Target Software

MiniCopier 0.5 Adrian Courrdoduges 

MiniCopier is a graphical copy manager. It provides more comfort and control over files copy operations, than basic OS functions.
With MiniCopier it is possible to queue different transfers, resume a copy that has failed, limit the speed or pause the copy. If a transfer fails, an error is logged and the rest of the queue is treated.


Portable Multi-Copy Tools 1.8 Whitecloudsoft 

Automatically backup or synchronize many folders or files...
Key Features

* Batch copy, move or synchronize folders and files
* Run from USB, download the package
* Compare source with Target folders details
* Easily modify task order
* File name and type filter
* Folder name filter... . Free download of Portable Multi-Copy Tools 1.8, size 524.29 Kb.

QuickMove for Windows CodeLine 

Tired of cutting and pasting the same types of files to the same folders? Tired of navigating deep folder structures to archive the same types of files? Wish you could just be prompted for a list of your favorite Target folders? Wish that you could just d-deDUright-clickd-deDt on a file and see it automatically moved based on rules learned . Free download of QuickMove for Windows, size 2.03 Mb.

Steel Run-As 1.2.0 

Steel Run-As helps you in executing commands or applications which run properly when run only with administrator privileges without having to give the user full rights to his machine. For example "Some CD writing" applications run properly only when run in administrator mode. Steel Run-As lets you give access to the user to run that . Freeware download of Steel Run-As 1.2.0, size 807.40 Kb.

PermEdit 1.25 Bradyok Network 

PermEdit grants system access to any running process. Usually it's used for packet editors like WPE Pro and T-Search because sometimes they are unable to Target a certain game or it does not appear in the list. It can be used for other programs though. . Free download of PermEdit 1.25, size 10.48 Kb.

PingPlotter Freeware 1.30 Nessoft, LLC 

PingPlotter Freeware is a high performance, low-overhead traceroute application. It allows you to quickly "trace" the route between you and a Target of your choice (a web site, Voice over IP provider, online game server, or similar Target), and then continue to collect performance metrics about that route.

Packet loss and . Freeware download of PingPlotter Freeware 1.30, size 817.89 Kb.

TargetAnalyzer 0.1.2 Ruediger Gad 

TargetAnalyzer is a tool for the automatic analyzation of hits on targets. The intended audience are hobbyist sport shooters. The analyzation of targets includes the automatic detection of hits on an (scanned) image of a Target and the calculation of the resulting scores as well as applying statistical methods to the retrieved data for further . Freeware download of TargetAnalyzer 0.1.2, size 21.46 Mb.

ReMount 1.3.1 Uwe Sieber 

Using ReMount you can quickly change a drive letter without clicking thru the Windows disk management. E.g. to change drive F: to U:

remount f: u:

If both letters are in use and shall be swapped then use parameter -s

remount f: u: -s

For nonsense operations, as remonting the Windows system drive or . Freeware download of ReMount 1.3.1, size 10.48 Kb.

consoleup 0.2.1 Jose Antonio Lopez Cano 

I am sick and tired of opening a console and navigate till the Target folder. This program opens a text console on the Target folder. It's worth. . Free download of consoleup 0.2.1, size 125.83 Kb.

ClpSendChar 1.0 Uwe Sieber 

Normally it's not possible to paste text from Windows clipboard to a textbox of a Java Applet. But it works to send single chars by WM_CHAR messages.
That's what ClpSendChar does. When it starts it grabs the text from the Windows clipboard and then it sends the text char by char using WM_CHAR messages to the active text control.
When you . Free download of ClpSendChar 1.0, size 3.14 Kb.

pyFLTK for Windows 1.3.0 RC 3 Andreas Held, Kevin Dahlhausen 

This is the home of pyFLTK - Python wrapper for the Fast Light Tool Kit cross-platform graphical user-interface library. We're using SWIG to create the Python wrapper. Perl support has been discontinued for the time being. TCL, Guile, and Java support should not be that hard to add (this is left as an exercise for the reader).
There are two . Free download of pyFLTK for Windows 1.3.0 RC 3, size 912.26 Kb.

Portable SendTo Manager Software 

SendTo Manager is a handy freeware application which helps users to manage the shortcuts (.LNK) present in the Windows d-deDUSend Tod-deDt Menu. With SendTo Manager you can view the list of installed shortcuts in the d-deDUSend Tod-deDt folder, remove specific shortcuts, add new custom shortcuts easily, and view the Target path of each shortcut. . Free download of Portable SendTo Manager, size 513.80 Kb.

VisiCut 1.6 Thomas Oster 


Includes LibLaserCut, a platform independant library for Lasercutters (currently supporting the Epilog ZING, MINI and HELIX and Lasercutters with the LAOS board, but other drivers will follow in the near future)
Currently supports SVG, EPS, DXF and the VisiCut PLF (Portable Laser Format)
Get a preview how your . Free download of VisiCut 1.6, size 9.96 Mb.

ming-a-ling 0.6.4 Dustin Wehr 

After you install ming-a-ling, you highlight "sentence" in this sentence, then right click and select "Add phrase". Since this is the first time you've used ming-a-ling, you'll be asked to choose a "source language" (the one you already know) and a "Target language" (the one you want to practice). You can . Freeware download of ming-a-ling 0.6.4, size 104.86 Kb.

PrePacker 0.4.1 Pavel E. 

Prepacker calculates how many disks (DVDs, CD, etc) you need to backup your data.

Key features:

- Calculate optimal fill for one ore many disks

- Drag & drop functionality - Nero, ImgBurn & other burning tools supported, just drop & burn

- ImgBurn project file support

- Configurable . Free download of PrePacker 0.4.1, size 104.86 Kb.

Kingconvert Motorola ATRIX Video Converter 5.3 KingConvert 

The Suite includes Motorola ATRIX Video Converter Video Converter. The Motorola ATRIX Video Converter Video Converter lets you easily and quickly convert all popular video formats like AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT, MOV, ASF,FLV to Motorola ATRIX Video Converter video (MP4 format). And the Kingconvert to Motorola ATRIX Video Converter helps you convert All . Free download of Kingconvert Motorola ATRIX Video Converter 5.3, size 7.31 Mb.

Projectile Motion 2.02 University of Colorado 

Blast a Buick out of a cannon! Learn about projectile motion by firing various objects. Set the angle, initial speed, and mass. Add air resistance. Make a game out of this simulation by trying to hit a Target. . Freeware download of Projectile Motion 2.02, size 461.37 Kb.

WebSitePulse Current Status Gadget 1.0 

The WebSitePulse Current Status gadget for Vista Sidebar provides an easy way to keep an eye in real-time on the status of your servers, websites and web applications when you are using the WebSitePulse monitoring service. The gadget provides a shortcut link to the Target details screen in the customer's account. The statuses displayed by the . Free download of WebSitePulse Current Status Gadget 1.0, size 83.89 Kb.

Ideal Calorie Intake Calculator 2.0 Alex Nolan 

This calculator will work out your Basic Metabolic Rate which is the amount of calories you burn per day without doing anything. It then works out the energy burnt in a day which is your Basic Metabolic Rate plus the calories you burn at work. Finally it works out what you Target calories should be to loss 1lb (0.5kg) of weight per week. . Freeware download of Ideal Calorie Intake Calculator 2.0, size 549.46 Kb.

Stata Mode 1.0 WinEdt's Community 

This configuration component contains highlighting, active strings, menu and tool bar customizations for Stata.

Extract the archive to the appropriate place (see below) and then execute the macro INSTALL.EDT from within WinEdt. Execute the macro by opening INSTALL.EDT in WinEdt, then go to Macros | Execute Macro...

Extract the . Freeware download of Stata Mode 1.0, size 41.94 Kb.

Target Web Results

Promatic Clay Target Launchers

Manufacturer of clay target launchers and automatic traps for the clay shooting industry.

Target Thrower - Clay-Tech Industries

Manufacturer of the Auto-Sporter target thrower.

ZZ - Clay target

Two piece target consisting of a metal prop and plastic witness. A ZZ is simulated live bird flight at its best.

Do-All Traps LLC clay target throwers

Manufacture and supply a full line of target throwers that are designed for the rigors of the busiest commercial range, yet value priced for the weekend shooter.

Superior Traps, Clay Target Machines

Superior Traps manufactures a complete line of automated clay target machines. Sporting, Rabbit, Skeet, A.T.A and International Wobble models available. Made in the U.S.A.

Clay Target Manufacturer

The most important Clay target manufacturer of Europe. First manufacturer of automatic propeller shooting machines.

North East Lincolnshire Target Club

Based in Grimsby, this is an indoor target shooting club for rimfire rifles, rifles chambered for pistol-only calibres, black powder pistol and airguns.