Switch Simulator Software

SNMP Simulator 0.1.4 Ilya Etingof 

The SNMP Simulator was specially built to help test SNMP Managers against a large number of SNMP Agents.

SNMP Simulator is a tool that acts as a multitude of real physical devices from a SNMP Manager's point of view.

SNMP Simulator is an Open Source utility and was designed with the help of the Python programming language.


Transmission Line Simulator UltraCAD Design, Inc 

Transmission Line Simulator is a compact application that allows you to view a graphical representation of the signal in a transmission line. These lines can be used to connect radio transmitters or receivers.

In order to view the simulation you need to select the input waveform and the transmission line impedance. The waveform will be . Free download of Transmission Line Simulator, size 0 b.

CWC Simulator 0.6.1 Maurizio Drocco 

CWC Simulator is a C++ implementation of CWC (Calculus of Wrapped Compartments).

This package is basically a rewriting-based calculus for the representation and simulation of biological systems.

. Freeware download of CWC Simulator 0.6.1, size 0 b.

Northumbrian Smallpipes Simulator 1.1 Rob Say 

The Northumbrian Smallpipes Simulator was built as a handy utility that manages to demonstrate how Northumbrian Smallpipes are tuned and how to tune the drones.

It uses MIDI sound and can be used to train the ear to listen to the small differences that make a set of pipes in tune or out of tune.

. Free download of Northumbrian Smallpipes Simulator 1.1, size 0 b.

TM Simulator 1.1 Florian Zoubek 

TM Simulator is a small, Java based application specially designed to offer users a graphical user interface to configure and simulate Turing Machines.

This is a student project from the technical university of Vienna, to support presentations of Turing Machines.
for WindowsAll

. Freeware download of TM Simulator 1.1, size 0 b.

Global Soccer Simulator Alpha Keith Francis 

Global Soccer Simulator is a simple application that enables you to simulate a large number of soccer seasons.

The application allows you to select the countries and the number of leagues you are interested in, then view the divisions.

Also, with the help of Global Soccer Simulator, you have the possibility to view the . Freeware download of Global Soccer Simulator Alpha, size 0 b.

RapidSP Trading Simulator RapidSP LLC 

RapidSP Trading Simulator supports all the popular order types (Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit, MIT, FOK, OCO). Supports all the popular stock chart display styles: Candlestick, OHLCV, OHLC, and HLC, Darvas Box, 3D Candlesticks, Renko, Kagi, Three Line Break, Point & Figure, Candlevolume, Equivolume, ZigZag and Shaded Equivolume.

A . Free download of RapidSP Trading Simulator, size 0 b.

Frame Simulator Viewer 2.0.9 Fluid Interactive 

Frame Simulator Viewer is a useful application that enables the Frame Simulator users to share their work with other persons. It can be used for sending a project to the customer in order to be reviewed or to other colleagues in order to get creative ideas.

The viewer allows you to view the project from multiple angles and to run a . Free download of Frame Simulator Viewer 2.0.9, size 0 b.

EDAM Simulator 2.2 University of Essex 

EDAM Simulator, also known as Event Calculus Simulator is designed as an application that allows you to study the effects of margin calls on a market.

Event Calculus Simulator allows you to configure various parameters like trader evaluation.

EDAM Simulator is written in the Java programming language and can be run on Windows, . Free download of EDAM Simulator 2.2, size 0 b.

Firefox OS Simulator 0.7 Myk Melez 

Firefox OS Simulator is a handy and reliable extension designed to simulate the Firefox OS directly in the interface of the Firefox browser.

Useful keyboard shortcuts:
· Home key - Home button
· End key - Power button
· Page Up / Down - Volume Up / Down buttons

. Free download of Firefox OS Simulator 0.7, size 0 b.

Verax SNMP Simulator 1.1.0 Verax Systems 

Verax SNMP Simulator is a console application that can simulate multiple SNMPv1/v2c agents on a single host.

You can use it to simulate and test networks of devices. The application runs in the console window, enabling you to type specific commands.

Note: The free version can only simulate networks of up to 20 devices.

Ease Proxy Switch Alpha ShuZ 

Ease Proxy Switch is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable you to easily Switch betwen proxies.

Ease Proxy Switch allows users to build a list of proxy servers, so they can easily move from one proxy to another or simplu disabled them.

. Free download of Ease Proxy Switch Alpha, size 0 b.

Internet Kill Switch ExplosiveCheese 

Internet Kill Switch was developed as a small, accessible and very handy piece of software that's designed to help users activate / deactivate the connection to the Internet.

Internet Kill Switch allows its users to instantly kill the network connection in order to block access or leave conversations.

. Freeware download of Internet Kill Switch, size 0 b.

Zet Switch 0.4.0 Tomas Skarecky 

Zet Switch is a lightweight and useful piece of software designed to help you modify the settings of you network connection.

Zet Switch is useful mainly for notebook users, that often connect to the various networks with different settings. You can change the connection only by two clicks thanks to the program Zet Switch.

. Freeware download of Zet Switch 0.4.0, size 0 b.

S7 AWL simulator 0.8 Michael B+-sch 

S7 AWL Simulator is a handy and easy to use Step 7 AWL simulation tool that can send thousands of instructions per second.

S7 AWL Simulator aims to come close to the real PLC hardware in terms of speed and accuracy. It provides support for the S7-3xx and S7-4xx CPU family.

. Free download of S7 AWL simulator 0.8, size 0 b.

Power Switch 3.1 Subin Ninan 

Power Switch is a handy and reliable application that can be set to automatically swap between power plans.

The application is mostly aimed at laptop users. It is able to Switch between two scenarios, depending on whether your machine runs on power or on battery.

. Free download of Power Switch 3.1, size 0 b.

Switch To Session 0 Core Technologies Consulting LLC 

Switch To Session 0 adds a new icon to your system tray, so that you can easily navigate to the Windows Services that display a notification in Session 0.

One simply needs to double-click the tray icon, and they can analyze the service that triggered the prompt window.

. Free download of Switch To Session 0, size 0 b.

jPortable Browser Switch 1.0 John T. Haller 

jPortable Browser Switch is a lightweight and simple tool designed to help you enable or disable the browser plugin that comes with jPortable.

The application does not disable the Java runtime environment installed on your computer, it only makes Java unavailable for your portable browsers.

. Freeware download of jPortable Browser Switch 1.0, size 0 b.

Auto Power Switch 1.0 Beta Diptimaya Patra 

Auto Power Switch is an easy to use application that was created in order to provide you with a simple means of scheduling a system reboot, shutdown, log off or hibernation.

The program also supports scheduling commands for applications that you need to close at a specific time.

. Free download of Auto Power Switch 1.0 Beta, size 0 b.

Open Mouse Simulator 0.01 Alpha Daniele Campione 

Open Mouse Simulator is a simple, small and very easy-to-use application that lets you activate your left mouse click from the keyboard.

All you have to do for the program to work is launch it. You'll then be offered the option to use the Caps Lock button instead of your left click mouse button.

. Freeware download of Open Mouse Simulator 0.01 Alpha, size 0 b.