Text Files Software

TextCrawler 1.1.2 DigitalVolcano 

A tool for searching and replacing across multiple text files. Supports regular expressions and provides an expression tester, library and batch processing facility. It also features an interactive file list and highlighted search results. Freeware.

* Find and Replace
* Fast searching, even on large files.


Tom's eTextReader FellnerSoft 

Tom's eTextReader is a file management application that allows you to read and edit plain text files in a book-like style. Tom's eTextReader is a standalone program. The program has the ability to open text files directly from the Project Gutenberg zip file, and also import RTF and HTML files, which is actually a new feature. The user . Freeware download of Tom's eTextReader, size 52.04 Mb.

MPRouteWriter 3.0 Winwaed Software Technology LLC 

MPRouteWriter is designed to export a route's waypoints to a Microsoft Excel workbook or a text file. Typically, a route is created from pushpins. After an optimum route has been found, it is often necessary to have a list of the waypoints with their estimated times and associated pushpin data.
MapPoint allows you to export the pushpins . Free download of MPRouteWriter 3.0, size 3.39 Mb.

CRPrint 3.0 Coffee River Software, Inc. 

CRPrint is a handy, inexpensive Win32 printing utility for batch printing text files. CRPrint provides numerous batch, printer and filetype configuration options, and can save on printing costs by allowing two pages per sheet and two files per sheet. . Freeware download of CRPrint 3.0, size 2.25 Mb.

DataPoint Enterprise Edition 1 1 PresentationPoint 

DataPoint is a professional PowerPoint add-on that you can use to update automatically the content of your PowerPoint presentations.
Enhance your PowerPoint presentations with real-time content coming from external data sources. All content is updated automatically by DataPoint. . Free download of DataPoint Enterprise Edition 1 1, size 6.07 Mb.

LineCountInvoice2009 1.0 Technocom 

Line Count N Invoice is a tool for Transcription Industry including Medical,Legal, Secretarial, etc. as well as Translation Industry. It has great capability to doc line count , MS-Office Line Count , Excel Line Count . Office Line Count Software has document and client management system to do real life Invoicing. . Free download of LineCountInvoice2009 1.0, size 9.12 Mb.

WordCount 'N' Invoice 3.0 Technocom 

Word Count And Invoice tool is a powerful MS Office Word Count software for Transcription Industry including Medical Transcription, secretarial etc. as well as translation industry. It has great capabilities to count words, lines, charecters, pages of ms word file( .doc, .docx ), PDF files and other supported formats (DOT, XLS, PPT, HTML, HTM, PHP, . Free download of WordCount 'N' Invoice 3.0, size 11.18 Mb.

Sort Dates, Numbers or Characters In Reverse (Descending) Order Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Sort content of files in reverse alphabetical order. . Free download of Sort Dates, Numbers or Characters In Reverse (Descending) Order Software 7.0, size 772.10 Kb.

Convert Multiple Line File To Single Line or Single Line To Multiple Line Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Convert files with multiple lines to files with single lines. Convert files with single lines to files with multiple lines. . Free download of Convert Multiple Line File To Single Line or Single Line To Multiple Line Software 7.0, size 777.22 Kb.

fileextensioninfo 2.0 fileextensioninfo 

At the end of any file name, you can view file extension name. Generally it consist of three characters but in some extension names it may be more or less than three. It is very important for the computer as this is an identification for the file from which your system recognise the file and open it in your desired format. But in case of any . Free download of fileextensioninfo 2.0, size 3.07 Kb.

Tabout 2 7 Canadian Mind Products 

converts tabs to spaces in an ASCII text file usage : TABOUT Myfile.TXT Don't use it on word processor files. Assumes tab stops are 8 columns apart. Also trims ^Z and corrects any malformed CrLf line endings. C source included. Copyrighted, but may be distributed freely and used for any purpose except military. . Freeware download of Tabout 2 7, size 69.63 Kb.

TextMage 1.3.0 Gillmeister Software 

TextMage is a batch processing solution for the flexible editing of multiple text files at once. The program includes a variety of powerful features such as Search and Replace, insert, swap, move or remove text. In addition, several tools are available to limit the text to be edited. By being able to combine all the functions together in any order, . Free download of TextMage 1.3.0, size 4.42 Mb.

Multiple Search and Replace 4.0 4dots Software 

Multiple Search and Replace is a powerful utility that can search and replace text in multiple files at the same time. It supports text files (various encodings also supported), Webpage, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Rich text Format, Open text Format and Pdf files.

Also it can search in compressed archives.

It is ideal for . Free download of Multiple Search and Replace 4.0, size 1.79 Mb.