The Ataris In This Diary Software

Energy Diary 1.10 Soft4Everyone 

Change your mind, Change your body, Change your life. Main goal of Energy Diary is a logging food and activities during day. Program contains database of 7146 foods with nutrition data for each food. Program also contains database of 603 activities with energy expense for each activity. Both, foods and activities, are separated to logical groups . Free download of Energy Diary 1.10, size 3.50 Mb.


Easy Time 5 Tomas Koutny 

Easy Time is The Diary with integrated alarm clock, time synchronization and skinnable clock. Each alarm can be set using several schedules. It is possible to perform additional actions on desired alarm events. Experts are given all options without hiding, beginners are not overwhelmed by The interface.With Easy Time, you can set alarms using . Free download of Easy Time 5, size 4.27 Mb.

Free Sea Anglers Diary Tick List Software 

Sea anglers Diary is a powerful tool for storing and analysing your catches. Simple and straight forward to use and yet produces detailed reports. Build a database of fish facts; identification, best baits, habitats, tackle, British record sizes and much more. Print reports of what, where and how you caught fish In The past to help you predict . Freeware download of Free Sea Anglers Diary, size 1.02 Kb.

PrintAGlucoseDiary 1.0 NELLA_WARE 

Record and track your important blood sugar test results with neatly printed daily or weekly blood glucose Diary sheets for your hand-kept blood sugar records. Print either daily blood glucose Diary sheets or weekly blood glucose Diary sheets to standard 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch paper using your printer. Never run out of blood sugar Diary pages again. . Free download of PrintAGlucoseDiary 1.0, size 2.61 Mb.

Dieter's Journal 1.0 Marco-Software 

Since you want to remember your triumphs and occasional setbacks Dieter Journal is set up as a perpetual Diary without limits. You can begin your chronicles at any point In The year but it is most important to start it today, right now, because if you put it off you might never start it. You can include In The Dieter's Journal: text that you may . Free download of Dieter's Journal 1.0, size 6.14 Kb.

Islamic Diary Dawood Bohra Jamaat 

Islamic Diary The software that is being used by over 6,000 momineen all over The world. This program is absolutely FREE. Please use it yourself and give it to other momineen.
In This version, The Azaan icon appears In The Icon Tray on your desktop. You can either double click This icon or right mouse click and select "Configure" to . Freeware download of Islamic Diary, size 10.54 Mb.

BP Diary 0.7 A&D Company Limited, Tokyo 

BP Diary is a simple software which can be used with all A&D Medical BP monitors for users to keep a record of their readings on their home PC.

System Requirements:

- Operating system: Windows™ 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP
- Language: English
- Main memory: 64MB or more
- Hard disk: The . Freeware download of BP Diary 0.7, size 2.62 Mb.

The Golfer's Diary 6.211 TQ Sports 

The Golfer's Diary is a full featured golf performance software program designed to assist you In tracking and improving your golf game. Record The details of an unlimited number of golf courses In seconds and recall these for future use.
Golf rounds are entered easily and quickly to include notes by hole or round, scores, putts, fairway . Free download of The Golfer's Diary 6.211, size 4.07 Mb.

Weight Diary 6 15 A&D Company Limited, Tokyo, 

The Weight Diary is designed to enhance usage of The UC-322, UC-321 and UC-321P Precision Personal Scales.

It accepts not only your weight data to show trend and BMI, but also your daily diet and activity In order to build a record of your eating and exercise habits.

This software is downloadable from A&D's . Freeware download of Weight Diary 6 15, size 2.96 Mb.

Eitbit Diary 1.0.2 Eitbit 

With Eitbit Diary you can keep a personal record of your daily events.

Main features:

- Rich text editor
- Search functionality
- Own undo/redo stack for each day
- Optional ciphering of texts and dates In Diary files.

The best thing is that Eitbit Diary is ad-funded so it does . Freeware download of Eitbit Diary 1.0.2, size 98.55 Mb.

Diabetes Monitoring Diary 1 2 Diginatives Content Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 

Diabetes Diary is an interactive tool for diabetic patients to keep a record of their test report, medical history and prescribed medicines and share The same with their concerned doctors online. Patients can also get their doctor's opinion through This Diary.
To use This Diary, you will need to register yourself and then you can create . Freeware download of Diabetes Monitoring Diary 1 2, size 63.58 Mb.

My Voice Diary 

My Voice Diary is a personal voice Diary software. You can keep a voice Diary or journal on your PC with it. The Diary file is encrypted, so no one else can get it without your permission. You can also export your Diary to MP3 file to share it with your friends. . Freeware download of My Voice Diary, size 68.58 Mb.

GameDiary 2 1 Avaplay Corporation 

The GameDiary personal sports organizer combines The best elements of an athlete's scrapbook, digital photo album, Diary, and sports statistics application. - all In a single, easy to use Windows application. GameDiary is a youth sports software application that goes far beyond old-fashioned scrapbooks and software "photo albums" by . Free download of GameDiary 2 1, size 8.43 Mb.

TiDy - Time Management & Diary 1. 5. 2005 Longwitz Organisation & Consulting 

TiDy - Time Management & Diary is a comprehensive add-In for Excel. Its purpose is planning of tasks and control of your progress. TiDy consists of a Microsoft Excel Template and a set of macros. Also The program allows to create an overview of your tasks, set priorities, plan every day with ease and control your success. . Freeware download of TiDy - Time Management & Diary 1. 5. 2005, size 1.13 Mb.

OfficeDiary 4.0 NewEasy Technology 

OfficeDiary is a wonderful software that provides you with The ability of adding, editing and managing your Diary,document,publish writings, pictures,and features all under The tree structure.

Main features:

-Clean and intuitive user-friendly interface just like Office Word 2003 .

-Rich text and paragraph . Free download of OfficeDiary 4.0, size 1.74 Mb.

Daily PIM 4 1 Effenj software 

DailyPIM is a wonderful software for personal information management(PIM), which brings a lot of convenience to your work and life when you deals with Diary,Document,Plan,Contacts,Notes,Email.
Has unique and comprehensive plan alarm settings, multitude of predefined contacts fields, and The function of checking Email,making CHM file and . Free download of Daily PIM 4 1, size 2.94 Mb.

FXTraderLog 3. 5. 2016 

The number one trading Diary, forex trade statistics
FXTraderLog is The leading electronic trader Diary software.

Main features:

-It shows exact accurate statistic about your trades from every views;

-Easy to use, easy to maintain;

-Stable, simple ; . Free download of FXTraderLog 3. 5. 2016, size 9.70 Mb.

SuperDiary 2 67 Johannes Wallroth 

Super Diary is a multi-purpose program to collect and organize documents and information. It contains eight main modules (Diary, Notes, Address Book, Calendar, Login Manager, Finance Manager, Sound Recorder, Statistics), an alarm clock and a web ripper. Encrypted SQL CE database. Diary / Journal Write your daily notes with a sophisticated word . Free download of SuperDiary 2 67, size 7.03 Mb.

SSuite Office - My Calendar Diary Portable 1.0 Van Loo Software 

Portable Calendar and Diary for people on The move
Portable Calendar and Diary for people on The move. Appointments may be indexed by priority. . Freeware download of SSuite Office - My Calendar Diary Portable 1.0, size 702.46 Kb.

Astice Calendar 1.2.x 1.0 Pancroft, Whiteman and Partners Cons.Ltd 

Astice Calendar is a simple calendar and Diary, suitable for team-work. Several users can view and edit The same calendar at The same time. Recurring appointments, like anniversaries or regular meetings, are supported. Astice Calendar uses an Integrated SQL database. The .NET Framework 2 must be installed. Astice Calendar is The right calendar tool . Free download of Astice Calendar 1.2.x 1.0, size 643.07 Kb.