Technology Software

PC Power Suite 3.0.4041.4090 Maximum Software 

Your computer is probably running several different programs at once and it has only been optimized from the factory to run one or 2 at a time. With PC Power Suite you can optimize your computer and use our wide array of windows maintenance tools to help your computer run as fast as possible. . Free download of PC Power Suite 3.0.4041.4090, size 5.87 Mb.


RS Media Suite 2. 4. 2002 WowWee 

RS Media™ is a complete multimedia robotic experience with the unique ability to be fully customized. The perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and personality modeling software, RS Media allows you to take total control. RS Media brings technology to life as he interacts with his environment. . Freeware download of RS Media Suite 2. 4. 2002, size 59.98 Mb.

Shell Object Editor 3 21 Tropical Technologies 

This program is an editor for shell objects. You can create new shell objects and delete them when you don't need or want them any longer. For safety reasons, it is not possible to delete shell objects that were not created with this editor by default. You have to switch to "expert mode" to delete other shell objects. . Freeware download of Shell Object Editor 3 21, size 80.29 Mb.

CNTDesigner 2. 2. 2001 Polital Enterpriese, LLC 

CNTDesigner by Polital Enterprises is a keyboard layout designer. It is designed to work in conjunction with Click-N-Type Version 3 by Lake Software. The combination of CNTDesigner and Click-N-Type will give the user complete freedom to design their own keyboards, controlling size and placement of all keys as well as the overall size of the . Freeware download of CNTDesigner 2. 2. 2001, size 1.82 Mb.

ClickAid 1.32.1 Polital Enterpriese, LLC 

ClickAid is a FREE stand-alone on-screen mouse aid designed for anyone who has difficulty switching between mouse buttons or double clicking on a physical computer mouse. It will work with all mouse systems including head mouse and touch screen devices. ClickAid functions can be accessed by clicking on the form or optionally by using AutoSelect . Freeware download of ClickAid 1.32.1, size 1.61 Mb.

PoolPak Selection 1.0 PoolPak Technologies Corporation 

Selection Software used to select SWHP PoolPaks, AW PoolComPaks, and HCD units for your application.

-Add footnote for AWHx and HCDx units re: shipping method for electric duct heaters.
-Add AirFoil fans to Sxx equipment.
-Program crash when removing unit from equipment selection.
-Remove non-vented water condenser . Freeware download of PoolPak Selection 1.0, size 12.91 Mb.

GA Optimization for Excel 1.2.1018 AS Software 

This program allows the user to take an Excel spreadsheet with any type of calculation data (no matter how complex) and optimize a calculation outcome (e.g. total cost).

This is based on the selection of up to five design variables and up to five constraints. The optimization can be performed as a maximization, minimization or the . Freeware download of GA Optimization for Excel 1.2.1018, size 1.44 Mb.

NiftyWindows Enovatic-Solutions 

Welcome to NiftyWindows! This free tool provides many helpful features for an easier handling of your Windows (c) operating system. It does not need any complex installation nor does it read or save any information on your system other than the application dependent files itself. The release package includes only the main executable and some . Freeware download of NiftyWindows, size 6.32 Mb.

Vista Tweaking Tools 1.0 JPA-Software 

VistaTweaker is, as its name says, a reliable, smart and yet easy-to-use Windows Vista tweaking tool. The interface is nice and simple.
· Every tweak has its description so the user can see what each one does.
· Tweaks are organized into tabs, each tab is subdivided in sections by group boxes. This way it is easy . Freeware download of Vista Tweaking Tools 1.0, size 2.75 Mb.

DataSync 1.0 FDZ Technology 

This is useful if you want to make regular simple backups of files to a network or removable storage device, or if you just want to compare the contents of one folder to another. DataSync is freeware and works on Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7.The upgrade package only contains the files required to upgrade an existing installation to a new . Freeware download of DataSync 1.0, size 1.60 Mb.

AppControls 3 9 Utilmind Solutions 

The Advanced Application Controls (AppControls) is the set of over 92 top quality multipurpose components for all Win32 versions of Delphi and C Builder. The package contains everything you need to add neat and, more important, truly professional appearance for your software, making development of great interfaces and internal utilities trully . Free download of AppControls 3 9, size 19.21 Mb.

JD8Calc 1.0 Sassafras Systems 

JD8Calc is a freeware Windows utility that helps you to calculate “JDE Julian” dates used by Peoplesoft EnterpriseOne (also known as J.D. Edwards OneWorld) and World enterprise applications. The program requires the Microsoft .NET architecture to work. . Freeware download of JD8Calc 1.0, size 3.53 Mb.

JE-Comics 0.8.6 Federico Improta 

JE-Comics is a Java application able to convert a group of images into a pdf.

It can take as an input Jpeg, gif and png files even if compressed in a zip or cbz file.

Useful for making an e-book friendly version of comics, or just easily convert the scan of documents and notes into pdf.

It has builtin support . Free download of JE-Comics 0.8.6, size 2.54 Mb.

EvoKeys 0.2 Evolution Technology 

EvoKeys is a simple hotkey manager application that lets you add, edit or delete your own hotkeys.

Main features:
- Easier to use.
- Better graphics and interface.
- New Core and Language systems.
- Add a custom EvoKey that already has a path that you can use it to get to special destinations. . Freeware download of EvoKeys 0.2, size 316.42 Kb.

NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) 5.0 mvktech 

This tool is designed for advanced users only! NiBiTor (NVIDIA BIOS Editor) is the original and definitive BIOS tweaker that supports the latest NVIDIA cards. NiBiTor allows graphics card enthusiasts to have full control over advanced features and functionality found on firmware on supporting graphics cards. . Freeware download of NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) 5.0, size 60.66 Mb.

DPC Manager 4.0 Meriam Process Technologies 

Registers the connected handheld and checks download subscription status upon clicking “Internet Check for Updates” button. All available firmware and DOF files (when applicable) are retrieved from the download site via the Internet.

Main Features:

-Tree View of HART® DOFs on the connected . Free download of DPC Manager 4.0, size 19.58 Mb.

Tao ExDOS 2009 Lite - Trial 9.0211 Tao Computing Solutions 

Tao ExDOS 2009 Lite is a comprehensive printing solution for DOS applications. The product allows the DOS application to print to any printer, including WinPrinters without support for DOS, direct printing to Fax, PDF documents (a 3rd party PDF conversion software is required) and image files (GIF, TIFF, JPEG and BMP). The product supports all . Free download of Tao ExDOS 2009 Lite - Trial 9.0211, size 6.82 Mb.

NuSphere PhpED NuSphere Corp. 

NuSphere PhpED includes advanced features of PhpED 6.1, such as code folding, true unicode editor, fast SFTP, SSH terminal, database client, embedded mozilla browser, inline error analysis for PHP and validation for HTML and so much more options to be discovered. . Free download of NuSphere PhpED, size 107.89 Mb.

PHPEdit 4. 1. 2002 WaterProof 

PHPEdit is an integrated development environment specialized for PHP, the most popular web scripting language in the world. PHPEdit integrates all the tools you will need to carry out your web application projects
-deploy easily with a single click your projects, and work transparently on remote files
-increase your . Free download of PHPEdit 4. 1. 2002, size 19.66 Mb.

AAScripter 1 8 Ali Almossawi's CyberiaPC 

AAScripter is a very useful program which contains more than 200 scripts which are useful for all webmasters. Whenever you want to create a web page you always go looking for fancy scripts that allow you to display something in the Status Bar or remove the underline for hyperlinks or even display a pop-up menu.

Now, you can use this . Freeware download of AAScripter 1 8, size 2.71 Mb.