Stl Software

I-know 2D 3 1 ccim 

I-know 2D is a great tool that allows you to generate powerful feedback by creating 2D drawings from 3D models during all stages of product development.
I-Know 2D creates full isometric 2D drawings from complex 3D models with only one-button-press. By using the stl file format as input, i-Know 2D is compatible with virtually every CAD system. . Free download of I-know 2D 3 1, size 3.25 Mb.


Okino XAML Viewer (32-bit) 2.0 Okino Computer Graphics 

Features of the Okino XAML viewer include:
Loading of XAML 2D and 3D content files
The most important and critical feature is the custom Okino 3D interactive camera. WPF/XAML-3D is designed as a "presentation framework" and not as a 3D "interactive framework" which created a lot of headaches and work during the . Freeware download of Okino XAML Viewer (32-bit) 2.0, size 4.97 Mb.

TrueGrid XYZ Scientific Applications, Inc. 

With TrueGrid users have complete control over the design of their mesh. All meshes are composed of block structured hex or quad grids. TrueGrid has an integrated library of element shapes which include 3D hex, prism, pyramid, and tet bricks; 2D quad and triangular shells; 1D beams; and special elements such as springs, dampers and point masses. . Free download of TrueGrid, size 3.86 Mb.

3DTransVidia 2.0.1 Capvidia NV 

3DTransVidia is designed to repair 3D models created in different CAD systems. The repair process is automatic and can be applied to most complex 3D models and assemblies. The repair is always performed within the model tolerance maintaining the original model integrity and preventing model deformations. 3DTransVidia supports both native and . Freeware download of 3DTransVidia 2.0.1, size 219.15 Mb.

VSR Realtime Renderer 1.0 Virtual Shape Research 

It allows the user to switch from the modeling mode to a photo-realistic environment .

In addition, the time-consuming creation of static images via batch renderer and conversion of the data for use in other visualization tools are things of the past, as a high-resolution hardcopy can be generated at any time simply by snapshotting the . Freeware download of VSR Realtime Renderer 1.0, size 4.73 Mb.

VSR Realtime Renderer Add-Ons 2.0 Virtual Shape Research 

The VSR Realtime Renderer is the fully embedded realtime rendering solution for Rhinoceros®.
It can be combined with other Rhino plug-ins such as BongoTM or with new VSR modeling and analysis plug-ins currently under development.
With the support provided by the VSR Realtime Renderer the work on the CAD model has become a lot . Freeware download of VSR Realtime Renderer Add-Ons 2.0, size 4.73 Mb.

VSR Shape 1.0 Virtual Shape Research 

VSR Shape Analysis is the fully embedded shape analysis solution for Rhinoceros®. It analyses Curves, Surfaces and Meshes for several criteria. It can be used associatively during modeling to control the quality of created and modified geometry at any time ensuring the highest possible quality level.Analyses can be saved in the Rhino 3DM . Free download of VSR Shape 1.0, size 1.95 Mb.

JewelFab DWS Demo 1 6 Marcam Engineering GmbH 

JewelFab DWS is a big leap forward for the preparation of jewellery files. JewelFab DWS helps guide you step by step through repair, support, slicing and platform set up. This is an excellent program from a company that provides excellent backup if required." (Gary Lunt, Technical Manager APECS, AUS) . Free download of JewelFab DWS Demo 1 6, size 55.31 Mb.

Pilot3D 1 20 New Wave Systems, Inc. 

Pilot3D is the lowest priced, full-featured, relational trimmed NURB curve and surface 3D modeling program on the market, with features not found in any other software, at any price. If you want complete shape control over your curves and surfaces, you need this easy-to-use program.

Let Pilot3D be your primary 3D modeling program or . Free download of Pilot3D 1 20, size 6.48 Mb.

DAC Cartwall 3 14 Charlie Davy 

DAC Cartwall is an easy-to-use jingle player that offers multiple pages of instant audio buttons (56 per page) ready for quick playback or loading into a dedicated player.

It's touch-screen friendly and can work at a variety of screen resolutions - 1024x768 being the native resolution. It can read APE/ID3, mAirList and CartChunk . Free download of DAC Cartwall 3 14, size 8.45 Mb.

DeskProto Lite 5.0 beta Delft Spline Systems 

Most commercial clients do consider DeskProto as a lowcost 3D CAM package, as they compare it with the 3D CAM software packages for toolmakers which are available at a much higher price.

In contrast, for most hobbyist users, who have a small CNC mill in the garage, DeskProto is an expensive software package. In order to also offer an . Free download of DeskProto Lite 5.0 beta, size 8.10 Mb.

Stl2Step 1. 6. 2007 Solveering LLC 

As part of our Visualization and Rendering Services Solveering LLC have comes across a number of situations where file formats are limiting data exchange.

For this reason we have taken a closer look at what we could do to make this interaction more efficient. We found that Stereolithography (*.stl) formats are very common amongst CAD . Freeware download of Stl2Step 1. 6. 2007, size 3.27 Mb.

EBU STL Viewer 2.0 Jongbel Media Solutions Ltd. 

EBU stl Viewer solution provides a visual representation of the EBU stl subtitle file container. Supported is the original Subtitling Data Exchange Format according to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) specification (.stl). Binary hex view is available along with the General Subtitling Information (GSI) and Text and Timing Information (TTI) . Free download of EBU STL Viewer 2.0, size 1.26 Mb.

2D Viewer Editor: DWG DXF PLT TIFF CGM 9.0 CADSoftTools 

ABViewer is a high-quality, cost-efficient multi-functional design and engineering document management application. ABViewer offers you a wide choice of professional viewing and editing tools. Support of more than 30 both raster and vector formats is provided, including AutoCAD DWG, DXF, DWF, Hewlett-Packard HPGL, PLT, HGL, CGM, SVG, STP, STEP, . Free download of 2D Viewer Editor: DWG DXF PLT TIFF CGM 9.0, size 15.24 Mb.

Falcon a Lightweight FEM Post Processor 2.0.01 Sutra Systems India Pvt. Ltd. 

Falcon is a High Speed 3D FEM POST Processor and Viewer. An lightweight tool for visualizing and reviewing 3D models. Handles large 3D models, with Multi Window/Multi View Ports based on OPENGL. Import and export of FEM data, Image data, Manipulated Result data, Printing etc. Results display using Contours, Vectors, Animations and Graphs. Supports . Free download of Falcon a Lightweight FEM Post Processor 2.0.01, size 2.93 Mb.

STL2CAD 2010 - Import STL 1 6 

STL2CAD 2010 - Import stl is an AutoCAD 2010 application to import stl files (Stereo Lithography) into AutoCAD drawing. It can import stl file and create lines, points, faces, polyface mesh and 3d solid drawing entities. . Free download of STL2CAD 2010 - Import STL 1 6, size 375.81 Kb.

CAD Import VCL 9.1 CADSoftTools 

CAD Import VCL is a source code provided library for managing CAD files in Delphi and C++ Builder. Most of the known 2D and 3D vector formats are supported, including AutoCAD DXF/DWG 2013.

The software provides easy access to entities properties and to the structure of the drawing, allows printing drawings and converting them to raster . Free download of CAD Import VCL 9.1, size 32.79 Mb.

AutoQ3D CAD for Windows 5.10 AutoQ3D Team 

AutoQ3D CAD is not a simple paint program, it's a full CAD application that let you make a lot of things in 2D & 3D.
It is for everybody interested in 2D and 3D CAD as professionals, sketchers, architects, engineers, designers, students and more.
Surfaces support and 3d formats like stl, OBJ, DXF and native 3DQ with textures.
You . Free download of AutoQ3D CAD for Windows 5.10, size 1.75 Mb.

Automesher 1.6.4 Automapki 

Automesher application extends AutoCAD / BricsCAD / ZWCAD software with functionality to import and export 3D file formats and convert 3D drawing entity types. It supports many of 3D file extensions, including stl (Stereolithography), OFF (Object File Format), OBJ (Alias Wavefront Object), 3DS (3D-Studio File Format), IV (Inventor), SAT (Standard . Free download of Automesher 1.6.4, size 41.97 Mb.

Automesher x64 1.5.4 Automapki 

Automesher application extends AutoCAD / BricsCAD / ZWCAD software with functionality to import and export 3D file formats and convert 3D drawing entity types. It supports many of 3D file extensions, including stl (Stereolithography), OFF (Object File Format), OBJ (Alias Wavefront Object), 3DS (3D-Studio File Format), IV (Inventor), SAT (Standard . Free download of Automesher x64 1.5.4, size 42.79 Mb.