Solid Spheres Software

Solid Spheres Deluxe 1.3 Addictive 247 

Why not try solid spheres Deluxe - an award winning addictive puzzle game with a twist. Excellent graphics, thumping music and a massive variety of levels will give you hours of explosive fun! solid spheres Deluxe is played on a board that is full of colored spheres. Your objective is to destroy the spheres until there is either 1 or none left. Use . Free download of Solid Spheres Deluxe 1.3, size 9.24 Mb.


Mini Spheres 1 Addictive 247 

Mini spheres is a cut down version of the puzzle game solid spheres that you can play in a small window on your PC desktop. Destroy all the colored spheres in this explosive puzzle game. Great for playing in work when the boss isn't looking! . Freeware download of Mini Spheres 1, size 666.62 Kb.

Jigsaw Fun Colin the Coin Edition Demo 2.5.116 Clickteam 

This jigsaw edition features everything to do with Colin the Coin, the star of the games Coin World and Coin Planets.

There are 25 different jigsaw puzzles which are suitable for children of all ages, a range of different puzzle sizes and a choice of music tracks to play from the Colin the Coin games.

Main features:
. Free download of Jigsaw Fun Colin the Coin Edition Demo 2.5.116, size 6.63 Mb.

Crazy Spheres 1 Thomas Plesko 

Run over and pop colorful spheres and watch them explode in a firework of colors! Avoid the "Tinies", which are small pesky spheres that will follow you. Power up by popping a rainbow fountain, and you can now go after the "Tinies" and pop them too! Pop the "Speedies" and you're given a super speed boost that'll knock . Free download of Crazy Spheres 1, size 13.28 Mb.

Solid Converter PDF 4.0 Solid Documents, LLC 

Convert, create, and extract PDF content with solid Converter PDF solid Converter PDF delivers unparalleled accuracy in the conversion and recovery of PDF (Portable Document Format) content. Simply open your PDF file in Word, then edit. solid Converter recovers the text, layout and images of your original document at a fraction of the cost of . Free download of Solid Converter PDF 4.0, size 17.89 Mb.

Maniac Spheres 1.01 ru-zero games 

Maniac spheres is a classic puzzle where you must destroy all the balls in the level to get through them!# 80 challenging levels.# Great for short bursts of gameplay (bus,train,...).# Continue from the last reached level.# Online scoreboard. . Free download of Maniac Spheres 1.01, size 599.04 Kb.

Spheres Master 1.0 Loockar 

spheres Master is a new addictive game for the lovers of none-violent puzzle entertainment. It builds on the success of the popular Zuma puzzle phenomenon that has taken the world by storm.New to the game is Masters of spheres. These are frog-like creatures that are pushing colored balls along the winding groove towards the hole. Your goal is to . Free download of Spheres Master 1.0, size 10.24 Mb.

Solid Converter DWG to PDF 3.0 Solid Documents, LLC 

Convert AutoCAD Drawings to PDFs with solid Converter DWG Now your AutoCAD drawings are more usable than ever. solid Converter DWG to PDF creates high-quality PDF files from DWG, DXF, and DXB drawings. solid Converter DWG can convert files one at a time or in a batch, a significant time-saver.New in Version 2 of solid Converter DWG! You can choose . Free download of Solid Converter DWG to PDF 3.0, size 9.46 Mb.

Mesh4CAD 2007 - Mesh to solid 1.7 

Mesh4CAD 2007 - Mesh to solid is an AutoCAD 2007, 2008 and 2009 application to convert AutoCAD drawing entities. It can convert mesh to solid or solid to mesh and create points, polyface meshes, faces, lines and 3d solids from other drawing entities.

Key features:
* Convert polyface mesh to solid and solid to mesh.
* . Free download of Mesh4CAD 2007 - Mesh to solid 1.7, size 450.56 Kb.

Mesh4CAD 2004 - Mesh to solid 1.6 

Mesh4CAD 2004 - Mesh to solid is an AutoCAD 2004, 2005 and 2006 application to convert AutoCAD drawing entities. It can convert mesh to solid or solid to mesh and create points, polyface meshes, faces, lines and 3d solids from other drawing entities. . Free download of Mesh4CAD 2004 - Mesh to solid 1.6, size 365.57 Kb.

Solid State Doctor LC Technology International, Inc. 

The SSD Utility Suite is an essential tool to provide performance enhancement, SMART monitoring and data security for solid State drives. This utility suite is a proactive support tool, giving you the ability to make informed decisions regarding your data – whether to back it up because of an impending failure, erase/wipe it securely or optimize . Free download of Solid State Doctor, size 7.97 Mb.

PowerToys for Solid Edge (Batch Print) 1 2 JasonNewell 

The idea of PowerToys for solid Edge is to give solid Edge users the tools that they need to help them be more proficient with their use of solid Edge. PowerToys for solid Edge can also be used by users who do not have solid Edge as it has absolutely no dependencies of solid Edge. . Freeware download of PowerToys for Solid Edge (Batch Print) 1 2, size 336.90 Kb.

Solid Surface Firm Estimate Form 1.10 Uniform Software 

solid Surface Firm Estimate Form is also called quotation form, value bill template, bill of estimate template, estimate format or estimate form. It provides a printable blank form for you to create beautiful estimate document in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get creator. Sometimes this type of business document is also called evaluation sheet, . Free download of Solid Surface Firm Estimate Form 1.10, size 20.97 Kb.

Solid PDF Tools 7.3 Build 2038 VoyagerSoft, LLC 

solid PDF Tools includes a collection of PDF utilities that allow you to create, edit, watermark and convert documents. It allows you to scan paper documents and save them as PDF files in an archivable format.

solid PDF Tools also provides the possibility to join several PDF files into a single one and to convert to various formats, . Free download of Solid PDF Tools 7.3 Build 2038, size 0 b.

Casper Comics Solid 1 Daniel Zadorozny 

Casper Comics solid is a TTF character that will allow you to change the regular appearance of your written documents. All you have to do is install the font onto your PC then use it when writing your texts to see how it will give them a new aspect.

To install it, you can simply right-click the file and click Install. Alternately, you . Free download of Casper Comics Solid 1, size 0 b.

Red Spheres 1.0 Locomalito 

Red spheres is a solitary puzzle in which you must activate all the red spheres of each room in the fewest possible moves

Click on each sphere to change its state and the one of the surrounding spheres. You must think well about the combinations to solve each puzzle in few turns. Every time you solve a puzzle, a new room is unlocked . Freeware download of Red Spheres 1.0, size 1.79 Mb.

Heavenly Spheres Paperweights Screen Saver 1 Pixel Paradox 

Heavenly spheres Paperweights Screen Saver contains 26 beautiful computer artwork images of paperweights and glass spheres. The perfect gift for a collector of paperweights or glass objects of art. You can set the timing and transistions between images. . Free download of Heavenly Spheres Paperweights Screen Saver 1, size 2.11 Mb.

Oneiric Screensaver 0.7.0 Oneiric Software 

A simple yet satisfying screen saver which simulates living spheres in various 3D environments. Over time, a viewer may notice that there are many subtle changes between the environments in which these spheres live. Do you want a screen saver which is pleasing, yet not distracting? A simple screen saver, one that doesn't require a supercomputer to . Free download of Oneiric Screensaver 0.7.0, size 247.81 Kb.

Collision 1.00 OnceMore Screen Savers 

An animated screensaver for a change, showing colorful moving spheres and a cute Ball Colliding with one and another while a amiable background sound is playing. . Free download of Collision 1.00, size 3.00 Mb.

Magic Spheres 1.0 

Magic spheres include a set of fresh new arcade games, where your aim is to shoot colourful balls and blow them up matching colours. There are nine different games available. First six games are single player games and the last three are multi-player ones.This game runs on any 32-bit Windows operating system (Win95/98, NT, ME,2000, XP) and does not . Free download of Magic Spheres 1.0, size 1.62 Mb.