Synchronize Folder Software

Parachute 110 Andrew Jobson 

Parachute is an application that you can use to Synchronize two folders across a network, such as the Internet. Sharing between machines is as easy as dropping the file in the Folder of your choice. Based on Java 6, runs on Windows/Linux/Mac . Freeware download of Parachute 110, size 52.22 Kb.


Jottacloud Jotta AS 

Jottacloud is a useful and handy application that was designed to easily store and protect all your important files such as music, videos or any type of documents.

Now, you can use Jottacloud to keep all your files safe and access them from anywhere in the world with the help of this easy-to-use client. When you delete a file from your . Free download of Jottacloud, size 0 b.

Horodruin 4.2.315.0 Stefano Bordoni 

Horodruin allows you to Synchronize more than 2 folders with just few clicks. It's very simple, but you first must read the included documentation.

The folders you have to Synchronize are called sources, and you have to define at least two. Each Folder is located by its local full path name, or its full UNC path name.

After . Free download of Horodruin 4.2.315.0, size 0 b.

ImapBox 4.4.0 Build 20130329 Ivan Co. 

ImapBox is a comprehensive application designed to help you save and store your data into any mail server.

The application is a cloud manager utility that helps you to completely manage and organize files, videos, URL addresses, images and more. You have the possibility to locally store your important documents and access them from . Free download of ImapBox 4.4.0 Build 20130329, size 0 b.

MyPC Backup MyPCBackup LTD 

Secure Backup

MyPCBackup takes the security and privacy of your data very seriously. All your files are encrypted with the same security as banks use.

100% Automated

Automatically backup your computer silently in the background to a schedule of your choice without you having to do anything.

Sync . Free download of MyPC Backup, size 9.86 Mb.

sMedio 360: TrueSync sMedio Inc 

sMedio 360: TrueSync is an easy to use and reliable synchronization application designed to provide you with a convenient method for syncing your files across multiple PCs.

sMedio 360: TrueSync can monitor the system folders you configure, automatically detects the changes and syncs the Folder contents with the other computers. Forget . Free download of sMedio 360: TrueSync, size 0 b.

copynew 4.2 Jeroen Kessels 

copynew is a lightweight application that allows you to Synchronize the content of two folders or hard drives. The tool runs in command line mode and copies the new files from a certain Folder to the current location of the executable file.

You can set the source Folder and the exceptions by editing the properties file included in the . Free download of copynew 4.2, size 0 b.

Echosync Luminescence 

Echosync is an easy to use application that allows you to easily sync and backup your files. Four objectives have guided its development: the simplicity, speed, flexibility and reliability.

Echosync is software for file backup, synchronization by performing differential data. It is easy to use and reliable.

. Free download of Echosync, size 0 b.

iQ-Sync 1.44 Robert Paresi 

iQ-Sync is a handy and reliable application designed to copy and Synchronize files. Simply setup an unlimited number of copy projects, and then when you need to execute it, highlight the project and press Run.

In addition, you can setup "Actions" that run Before or After the copy such as Create Directories, Delete Files, Run . Free download of iQ-Sync 1.44, size 0 b.

FileBackupEX Beta GOFF Concepts 

FileBackupEX is a compact program that allows you to backup your files with just one click or automatically as a scheduled job. If you have a large photo, movie, or document Folder then FileBackupEX can automatically keep files and folders in sync with a NAS appliance or removable drive.

If you value your time and appreciate classical . Free download of FileBackupEX Beta, size 0 b.

ASUS WebStorage Sync ASUS 

ASUS WebStorage Sync is a Cloud Storage Service that helps user backup data, sync file between devices and share data to friends.

You simply have to login to your WebStorage account and you can set your synchronization Folder.

Note: In this version, you only have a Cloud Storage Space of 2GB and the limit size of uploaded . Free download of ASUS WebStorage Sync, size 0 b.

SSuite Office - Kronoz 1.2 Van Loo Software 

SSuite Office - Kronoz is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable you to Synchronize folders and drives. It is possible to Synchronize both selected folders or to Synchronize in one direction only.

Please note that the rate of synchronization depends on your system's speed and hard drive's performance.

This application . Free download of SSuite Office - Kronoz 1.2, size 0 b.