System Restore Software

AyRecovery Pro 6.0.5 Anyue Technology Co., Ltd. 

AyRecovery is a very quick recovery software. 20 seconds are enough to recover your System to a good situation, such as yesterday, last week or last month. 1,000 recover points are enough for you to choose.AyRecovery is a powerful multi-snapshot PC protection and recovery software. The specific and unbelievable function is after you recover to last . Free download of AyRecovery Pro 6.0.5, size 8.87 Mb.


Delones System Tweak Suite 4.3 Delones, Inc 

Enhance your computers performance with Delones System Tweak Suite. This System-boosting solution tackles many common problems, keeping your computer healthy and running in peak condition. It comes with smart utilities that let you monitor the performance of your home PC and also tune it specific to your needs. It has utilities that will cleanup . Free download of Delones System Tweak Suite 4.3, size 1.63 Mb.

PCTimeMachine Anyue Technology Co., Ltd. 

Main Technical FunctionsTake snapshotSupport as many as 1000 snapshots;Each snapshot contains 100% of the protected partitions;Take less than 5 seconds to take a snapshot;Easy to delete any snapshot.Restore systemRestore You can easily choose any snapshot and Restore your System to the snapshot in seconds;Travel into the past and back between . Free download of PCTimeMachine, size 6.96 Mb.

AyRecovery professonal Ristom Software Tech Co.,Ltd 

Preventing Your PC from Software NuisanceAyRecovery Professional is the best PC protection software. It is a big leap in technology protecting computer from virus, user/System problems that has never been available before. AyRecovery protects PCs virtually from any software problems and allows computer users, regardless their skill levels, to fix . Free download of AyRecovery professonal, size 9.11 Mb.

PCdefense 1.0.30 Laplink Software, Inc. 

PCdefense is a unique security package that disables viruses and spyware and provides System recovery of critical files and data.
Unfortunately, many security solutions fail to protect PCs against Rootkits - the newest crimewave to hit the internet. Rootkits cloak spyware and viruses, making them invisible even to many leading security . Free download of PCdefense 1.0.30, size 8.35 Mb.

SystemRecovery Online Backup 7 1 

System Recovery Online Backup can help you to avoid data loss protecting your PC from potential disasters. The information is backed up offsite to a secure data center. You can browse, point, and click the files you need to be stored in your online storage account.
The upload time is proportional to the amount of data you wish to back up. . Free download of SystemRecovery Online Backup 7 1, size 4.91 Mb.

FarStone Total Backup Recovery 7.0 FarStone Inc. 

FarStone Total Backup Recovery Advanced WorkStation is an automated backup tool which assures that critical business information is well protected and can be easily recovered through comprehensive backup and recovery features, such as file and folder backup. The centralized management allows network administrators to scale the program to many . Free download of FarStone Total Backup Recovery 7.0, size 272.64 Mb.

Eazy Image 5.0 EAZ Solutions, Inc. 

Eazy Image is an affordable and reliable drive image solution that allows you to create backup images of hard disks or partitions in user-friendly Windows interface with just several clicks.

Eazy Image protects your valuable data from disasters in the most simple and effective way. . Free download of Eazy Image 5.0, size 96.50 Mb.

SPECTRA Recovery King 8 1 Spectra Computers India Private Limited 

SPECTRA Recovery King is the easiest and fastest PC recovery solution in the world market. SPECTRA Recovery King eliminates the hassles and headaches of troubleshooting common PC problems by instantly returning your PC back to working order.

SPECTRA Recovery King - your PC recovery solution:
- It does not require hidden partition . Free download of SPECTRA Recovery King 8 1, size 10.15 Mb.

FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server 7 1 FarStone Inc. 

Protect you and your business from disasters, minimize operational downtime, Restore business continuity, and improve productivity

Total Backup Recovery 7 Server simplifies the backup and recovery process while minimizing operational downtime, restoring business continuity, and improve productivity. Total Backup Recovery 7 Server helps . Free download of FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server 7 1, size 223.49 Mb.

RsyncWin CrestaMan Networks 

RsyncWin is a simple and easy to use application that can backup and Restore Windows based systems via your remote rsync based servers. . Free download of RsyncWin, size 2.73 Mb.

MagiCure Professional 9 1 AvantEDGE Solutions Ltd. 

MagiCure is the only software utility that can recover your PC from any kind of failure in seconds. MagiCure works like a "time machine" that takes a snapshot of your entire PC every day. In the event of a PC failure, you won't have to waste time fixing it — simply send your PC “back in time” to a point before the . Free download of MagiCure Professional 9 1, size 11.10 Mb.

MyBackup 1. 4. 2000 

Quick, painless installation: just upload to your server, then run install.php to start the wizard. Mail and FTP settings specified using a web-based settings manager. Add multiple email and ftp hosts. Options exist to save your backups by means of email, ftp, or direct saving on the local server. Compression options exist for .zip and .gz backups. . Freeware download of MyBackup 1. 4. 2000, size 31.74 Kb.

Sysrestore Pro 3.3 Xia Software 

Sysrestore Pro is helpful for you to keep your computer safe from verious kinds of damagers like System crash, disk failure, software failure, files deleted by error, lost without reason, blue screen, malware, spywere, adware, virus...

Keep your System safe from threatens
Sysrestore Pro works as an excellent protection software . Free download of Sysrestore Pro 3.3, size 2.34 Mb.

YesShield 1.0 Vimxsoft 

Has your computer been attacked by any malware? Has your computer suffered any unwanted changes and you lost all your important files after a reboot? Do you want to find a good way to prevent your computer System being harmed from any unwanted changes or malicious activities? YesShield, a new and safe application makes it easy to keep your computer . Free download of YesShield 1.0, size 992.46 Kb.

Dr.Web LiveCD 6.0.0 Doctor Web Ltd 

If your Windows or Linux System has been rendered non-bootable by malware, Restore it for FREE with Dr.Web LiveCD! Dr.Web LiveCD will clean your computer of infected and suspicious files, help you copy important information to a removable data storage device or another computer, and then attempt to cure infected objects. . Freeware download of Dr.Web LiveCD 6.0.0, size 161.48 Mb.

System Revert 2011 System Revert Team 

System Revert is designed to protect the whole System or just selected drives from being permanently changed. During the course of normal activity, users and programs can perform actions which affect the hard disk. System Revert can run your System in a virtual enviroment and redirect information being written to the hard drive, leaving the . Free download of System Revert 2011, size 2.94 Mb.

Previous Version File Recoverer 2.0 S2 Services 

Starting with Vista, Windows allows the recovering of previous versions of files without a dedicated backup. These previous versions are stored whenever a Restore Point is made by the System or manually made by the user from the System Protection tab of the System App in the Control Panel.

These previous versions can be recovered in . Freeware download of Previous Version File Recoverer 2.0, size 637.95 Kb.

Veeam Backup & Replication Veeam Software 

Veeam Backup & Replication is the first enterprise-ready solution that combines backup and replication in a single product for fast recovery of your VMware ESX servers. Backup is easy, but recovery can be hard and that's when the clock is ticking loudest. But with Veeam Backup, fast recovery is easier than you ever thought possible.

Restore Point Creator 1.1 Build 1 Tom Parkison 

Restore Point Creator is a lightweight and easy to use application that was designed to help you Restore the System to an early state using the existing Restore points.

You can also create new ones and personalize them by adding a specific description to each of them.

In case there are some Restore points that are no longer . Free download of Restore Point Creator 1.1 Build 1, size 0 b.