Sort Tray Software

PS Tray Factory 3.3 PS Soft Lab 

PS tray Factory is a powerful and handy tool meant to flexibly control ALL the other icons in the system tray of the taskbar. PS tray Factory will help you to manage all the applications that place their icons in the taskbar tray. When you have installed PS tray Factory, you will forget about the problem of lack of space in the system tray, and . Free download of PS Tray Factory 3.3, size 1.39 Mb.


Active MP3 Tray 2.0 Media5 Software, Inc. 

Active MP3 tray is a powerful music manager and mp3 organizer which helps you to organize and manage all music files on your computer. It scans your hard disks for MP3 files and builds popup menu with songs genres which can be accessed via icon in the system tray area. Each menu item opens submenu with groups and songs.Active MP3 tray organizer . Free download of Active MP3 Tray 2.0, size 1.04 Mb.

Tray Launcher 1.5 Axistek Software 

Run your favorite programs quickly from the system tray. Right-click on a tray Launcher's tray icon and select a program to run from a popup menu. You may easily add and delete programs from launch list and sort them by number of runs. . Free download of Tray Launcher 1.5, size 577.54 Kb.

Atomic Launch Tray 1.01 Information Packaging 

Atomic Launch tray is a program that sits in your system tray and allows you to add links to your favorite programs or websites and access them quickly from the system tray. . Free download of Atomic Launch Tray 1.01, size 1.50 Mb.

Captain Tray Pro 5.5 Almeza Research, LLC 

Captain tray Pro is a simple and effective tool for windows management under Windows OS.A lot of users need several applications to work with at once. Some of them are used quite regularly, others only when they are necessary. So the Windows taskbar can be fully packed – everything seems to be necessary and you have no desire to close . Free download of Captain Tray Pro 5.5, size 427.01 Kb.

Fast Tray 1.4 Amic Utilities 

Fast tray is a tray launcher that lets you gain quick access to most frequently used applications and system commands via a customizable menu. It is not only can you open applications and files, but launch screen savers, shutdown and reboot your computer and more from the system tray! Also you can use this multi functional utility for everything, . Free download of Fast Tray 1.4, size 1.13 Mb.

3D Tray Clock Ex. 2.1.1 unisoft 

3D tray Clock Ex. is the advanced replacement for standard Windows tray clock with 3D looks, Desktop clock, Calendar integrated. It also has different alarms to alert important events.1. Can replace system tray clock with visual skins, show date and time together with different style skins. . Free download of 3D Tray Clock Ex. 2.1.1, size 1.63 Mb.

Sort Pictures 4.79 Sort Pictures, Inc. 

sort Pictures - easily? sort Pictures - is a full-automatic picture sorter, photo sorter and picture organizer. sort pictures, sort photos, sort images in one click with sort Pictures. sort pictures by date ~ sort pictures by time ~ sort pictures by dimensions (width and height) ~ sort pictures by color and content ~ sort pictures as you want with . Free download of Sort Pictures 4.79, size 16.13 Mb.

Sort Music 7.14 Sort Music, Inc. 

sort Music - easily? Then you need automatic Music Sorter. With such powerful music sorter as sort Music all your MP3 music files will be sorted, organized and renamed automatically. Even if you have a very large music collection (17 000 +) all your music files will be sorted, renamed and organized automatically, in a very easy way. Just download . Free download of Sort Music 7.14, size 19.32 Mb.

Sort Music Now 4.93 Sort Music, LLC 

sort Music, sort music files and sort music MP3s - easily? Then you need automatic MP3 music sorter. sort music, sort music tracks, sort music anywhere - all is possible. Music sorter will sort music by genre, sort music by artist, sort music by file name, sort music by type and properties, sort music on computer and sort music on hard disk - sort . Free download of Sort Music Now 4.93, size 19.31 Mb.

Scan and Sort it Pro + OCR 6.0 RetSoft BV 

Digital archiving using RetSoft's Scan and sort it (latest version 5.0.5) has many advantages. It makes searching in thousands of scanned (or imported) documents VERY easy. Extensive (company) archives are compressed and backed up on hard disk, cd-rom or tape and can easily be recalled on your system. One of the many possibilities are faxing and . Free download of Scan and Sort it Pro + OCR 6.0, size 30.00 Mb.

Worksheet Sort 3.0 Black Knight Software Solutions 

Worksheet sort will sort the worksheets in an Excel workbook in either ascending (A-Z) or descending (Z-A) order. The trial version is limited to sorting only 10 worksheets in a workbook. . Free download of Worksheet Sort 3.0, size 369.66 Kb.

Iconic Tray 1.21 dnSoft Research Group 

Iconic tray is a tiny utility which lets you minimize any window either to the system tray (notification area in Windows XP), or to a special new tray provided by Iconic tray itself (see image). Whichever method you choose - bye bye those clogged up taskbars! Iconic tray is very useful to hide seldom used or background applications which occupy . Free download of Iconic Tray 1.21, size 47.10 Kb.

Tray Weather Forecast 1.5 Tray Weather Ltd. 

tray Weather Forecast is a desktop application to view a weather forecast. It is nice and simple to use.Icon in the system tray (notification area near desktop clocks) show current outdoors temperature. Click on icon bring weather forecast window to desktop.There are forecast for temperature, cloudiness, storm probability, amount of precipitation, . Free download of Tray Weather Forecast 1.5, size 1.75 Mb.

Desktop Tray Clock 2.6 Drive Software Company 

Desktop tray Clock - designed as a more informative substitution for a standard tray clock on windows desktop using different skins, over 100 skins are included in the distribution for desktop clock.Desktop tray Clock also an atomic-time synchronizer and a software alarm clock, need a reminder to make a call, go to a meeting or just not to miss a . Free download of Desktop Tray Clock 2.6, size 1.80 Mb.

Sort MP3 Music 4.82 Sort MP3 Music, Inc. 

How to sort MP3 music files? Want to sort MP3 Music - easily? Then you need automatic MP3 music sorter. With such powerful MP3 sorter, music sorter, MP3 music sorter as sort MP3 Music all your MP3 music files will be sorted automatically. MP3 sort, music sort, MP3 file sort - all is done with automatic MP3 sorting, music sorting and MP3 music . Free download of Sort MP3 Music 4.82, size 19.35 Mb.

Menurites 1.4.00 Johnsult 

Menurites automatically sorts the Start menu and/or the Favorites. Menurites can start automatically with Windows. It can be minimized to the System tray and automatically sort when new programs or bookmarks are added. Menurites even sorts all subfolders. If You just want to sort Your Start menu and/or Your Favorites when You have the need to do so . Free download of Menurites 1.4.00, size 282.62 Kb.

Easy Window & System Tray Icons Hider 1.20 Perfection Tools Software 

Easy Window & System tray Icons Hider is a window hide tool that allows you to hide any window or hide all windows in the taskbar instead of closing or minimizing the program to the taskbar or sending it to the system tray, you can also hide any system tray icon.Key Features:Hide any window or any system tray icons you want.Hide any window . Free download of Easy Window & System Tray Icons Hider 1.20, size 2.47 Mb.

Tray Pilot 1.20 Invention Pilot, Inc 

tray Pilot allows you to hide the System tray icons. It might be useful if you have too many icons in your System tray and there is not much place left for the buttons of your running applications on the taskbar. Just click a small button to the right of the System tray, - your System tray will hide and space for the taskbar buttons will be . Free download of Tray Pilot 1.20, size 84.99 Kb.

TheBest Minimize to Tray 1.05 ITSTH 

No matter if Excel, PDF-Reader, MS Internet Explorer, Firefox Browser, Office, Outlook: Each Appilcation can be minimized into the system tray . Minimizes any Programs (like for exmaple Internet Browser) to an icons into the system tray right next to the System clock. (automatically, manually as well as by Bosskey.) Programs can be guarded against . Free download of TheBest Minimize to Tray 1.05, size 1.66 Mb.