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easyQuizzy 1.9 NetCrate Software 

Tests are ideal for quick assessment of your students' knowledge. Whenever you need to find out how your students are making it though their course or just want to spend 5 minutes to create a quick 10-question professional aptitude test for newcomers to your department, you will definitely need specialized software that will help you generate Tests . Free download of easyQuizzy 1.9, size 3.11 Mb.


Adit Testdesk 3.00 Adit Software 

Design, distribute, run and grade Tests and exams with Adit Testdesk! The stand-alone edition enables automated approach to computer testing without the use of client-server architecture. Design Tests, quizzes and exams of any complexity, create a self-containing executable and run it on any computer with or without an Internet connection. Fully . Free download of Adit Testdesk 3.00, size 63.45 Mb.

lsat preparation courses 1.0 lsat preparation courses 

The information in this ebook will help you learn more about lsat preparation courses and other related topics. If you need any more lsat preparation courses information, visit our website. This ebook is free to share with anyone. . Freeware download of lsat preparation courses 1.0, size 427.01 Kb.

Question Writer - Personal Edition 2.0 Central Question 

Question Writer 2.0 - Personal Edition

Personal Edition is an easy to use tool for creating multiple choice flash quizzes. It is free for personal use.

Fast Development
-Create new quizzes in minutes

No coding required
-Anyone can make quizzes - No programming skills required

. Freeware download of Question Writer - Personal Edition 2.0, size 9.24 Mb.

uCertify PrepKit for SUN exam CX310-035 7.00.05 uCertify 

Get one test free with this PrepKit!. Prepare for SUN 's Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4 (CX310-035) certification exam. Use this PrepKit to be certified on JCP certifications. This PrepKit comes with Money Back Guarantee.

uCertify PrepEngine has following features:
A. Adaptive Testing
B. Learn Mode

Quandary 2. 4. 2001 HalfBaked 

Quandary is an application for creating Web-based Action Mazes. An Action Maze is a kind of interactive case-study; the user is presented with a situation, and a number of choices as to a course of action to deal with it. On choosing one of the options, the resulting situation is then presented, again with a set of options. Working through this . Freeware download of Quandary 2. 4. 2001, size 2.58 Mb.

Brain Spa Legacy Interactive 

Train your brain by helping the colorful townsfolk of Brainville in a variety of mind-building challenges. A truly fun way to maximize your memory, improve your perception abilities, power up your language aptitude, and fine-tune your logical thinking skills! Eight separate mini-games plus bonus quizzes, trivia challenges and more. . Free download of Brain Spa, size 56.81 Mb.

CoPlot 6.400 CoHort Software 

CoPlot is an incredibly versatile program for making publication-quality 2D and 3D scientific graphs (which plot data and equations), maps, and technical drawings. Every aspect of CoPlot has been designed around one basic goal: to make a program that is so versatile that scientists and engineers can easily get exactly what they want. . Free download of CoPlot 6.400, size 33.77 Mb.

GfxBench2D 2 6 HDRLab 

GfxBench2D is a benchmark test tool that measures the 2D performance of graphics cards. Test results from various computers and graphics cards are available online. The application is open source and can be modified and distributed according to open source rules. . Freeware download of GfxBench2D 2 6, size 0 b.

TOEFL iBT Reading Conqueror 2.0.8 CloudCrown Studio 

One of the products in popular Test Conqueror Series. High score guaranteed. Famous teachers' recommendation.

-Skill and Speed Practice Module: Practice group reading by Flash Mode, Hiding Mode, Forcing Mode, and Normal Mode. Adjust the speed at will. Come up to the qualified TOEFL iBT reading speed gradually.
-Library of . Free download of TOEFL iBT Reading Conqueror 2.0.8, size 10.77 Mb.

DNL Reader 8.0.10 Default Manufacturer 

DNL Reader is a free software that allows you to view .dnl files.

DNL files are data files that require the installation of the dnl reader.Viewing DNL ePublication is safe.Being data files the DNL files cannot be infected by viruses, trojans or any other malicious software. . Freeware download of DNL Reader 8.0.10, size 1.11 Mb.

MathAid Geometry DEMO 10 63 MathAid, LLC 

Geometry is a very interesting and helpful software.

It contents:

- Parallel Lines:

- Transversals and Parallel Lines
- Angles of a Triangle
- Angles of a Convex Polygon

- Congruence:

- Exterior Angles and Interior Angles of Triangles
- Congruent Triangles
- . Free download of MathAid Geometry DEMO 10 63, size 68.62 Mb.

DeskTopAuthor 7. 1. 2001 DNAML Pty Ltd 

DeskTop Author is an ebook electronic publishing software
Desktop Author is an educational tool. You will be able to keep educational documents and interaction alive with eCourses and eTextbooks.
esktop Author can capture memories by generating photo and video albums of family events and happy moments . Free download of DeskTopAuthor 7. 1. 2001, size 30.19 Mb.

CoStat 6.400 CoHort Software 

CoStat is an easy-to-use program for data manipulation and statistical analysis. CoStat is included with CoPlot.


- Use a spreadsheet with up to 1.5x10^8 cells (numbers).
CoStat's spreadsheets can contain different types of data (floating point, integer, date, time, degrees, text, etc.).
- Import . Free download of CoStat 6.400, size 4.22 Mb.

Desktop Sprite for TOEFL iBT Words 1.0.8 Our-soft 

Desktop Sprite for TOEFL iBT Words is a free desktop tool that displays the list of words that we should learn before taking the TOEFL Internet-based test. This utility resembles a banner, wherein the words from the necessary vocabulary, alphabetically organized, run from the right to the left side of the screen on a yellow background. One or two . Freeware download of Desktop Sprite for TOEFL iBT Words 1.0.8, size 5.04 Mb.

testCommander 5.0 e-Testing Systems 

TestCommander is a database-driven program which enables you to convert your paper or word processor based Tests to a computer-driven test format.
The same compact test engine to author and administer Tests - no need to deal with separate programs to develop and then test.
You can author Tests and send the database to others to plug . Freeware download of testCommander 5.0, size 10.35 Mb.

Daypo Online Tests 1 1 Daypo 

If you are a teacher and you are looking for a way to create online Tests for your students on any subject, then this simple program is a good option to try, as it is free and easy to use. Daypo Online Test is an intuitive application that will let you create personalized Tests and publish them on the Daypo website for free.

Once you . Freeware download of Daypo Online Tests 1 1, size 0 b.

English Tenses Quizzes 1 5 Englishteststore 

Tenses are one of the most difficult subjects in English learning, and they can be really confusing for some people. Shall we use the past simple or the past perfect tense when talking about an action that occurred before another? Or when we say that we are doing something, is it present perfect or present continuous?

English Tenses . Freeware download of English Tenses Quizzes 1 5, size 0 b.

Rundom Pro 3 14 pjadw 

Software created to help you with your statistical endeavours.

Main features:
-Project and non-project mode
-Built-in import of plain-text data files
-More than 30 transforms and similar procedures; Box-Cox technique with several options
-Random number generators for several discrete and continuous . Freeware download of Rundom Pro 3 14, size 5.23 Mb.

Whizlabs SCWCD Exam Simulator version 6.0.1 Whizlabs Software 

Whizlabs SCWCD Exam Simulator version. This useful exam simulator has many features like 5 Full length mock exams (345 Unique Questions), Objective based Practice Tests, Exhaustive Explanation with Every Question, Reports to assess Strengths & Weaknesses and much more. . Free download of Whizlabs SCWCD Exam Simulator version 6.0.1, size 5.45 Mb.