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Film Stock Calculator 1.0 

The Film Stock Calculator is an application for calculating the film Stock footage and cost for a film. . Freeware download of Film Stock Calculator 1.0, size 44.16 Kb.


Autonomous stock calculator 1.0 Calcstock 

The calcstock program automates the calculating of Stock trends. It allows investors to detect movements such as Gann angles and Elliott waves.

Autonomous Stock Calculator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Autonomous stock calculator 1.0, size 0 b.

Trade Journal Software 2.0 Alpha Mindset, Inc 

Plan your trade and trade your plan, with Trade Journal Software. Achieve the discipline needed to be a successful trader. Calculate and graph risks, profit & loss ratio, & breakeven points. Keep a watch list and your notes for stocks and trades. Achieve the discipline needed to be a successful trader.Trade Journal Software Features, Make a . Free download of Trade Journal Software 2.0, size 3.53 Mb.

Lokad Safety Stock Calculator 2.3.375.1 

Don't waste time or money on your inventory. Start optimizing Stock levels. Get Stock covers, reorder points and more. Leverage the Lokad forecasting technology to forecast customer demand. Import data from many 3rd party apps. Get started in a few minutes and get your 1-click inventory optimization report. Sort your replenishment orders by . Free download of Lokad Safety Stock Calculator 2.3.375.1, size 2.00 Mb.

TDM Dividend Software 1.9 TDM 

Seize the power of Dividends TDM - an investment portfolio software with heavy emphasis on dividend stocks. TDM allows you to manage one or many Stock portfolios. You will quickly discover why this program goes so much further than what your on-line brokerage account shows you. This program at a quick glance shows you where you stand in terms of . Free download of TDM Dividend Software 1.9, size 6.62 Mb.

Stock Standards Preparation Calculator Chemiaosft 

Stock Standard Preparation Calculator. New pioneer in analytical chemistry science. Prepare your Stock standards for any instrument like ICP, GC, TOC, IC..etc, in an accurate way by following clear steps from software. This software is simple, powerful, has been programmed and strongly validated by real scientists working in lab. . Free download of Stock Standards Preparation Calculator, size 13.46 Mb.

Stock Profit Calculator 2.1 Stock Profit Calculator 

Stock Profit Calculator is the first equity Calculator that lets your store buy and sell calculations for quick reference. All calculations are stored in an easy to read table that allows quick access for updates. The main Calculator sections is freeware and never expires. Stock profit Calculator is much like the online java script Stock . Free download of Stock Profit Calculator 2.1, size 2.38 Mb.

Tony Oz Stock Market Calculator Tony Oz 

The Tony Oz Stock Market Calculator has eight tabs to help you configure the initial trade plan, price target forecasting, position sizing, stop loss placement and trailing stops. It has a nice feature under the "mode" in the top menu to keep the Calculator on top, This is helpful when looking at a charting software and plugging numbers . Freeware download of Tony Oz Stock Market Calculator, size 593.92 Kb.

Free Stock Equity Valuation Spreadsheet 1.0 ConnectCode Pte Ltd 

This Stock Equity Valuation Calculator and spreadsheet uses the Dividend Discount Model (DDM) for valuing the price of a Stock for a company which pays out dividends. The Dividend Discount Model assumes that the price of a Stock is equivalent to the sum of all of its future dividend payments discounted to the present value. The model is simple in . Freeware download of Free Stock Equity Valuation Spreadsheet 1.0, size 94.21 Kb.

OptDrvr - Options Calculator 11.1 FIS Ltd 

OptDrvr is an Excel addin which provides the user with option pricing models to evaluate Stock options, Index options and Futures options. The Calculator can also be used to price warrants. The addin handles American and European style call and put options with or without dividends, determining option fair values, deltas, gammas, vegas, thetas, . Free download of OptDrvr - Options Calculator 11.1, size 55.30 Kb.

Bursa Malaysia KLSE Brokerage Calculator 2.0 Klse2u 

Bursa Malaysia KLSE Stock market brokerage and breakeven Calculator desktop software for Windows. Easy, accurate and fast to use. No internet access necessary to use. . Freeware download of Bursa Malaysia KLSE Brokerage Calculator 2.0, size 304.13 Kb.

GD Stock Portfolio Calculator 1.0 Gdportfolio 

The GD Stock Portfolio Calculator is a Google Desktop gadget used to track how much your financial investments are worth.

GD Stock Portfolio Calculator 1.0 License - Mozilla Public License 1.0 (MPL) . Freeware download of GD Stock Portfolio Calculator 1.0, size 0 b.

Swing Trading Calculator 2.0 Swing Trader Guide 

A swing trading Calculator for Stock traders that will calculate trade position sizes according to various money management models, project profits based on earning estimates and includes a swing trading planner to document each trade you execute. In addition this software includes a swing trading simulator which allows you to generate multiple . Free download of Swing Trading Calculator 2.0, size 650.12 Kb.

dmanat 1 dmanat 

Forex , commodities and Stock Reversal and Extreme Points Calculator forex, Stock, futures.options, commodities, currency, euro, dollar, yen, forcast, signal, prediction . Free download of dmanat 1, size 382.98 Kb.

Stock Standard Preparation Calculator 1.0 Chemiasoft 

NOW Prepare your Stock standard solutions in the easiest way. This way is like never seen before and very simple. Preparation Calculator is not just a Calculator, it check and make sure your lab preparation is correct. It provides you with lab procedure, required glassware and preparation guide lines.

We offer the world new Stock . Free download of Stock Standard Preparation Calculator 1.0, size 13.46 Mb.

Option Profit Calculator 2.1.0 Leithauser Research 

Option Profit Calculator is a software program for Windows computers that helps you compare Stock and option transactions. It allows you to input information about the transactions such as purchase and sale (or execution) dates, purchase and sale prices, and so on. It gives you the actual profit from the transaction if the transaction goes as . Free download of Option Profit Calculator 2.1.0, size 503.32 Kb.

Forex trade Calculator 1.43 MiraSoftware 

Forex Trade Calculator is used to calculate a current profit / loss of open positions, using real-time quotes and to calculate profit / loss after "partial closing" or "reversing" positions.Also the economical calendar alert give warnings about inportant news in real time.Inportant news events showed by yellow labels on the . Free download of Forex trade Calculator 1.43, size 707.58 Kb.

Stock Investor Place Mortgage Calculator 2.0 Stock Investor Place 

This Calculator figures your monthly mortgage payment based on the loan amount, interest rate and length of the loan. . Freeware download of Stock Investor Place Mortgage Calculator 2.0, size 359.42 Kb.

LabCal 3.0.1 iSheepSoft 

The Laboratory Calculator is an utility to calculate the molarity, to convert gram and mole and to compute dilutions of Stock solutions.


- Slider-controlled SI-prefixes

- Automatic adjustment of values to SI-prefixes

- Switch the molecular weight between Dalton and kilo-Daltons . Freeware download of LabCal 3.0.1, size 1.57 Mb.

Profitz Lite 1.0.6 Mohammed Wahab 

Do you reach out to a Calculator, open excel or do the math in your head to determine the net profit of your Stock investment i.e. how much did you make after tax and commission.

Profitz Lite is an easy to use Stock profit Calculator that determines Stock profit based upon your tax rate, brokerage commission and any additional . Freeware download of Profitz Lite 1.0.6, size 11.11 Mb.