Square Root Software

Square (Root), Cube (Root) Calculator 1.0 Mustafa Bugra AKTAS 

Calculate square and square root, Cube and Cube root of any number easily. . Freeware download of Square (Root), Cube (Root) Calculator 1.0, size 4.40 Kb.


CONTINUED FRACTION OF A SQUARE ROOT 1.0 Precision software & consulting 



a0, a1, a2, a3, a4...........a2, a1, 2a0 . Freeware download of CONTINUED FRACTION OF A SQUARE ROOT 1.0, size 10.48 Kb.

Willy Wortel 1.2 Stijn Goethals 

Willy Wortel was developed as a small, simple and user-friendly application that allows users to find out the square root of a number.

Now, you can use this accessible piece of software to find out the square root of numbers that are smaller than 10.000.000.

. Freeware download of Willy Wortel 1.2, size 0 b.

QuizCalc 1.5 Ventura Educational Systems 

QuizCalc is a basic calculator perfect for elementary age students with percent, square root, integer, power and memory ( +, , C & R ) functions. Tap the Quiz button and QuizCalc becomes a math quiz generator providing students with a great way to practice math facts and concepts.

Here are a few of the ways you will use QuizCalc . Free download of QuizCalc 1.5, size 27.16 Mb.

Calculate Mathematical Expressions Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Evaluate math expressions with sin, square root, pi, factorial, etc. . Free download of Calculate Mathematical Expressions Software 7.0, size 774.14 Kb.

C2-Mathematics-Pro-InfiniteCalculator-1S Cubix-br 

Calculator fast, capable of performing calculations with infinite numbers of integer Digits and an accuracy of up to 65,535 decimal digits. Performs the main mathematical functions and the calculation of the square root. Module has to interact with other programs. It can be used to perform calculations from other programs. It has a friendly and . Freeware download of C2-Mathematics-Pro-InfiniteCalculator-1S, size 1.52 Mb.

CCCalc 1.9 Excelsior, LLC 

CCCalc is a free calculator for Windows, designed to be an ideal tool for everyday calculations, either professional or occasional.

Imagine a desktop calculator which prints all your calculations to a paper tape. Imagine also that you are able to correct any printed character, and the tape will instantly recalculate everything itself. . Freeware download of CCCalc 1.9, size 661.50 Kb.

MathCenterLevel2 Tvalx 

Scientific Calculator resembles Advanced Calculator from Math Center Level 1 but requires higher level of mathematical education. All simple functions like square and square root are absent. Instead, there are added Factorial, Sigma for sum series and Capital Pi for product series.

With these functions you can calculate Taylor . Free download of MathCenterLevel2, size 1.38 Mb.

Free scientific calculator Zahid Fathizadeh 

Free scientific calculator is a simple and lightweight application that you can use to perform basic math operations.

This tool can be a great replacement for the standard Windows calculator. You can use it to calculate trigonometric functions, percents or the square root of a number.

. Free download of Free scientific calculator, size 0 b.

Merge Soft Calculator 4.1 Nick Silverstein 

Merge Soft Calculator is a simple and easy to use scientific calculator that you can use to perform basic math operations and calculate trigonometric functions, percentages and number square roots.

The application is easy to use and can replace the standard calculator that comes with Windows.

. Freeware download of Merge Soft Calculator 4.1, size 0 b.

Memoriad Competition Simulator 1.0 MegaROB A.S. 

Prepare and exercise for Memory Olympiads (Memoriad), World Memory Championships, Mental Calculation World Cups and Photographic Speed Reading Contests. Learn to memorize thousands of numbers, playing cards, and learn to remember names and faces;
Use your brain as human calculator (mental calendars, mental additions, mental multiplications . Freeware download of Memoriad Competition Simulator 1.0, size 3.89 Mb.

Whiteboard Notepad GyrateDark 

Whiteboard Notepad is an easy to use application designed to provide you with an intuitive equation editor designed to assist teachers during their classes.

Whiteboard Notepad allows you to add fractions, square roots and exponents to the whiteboard, insert pictures and write text in order to create your lesson.

. Freeware download of Whiteboard Notepad, size 0 b.

FoxCalc 0.92 Mateusz Viste 

FoxCalc provides you with a lightweight desktop calculator designed to help you perform basic mathematical operations.

FoxCalc can be used for adding or subtracting numbers, perform multiplication and division operations, calculate square roots, powers and factorials.

. Freeware download of FoxCalc 0.92, size 0 b.

QMentat 0.9.0 Michel Dusseault 

QMentat comes in handy for anyone who wants to improve their mental arithmetics skills. The application enables you to perform additions, multiplications, subtractions, divisions, powers and square roots and tells you whether the answer is correct or not.

QMentat supports large numbers and automatically generates answer statistics. It is . Freeware download of QMentat 0.9.0, size 0 b.

WP34s 3.2 Walter Bonin, Paul Dale & Marcus von Cube 

WP34s provides you with an easy to use emulation tool for the WP 34S HP calculator, displaying an exact virtual copy of the device and enabling you to perform basic and complex mathematical operations.

WP34s can calculate additions, multiplications, subtractions, divisions, extract square roots and calculate powers or trigonometrical . Freeware download of WP34s 3.2, size 0 b.

Solway's Expression Calculator 1.2 Kevin Solway 

Calculate expressions, e.g, sqrt((2 + 3) / 4.56). This is a calculator which enables you to see exactly what you are doing. Simplify your calculations, and easily save them for later use. You can use an unlimited number of brackets. Trigonometry, logarithms, inverse, square, square root, power, etc. . Free download of Solway's Expression Calculator 1.2, size 1.08 Mb.

Scientific Advantage Calculator 2 Formative Software, Inc. 

Scientific Advantageâ„¢ is a Unit Awareâ„¢ calculator that lets you work with feet-inch-fraction dimensional values and includes advanced math functions, automatic solvers, and much more. Unit Awareâ„¢ means that you can effortlessly compute with units (not just convert). It also has great options like algebraic and RPN entry, . Free download of Scientific Advantage Calculator 2, size 1.43 Mb.

RPN Engineering Calculator 9.0.1 J. A. Associates 

This Programmable RPN calculator has 6 unique keypads (see below) and 15 discrete calculators for the more complex functions. It has a complete help system with individual tips for all but the most ordinary functions and a Tip of the Day feature for new users. Select fixed, scientific or engineering notation and degrees, radians, or grads. Save and . Free download of RPN Engineering Calculator 9.0.1, size 2.64 Mb.

Calculator-7 1.0 style-7 

The program Calculator-7 offers you the following possibilities:
* calculate using seven operation: addition, subtraction, multiply, divide, percent, square root, 1 divide to X;
* calculate total from clipboard (copy data to clipboard from table or text and press one button);
* set decimal position (0, 2, 3, float) and round type . Free download of Calculator-7 1.0, size 382.47 Kb.

Household Calculator Tvalx 

Household Calculator is a general purpose ergonomic calculator which combines use simplicity and calculation power. Household Calculator handles main arithmetic operations with two operands, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and complex formulas with unlimited number of operations and operands. For example, you can type in Edit . Free download of Household Calculator, size 1.40 Mb.