tree - you will find all of . Free download of Christmas Puzzle MAC 2.0.0, size 28.71 Mb.

Skanque Drinking Game 1.0 

Games \ Simulations

A simple drinking game for small to medium house parties. Comes complete with a predefined ruleset (in both english and danish) and the user has the opportunity to create their own. . Freeware download of Skanque Drinking Game 1.0, size 1.26 Mb.

Small Napoleon 0.1 

Games \ Puzzle

Implementation of the 'Small Napoleon' solitaire card game in java.Works on any java plattform above version 1.3, uses swing. . Freeware download of Small Napoleon 0.1, size 144.91 Kb.

The Little Witch Game 1.0 

Games \ Arcade Style

Simple, small, Java Applet game, designed for low-powered computers. Its a 2D adventure type game where you collect ingredients to create spells, battle monsters and rescue your friend. . Freeware download of The Little Witch Game 1.0, size 227.11 Kb.

FFXI Statistics Calculator 1.0 

Games \ Role Playing

This is a small cgi script, written in perl, which can generate character statistics for player characters in the online game Final Fantasy XI. This is a continuation of Japanese code released under the new BSD license. . Freeware download of FFXI Statistics Calculator 1.0, size 7.07 Kb.

HL MapConf 0.91 

Games \ Misc. Games

A small Perl script that allows Steam-based game server admins to create, modify and maintain custom config files for each map in a servers mapcycle. . Freeware download of HL MapConf 0.91, size 16.16 Kb.

JGame - a Java engine for 2D games 20110425 

Games \ Arcade Style

JGame is a small multiplatform 2D game engine. It runs on the Java JRE 1.3+ platform, the J2ME (MIDP2.0/CLDC1.1) mobile platform, and the Android (2.1+) platform. It provides a very high-level framework for "classic" type arcade games. . Freeware download of JGame - a Java engine for 2D games 20110425, size 17.88 Mb.

Orx: Portable Game Engine 1.3rc0 

Development \ Components and Libraries

Orx is a portable, lightweight, plugin-based, data-driven and extremely easy to use 2D-oriented game engine. As orx is data driven, it allows users to create games with a small number of lines of code and reduces drastically the development time. . Freeware download of Orx: Portable Game Engine 1.3rc0, size 17.80 Mb.

phpSudoku 1.0 

Games \ Puzzle

phpSudoku is a small and fast script for a sudoku online-game on your website. It includes 200000 sudoku puzzles and ist very easy to integrate in every website and your existing webdesign. It requires PHP 4 or higher. There is no need of MySQL. . Freeware download of phpSudoku 1.0, size 7.09 Mb.

ThreeCardBetting 1.0 

Games \ Card Games

This is a small J2ME game, where people will bet on three cards. Very simple and fun game. . Freeware download of ThreeCardBetting 1.0, size 470.66 Kb.