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Morgan-Greer Tarot 1.0 Bill Greer, Lloyd Morgan 

The Morgan-Greer Tarot is an excellent deck for Tarot beginners, this deck is of the Rider-Waite tradition, with far better artwork. The Cards are borderless, for something different, and the characters are shown fairly close-up.
Card back design: Pale blue with white stars . Freeware download of Morgan-Greer Tarot 1.0, size 0 b.


Rider Waite Tarot Flashcards Demo 3 15 Metatropo.com 

Computer flashcards for learning to read the Rider Waite Tarot. Select Cards by category (swords, wands reversed, major arcana, minor arcana, reversed face Cards, etc.) and be quizzed on the symbolism of each card. The flashcard deck includes high quality renditions of the 78 Cards of the Rider Waite Tarot. An auto-play feature allows handsoff use . Free download of Rider Waite Tarot Flashcards Demo 3 15, size 1.39 Mb.

MB Tarot Tutor And Glossary 1 55 MysticBoard.com 

MB Free Tarot Tutor And Glossary Software is the complete Tarot card learning software that includes tutorials, tests and a complete Tarot dictionary for reference. This unique Tarot learning software helps users and beginners understand the basics of Tarot card reading with a- learn-and-then-test your skills option and a reference dictionary. This . Freeware download of MB Tarot Tutor And Glossary 1 55, size 2.30 Mb.

MB Spanish Playing Cards Divination 1 15 MysticBoard.com 

La Baraja Espanola or Spanish Playing Cards Divination is a form of Tarot card reading with the Spanish deck of Cards. MB Spanish Playing Cards Divination can be used to find solutions to your problems and predict about the future. Playing Cards have been used for fortune telling for ages and have remained popular ever since. They are believed to . Freeware download of MB Spanish Playing Cards Divination 1 15, size 1.43 Mb.

Puppet Theater Tarot 2.0 John Gregorek 

Puppet Tarot: A fun self-guided Tarot Card application
Seven Tarot divination layouts from a one-card Delphic answer to your question, to a thorough analysis with ten-Cards; even an eight-card relationship teaser. Divine your own reading using the card and position descriptions.

Cards are unique, colorful, puppet theater images. . Free download of Puppet Theater Tarot 2.0, size 9.33 Mb.

Change7 Tarot 1.02 Change7 

This program is designed to do Tarot Readings easily. The set of Cards contains the 22 Major Arcana; the other 56 Minor Arcana Cards are only available in the registered version).Change7 Tarot includes different card layouts, like Sample Cross and others, that are available under the Reading Layouts menu.Each card layout defines how many Cards are . Free download of Change7 Tarot 1.02, size 1.01 Mb.

Sandy Cristel's Interactive Lenormand Or 1.01 lenormand-oracle.com 

Discover what the future has in store with Sandy Cristel's Interactive Lenormand Oracle. Lenormand Oracle Cards are easier to read than the Tarot yet provide greater depth and accuracy. This program combines a comprehensive tutorial with interactive learning aids and layouts.

* Learn individual card meanings - display the Cards one by . Free download of Sandy Cristel's Interactive Lenormand Or 1.01, size 15.15 Mb.

Power-Tarot Espa 1.0.16 Mario Krsnic 

Our Tarot Software contains several spreads of the Waite-Rider Tarot:
Our program works with some spreads of the Waite-Rider Tarot:
1) The spread 'Cross' is suitable particularly for simpler questions.
2) 'The Relationship game' is meant particularly for the interpretation of the relationship between two people.
3) One can . Free download of Power-Tarot Espa 1.0.16, size 3.77 Mb.

Best Tarot Pro 1.0 CrazySoft 

By the Tarot reading, people may be able to find answers about their hopes and wishes. This program uses the 'Celtic cross' card reading. There are 3 different, full, and original decks of the 'Tarot of Marseilles', which is the oldest and most popular. These are the Dodal, Conver, and Noblet decks. There are 78 different Cards, . Free download of Best Tarot Pro 1.0, size 24.60 Mb.

Edinamarry Free Tarot Software Version 3 3.18 HFairiesGrove 

A new 2010-2011 Windows 7/XP freeware Tarot and Divinity Software for PC and Windows 7. Visit Edinamarry Tarot Program Home Website at: http://www.edinamarrytarot.com/. Edinamarry brings to you an open Tarot Scribe Kit by which you can create your own Tarot Deck, design and configure Tarot Spread Projects, and you can write your own readings and . Free download of Edinamarry Free Tarot Software Version 3 3.18, size 14.53 Mb.

Create Your Business Cards 1.5 RyTech Software 

Create Your Business Card an easy way to design and print professional looking business Cards. The intuitive desktop-publishing-style interface makes adding and manipulating your design as simple as clicking and dragging your mouse. Create Your Business Card comes with many pre-designed templates to choose from so you can create your card, start to . Free download of Create Your Business Cards 1.5, size 1.59 Mb.

StudyProf Flash Cards 1.11 Felling Software Development 

StudyProf Flash Cards is a modern study software for creating and studying flashcards on your PC. It comes with a powerful editor to create convincing and attractive flash Cards. You can add text, diagrams, pictures, photos, audio files and any other resources to your Cards. Create your own text and card designs to memorize your study facts easily. . Free download of StudyProf Flash Cards 1.11, size 4.37 Mb.

Cards Plus 1 Grant & Capizzi 

Cards Plus combines two award winning programs into one low priced high value package. Cards Right Now lst Edition is already a bargain at $9.99. Now, for only 99 cents more you also get Life Organizer for a savings of $10 or 48% for both products. lst Edition is a collection of 210 all occasion greeting and note Cards (birthday, holiday and more) . Free download of Cards Plus 1, size 373.76 Kb.

Juicy Business Cards 2.0 Business Cards Software - SWGSoft Inc. 

The software enables you to create attractive, unique business Cards, which will undoubtly attract attention of your business partners, in just several minutes. You can choose from great number of background images or add your own. The business Cards you make are completely customizable. You can change text color, style, font, size, use frames with . Free download of Juicy Business Cards 2.0, size 13.92 Mb.

Fine Arts Business Cards 4.4 Selfkey Systems, Inc. 

Design custom, professional business Cards quickly and easily.Insert multiple clips from a single photo, and adjust the colors, brightness and scale of each clip separately. You can have hundreds of clips from the same photo and the file size remains small as each clip is just a separate view of the same picture.Insert any shape, such as, lines, . Free download of Fine Arts Business Cards 4.4, size 0 b.

Vocabilis French Flash Cards 3.1 Vinidiktov Software 

Learn 2000 most common French words with Vocabilis French Flash Cards. Make an unlimited number of your own word lists with the included editor.Vocabilis is a vocabulary builder with text-to-speech abilities that automates your language studies. It is primarily meant to be used by those who need to build a strong vocabulary when learning French.You . Free download of Vocabilis French Flash Cards 3.1, size 3.35 Mb.

5 Realms of Cards for Mac 1.1 Sugar Games 

5 Realms of Cards is nothing like an ordinary solitaire game - it's visually nice, story-driven and features an addictive new game mechanic.The game begins in the land of five card realms, where malevolent force has awakened after a 100-year slumber, plunging the realms into darkness. This is where you step in. Your objective is to help a young . Free download of 5 Realms of Cards for Mac 1.1, size 19.03 Mb.

Vision Tarot 1.0 VisionTarot.com 

Vision Tarot is a completely automated Tarot Reading software that gives you multiple Tarot Readings as and when you please. This unique program can be used for your personal purpose as well as doing readings for your clients. Vision Tarot uses the most widely used Rider Waite Deck as its default deck. Vision Tarot accurately predicts solutions to . Free download of Vision Tarot 1.0, size 2.36 Mb.

L.A. Flash Cards 1.2.2 Lexis Rex 

Lexis Rex's L.A. Flash Cards is a great way to learn anything anywhere. The system includes a flash card creator which lets you create the Cards with text, audio, or images. You can then print them out for the classroom or use the viewer on the computer, allowing you to shuffle, swap and do self or checked testing. You can upload text and image . Freeware download of L.A. Flash Cards 1.2.2, size 2.30 Mb.

Power-Tarot English 3.0.10 Mario Krsnic 

Our Tarot Software contains several spreads of the Waite-Rider Tarot:
Our program works with some spreads of the Waite-Rider Tarot:
1) The spread 'Cross' is suitable particularly for simpler questions.
2) 'The Relationship game' is meant particularly for the interpretation of the relationship between two people.
3) One can . Free download of Power-Tarot English 3.0.10, size 2.76 Mb.

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