Split Software

SurveillizCam Lite 1.13 NovoSun Technology Limited 

SurveillizCam Lite is light version of SurveillizCam and is a real free video surveillance software. It turns your computer and capture devices, such as USB web cam or capture card, into a powerful video surveillance system. It can monitor your home and office by stably detecting motion and logging surveillance video into AVI. You will be notified . Freeware download of SurveillizCam Lite 1.13, size 8.00 Mb.


Desktop Telly 1.00 Lionhardt Technologies 

Desktop Telly allows you to watch television straight from the internet, no special hardware required. This means you install and can start watching television immediately, no tedious configuration of difficult settings, it is install and enjoy.

Desktop Telly comes with a pre-installed station list, set up in such a way that you can . Free download of Desktop Telly 1.00, size 1.38 Mb.

PDF Page Rearrange PDF Concatenate 

PDF page rearrange software has ability to split PDF files into separate documents, either by page range or page numbers, and merge an unlimited number of PDF documents into a single PDF file. It features change PDF Meta information such that Layouts, Title, Author, Subject and Keywords. Software can split PDF documents by page numbers or by even, . Free download of PDF Page Rearrange, size 3.68 Mb.

PDF Splitter Merger Tool Images to PDF Converter 

PDF splitter merger tool is used to split, merge, join, combine, add, divide, break, cut, concatenate, append, manage and organize Acrobat files. Adobe PDF cutter joiner software has multiple advanced features like PDF Watermarking, Bookmarking, change PDF page size, two pages on one page, compare two documents, combine batch PDFs, set user owner . Free download of PDF Splitter Merger Tool, size 1.45 Mb.

Batch PDF Splitter Merger Pro PDF Splitter 

Tryout Free PDF Splitter Merger Pro to process batch pdf documents in a single hit. PDF Splitter software split large pdf files into small pieces based on number of pages per file. User can set the settings before splitting, either for single page documents or for 2, 3? pages per files. Software can burst documents on basis of odd or even pages. . Free download of Batch PDF Splitter Merger Pro, size 945.15 Kb.

Batch PDF Merger Splitter Pro PDF Watermark Remover 

If you are looking for professional PDF page processing software just like for removing unwanted pages from a pdf file, for adding some pages into existing at pdf starting or ending page, for merging thousands of documents, for bursting single pdf into multiple pdf containing N page per file and for converting image documents into PDF files, Tryout . Free download of Batch PDF Merger Splitter Pro, size 945.15 Kb.

Advanced Batch PDF Splitter 1.1 Advanced Reliable Software, Inc. 

Advanced Batch PDF Splitter is an affordable utility targeting users who frequently extract specific pages or page ranges from PDF documents, divide large PDF files into smaller documents or delete unnecessary PDF pages. The application supports three modes of page extraction: all selected pages from all input PDF files are extracted to one PDF . Free download of Advanced Batch PDF Splitter 1.1, size 1.19 Mb.

PDF Content Split Batch 1.19 Traction Software 

PDF Content split Batch can split on text information within many PDF's, This is an ideal product if you had for example a PDF statement that needed splitting up on account number, PDF Content split Batch would do this with ease by searching for words within the pdf's, marking start and end ranges and then automatically splitting the document up . Free download of PDF Content Split Batch 1.19, size 3.45 Mb.

ASCII Key 1.3 Ulrich Muehlenhoff 

ASCII Key is a utility using unformatted text files (ASCII- or other character sets). It uses the platform 'EXCEL(c) 97 / 2000 '. The main focus of the program is 'comparing the contents of two text files', 'identifying duplicate records' and 'filtering'.
These features always refer to the 'key columns', which can be easily determined by . Free download of ASCII Key 1.3, size 1.95 Mb.

A Avex DVD to iPod Converter 7.4.0 ASoft.info 

Avex DVD to iPod Converter is a one-click solution to convert DVDs to iPod movie. Watch movies on the go! Build your movie list for iPod now! It features superb video & audio quality and the fastest conversion techniques availabe on the market (Up to 3x faster). And it is very easy to use. . Free download of A Avex DVD to iPod Converter 7.4.0, size 7.32 Mb.

Divide Video Camera 1.0 Video PC Soft 

Divide Video Camera is a freeware program that divides video stream. With Divide Video Camera you can use your Camera to several applications. split your camera. Use your video camera more properly. . Freeware download of Divide Video Camera 1.0, size 3.67 Mb.

MSU FRC AviSynth filter 0.5 Graphics&Media Lab Video Group 

The filter is intended for video frame rate up-conversion. It increases the frame rate integer times. It allows, for example, to convert a video with 15 fps into a video with 30 fps. . Freeware download of MSU FRC AviSynth filter 0.5, size 87.04 Kb.

CalibrationAider (For Java) 1.0.1 Imaging Associates International 

CalibrationAider helps users realize the full potential of their computer display device. Use CalibrationAider to create a consistant, reproduceable viewing environment with an optimal viewing angle, screen resolution, and maximized range of colors. Ideal for digital photographers who need to set up a color-managed workflow, or home users who want . Freeware download of CalibrationAider (For Java) 1.0.1, size 541.70 Kb.

Video MSU Deblocking VirtualDub plugin 2.2 Graphics&Media Lab Video Group 

Filter is intended for recovering quality of video ripped from DVD (for exmaple, when it contains 4 hours of video data), VideoCD or after decompressing by H.261, H.263, DivX 3, DivX 4, XviD.
Filter automatically determines the blockiness's strength on the frame and in the concrete part of it, preserving the maximum of details. Thus, filter . Freeware download of Video MSU Deblocking VirtualDub plugin 2.2, size 68.61 Kb.

Perfect PDF 7 Master 7.0 soft Xpansion GmbH & Co.KG 

Full free: quick and easy PDF creation from any application able to print!

Perfect PDF Master creates automatically high-quality PDF documents directly from your application using very small simple steps for most important PDF settings. You can set or select:
- description (general document properties)
- security . Freeware download of Perfect PDF 7 Master 7.0, size 22.20 Mb.

Corrupt XD Picture Card Recovery Data recovery programs 

Memory card data restoration application tackles and rescue damaged audio video files, music, pictures, text documents stored on all types of memory card flash drives including compact flash, multimedia card, xD picture card, memory stick and other memory cards of mobile phones, digital camera, mp3 player etc. Memory card data retrieval utility . Free download of Corrupt XD Picture Card Recovery, size 1.91 Mb.

SplitFile 1.4 JockerSoft 

SplitFile's goal is to split (chop) big file in smaller segments to be able to store them in floppy disks or CD (these are just examples).
The main feature if compared to other programs like this, is the ability to support very large files( up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 bytes = 8589934591 GB , theoric) and to being configured to increase . Freeware download of SplitFile 1.4, size 363.52 Kb.

Mihov DiskFree 2.4 Miha Psenica 

Mihov DiskFree is a program that shows free disk space in megabytes. It updates the information every second, so it is very useful with programs which consume very much disk space very fast (sound capture and video capture). It supports large FAT32 partitions and network drives, and it also puts an icon with the free space information in the system . Freeware download of Mihov DiskFree 2.4, size 251.90 Kb.

Free FLV Ads Player 1.0 FLV Hosting 

Quick install

To install, just follow these steps:

- Create a folder on your website (example; www.yoursite.com/player)

- Upload all files to the folder created.

- Point your browser to the folder you created.

- Edit the index.html for any design you want to wrap . Freeware download of Free FLV Ads Player 1.0, size 11.26 Kb.

Easy Video Splitter 1 28 DoEasier Tech Inc 

Easy Video Splitter is a freeware application that splits video files. The main use you can give this application is to cut those long videos that you can't quite fit into a CD and DVD, but you need to burn. This application will take care of that task really easily. With Easy Video Splitter, you can load up a supported video file into the . Freeware download of Easy Video Splitter 1 28, size 1.21 Mb.

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