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Comodo Dragon 67.0.3396.99 Comodo Security solutions, Inc. 

Comodo Dragon is a free, feature-rich, secure, Chromium-based web browser from Comodo (maker of the renowed Comodo Internet security software). It has the look and feel of Chrome but features several security and functionality improvements:
Better Security and a Better Internet Experience
Built-in website scanner. If you're suspicious . Freeware download of Comodo Dragon 67.0.3396.99, size 56.10 Mb.


StomperScrutinizer 1.0.3 StomperNet, LLC. 

The Scrutinizer is a web browser, based upon the Adobe AIR toolkit and the WebKit browser, that offers a simulation of the human visual system. Specifically, it illustrates the distinction between foveal and peripheral vision in visual acuity and color perception.

Using this simulation, you can get a better idea of how users interact . Freeware download of StomperScrutinizer 1.0.3, size 73.88 Mb.

Buzzdock 1. 10. 2001 Buzzdock LLC 

Ever meet those people that always seem to be in the know? They seem to mysteriously have the scoop on what's going on. Whether about a certain industry, a hobby, a subject or whatever, they know the buzz on that topic.

With Buzzdock, you'll be in the know. You’ll experience the buzz on everything. And the best . Freeware download of Buzzdock 1. 10. 2001, size 0 b.

WebTrends Enterprise Suite 5 5 WebTrends Corporation 

Monitor the traffic, quality, and value of Web and proxy servers, combining log, proxy, link analysis, and monitoring and alerting into one console. Integrate the ODBC compatible FastTrends(tm) database data with existing external databases for advanced, custom analyses.Enhanced technical features include an IIS 4.0-compatible plug-in, API for . Free download of WebTrends Enterprise Suite 5 5, size 0 b.

WebTrends Log Analyzer 6 5 NetIQ Corporation 

Provides reports in MS Word or Excel, ASCII or HTML files, or email output. Remote retrieval and analysis of any serverslog files, multi-threaded DNS lookup, NT service support, and remote reporting are included. Enhanced technical features include an IIS 4.0-compatible plug-in, API for creating and editing log analysis profiles, dynamic web pages, . Free download of WebTrends Log Analyzer 6 5, size 0 b.

Workface 0.6.11 Workface Inc. 

Workface empowers your sales force to dramatically increase their visibility and engagement potential with clients and prospects. It's our unique way of making Internet commerce a lot more human.

The Workface Profile allows you to be anywhere and everywhere on the web. Embed it wherever you'd like (even Facebook).

Social Media Marketing Machines 2 8 Social Media Marketing Machines 

Social Media Marketing Machines is a game changer for making money on the internet from Traffic Geyser and Mainstreet Marketing Machines creator Mike Koenigs . Freeware download of Social Media Marketing Machines 2 8, size 1.47 Mb.

TweetTwain Pro 2.0.2 Texient Inc. 

TweetTwain is a Social Media management tool for small and medium business allows multiple account monitoring and management. Features includes: Geo targeted marketing: Location based search & follow and keyword based auto-reply helps you to adopt geo targeted marketing. Brand Awareness: Use TweetTwain to automate the whole process by . Free download of TweetTwain Pro 2.0.2, size 1.02 Kb.

Auto Social Bookmarker Pro 1.0 

Auto Social Bookmarker Pro is an awesome tool that you can use to automatically submit your or your clients' content to the most popular Social networking and bookmarking sites.

These Social sites have HUGE user base so it's well worth to share your content on them and as a 'bonus' you'll also get valuable one-way backlinks. . Freeware download of Auto Social Bookmarker Pro 1.0, size 10.53 Mb.

GClient 2012j 1.0 Abelssoft 

GClient: Desktop Client for Google+: Browser Independent Communication. The free application GClient integrates into the windows tray. Clicking on it will display a handy window showing your latest Google+ activities. This window allows you to post messages and to follow the activity of your circles. GClient allows you to perform all major tasks of . Freeware download of GClient 2012j 1.0, size 10.24 Mb.

Comodo IceDragon Comodo Security solutions, Inc. 

The Web is what you make of it!

There is no doubt that the Web has evolved from viewing to doing, and it is today the world's foremost communicative medium. That is why the web browser is arguably the most important program on your computer. However, the Internet represents an insecure channel for exchanging information leading to a . Freeware download of Comodo IceDragon, size 52 b.

Secure Media Sharing/Access & Messaging Qnext Corp 

Secure Social Media Sharing, Access and Multi Messenger-Desktop-Mobile-Web-Facebook for business & consumers. Share, access, view, transfer and download files, photos, videos etc of any size and stream music from yours or anyone else+oOeCOaos pc anywhere. Multi-protocol IM: Facebook, Qnext, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, iChat, . Free download of Secure Media Sharing/Access & Messaging, size 50.00 Mb.

Adobe Media Server 5.0 Adobe 

Adobe Media Server will provide users with a unique combination of powerful streaming with a flexible environment for creating and delivering rich, interactive, multiway Social Media experiences to the broadest possible audience.

You'll find a superior video experience, with new features such as Dynamic Streaming, DVR functionality, HTTP . Free download of Adobe Media Server 5.0, size 0 b.

Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server 4.5.1 Adobe 

Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5 software offers a unique combination of powerful streaming with a flexible environment for creating and delivering rich, interactive, multiway Social Media experiences to the broadest possible audience. You'll find a superior video experience, with new features such as Dynamic Streaming, DVR functionality, . Free download of Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server 4.5.1, size 0 b.

Social media beakers 1.0 Iconshock 

Give a new fresh look to your file and folders with this incredibly detailed Social Media beakers icon collection.
. Freeware download of Social media beakers 1.0, size 7.52 Mb.

tMORE 1.0.1 

Tweet more than 140 chars at once with tMORE!

So much to say, so little space on Twitter? Boost your Twitter Tweets with tMORE and escape the 140 characters limitation of Twitter!

How does it work?

The Text Editor of the tMORE app will be saved as an embedded picture in your Twitter Tweet. This allows you to use . Freeware download of tMORE 1.0.1, size 775.17 Kb.

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