Throughput Software

Azure Throughput Analyzer Microsoft 

Azure throughput Analyzer is a useful application that was designed in order to provide you with the needed tool for measuring the upload and download throughput achievable from your on-premise client machine to Azure cloud storage (blobs, tables and queue).

You simply install this tool on your on-premise machine, select a data center . Free download of Azure Throughput Analyzer, size 0 b.


Disk Throughput Tester Object Software Ontwikkeling BV 

Disk throughput Tester will measure a disk's 32-bit thruputs using Windows core read/write features.

Your actual disk perfomance under Windows is determined not only by the speed of your harddrive (as measured by most disk benchmarks) but also by factors such as the mainboard chipset, UDMA/PIO mode, RAID configuration, CPU speed, RAM . Free download of Disk Throughput Tester, size 0 b.

TamoSoft Throughput Test TamoSoft 

TamoSoft throughput Test is a utility for testing the performance of a wireless or wired network. This utility continuously sends TCP and UDP data streams across your network and computes important metrics, such as upstream and downstream throughput values, packet loss, and round-trip time, and displays the results in both numeric and chart . Freeware download of TamoSoft Throughput Test, size 2.56 Mb.

Simulate High-Throughput Sequencing Data 0.1 

Given a reference sequence, simhtsd will create a large set of short nucleotide reads, simulating the output from today's high-throughput DNA sequencers, such as the Illumina Genome Analyzer II. . Freeware download of Simulate High-Throughput Sequencing Data 0.1, size 16.42 Kb.

V-locity Condusiv Technologies 

throughput acceleration software for virtual servers boost windows application performance at least 30% (usually double!). Guaranteed to solve your toughest application performance challenges on I/O intensive systems (like SQL)! V-locity eliminates the two big I/O inefficiencies in a virtual environment that generates a minimum of 30-40% I/O . Free download of V-locity, size 70.17 Mb.

iSpeed for Windows 3.55.215 High Mountain Software 

The settings for TCP/IP connections established when installing Windows do not typically give you the optimal throughput for your TCP/IP network connections. The simple changes that are facilitated by using iSpeed can easily increase your throughput by 60% or more! What does that mean? Faster web browsing, faster downloads, quicker action for those . Free download of iSpeed for Windows 3.55.215, size 2.92 Mb.

cFosSpeed 7.0.1901 cFos Software GmbH 

cFosSpeed increases your throughput and reduces your Ping. Whenever you access the Internet with more than one data stream cFosSpeed can optimize the traffic.


* Improve your Ping for online games
* Keep your internet fast during heavy upload/download
* NEW: Improve mobile Internet
* Reduce . Free download of cFosSpeed 7.0.1901, size 4.60 Mb.

GPIF Designer Cypress Semiconductor 

To achieve the maximum sustained throughput in USB designs, the physical interconnect should never be the primary bottleneck in the system. The General Programmable Interface (GPIF) provides a highly configurable and flexible glueless peripheral interface that allows the highest possible bandwidth to be achieved over the physical layer.

ScanExpress Runner Gang Edition 4 5 Corelis, Inc. 

ScanExpress Runner Gang is a high-throughput and high-volume solution for boundary-scan production test applications. The software enables concurrent boundary-scan testing and In-System Programming (ISP) of CPLDs and Flash devices on multiple boards using a single PC. The most common production test stations provide capability to test 4, 8, and 32 . Free download of ScanExpress Runner Gang Edition 4 5, size 15.97 Mb.

SBHttpStat Statistics 1 3 SB-Software 

SBHttpStat repeatedly fetches a URL from a web server and generates a plot of the throughput and latency. You can use it to see how your web server is performing, or to benchmark your internet connection. It's a fairly simple and easy to use no-nonsense utility. Can benchmark both standard (http) and SSL (https) websites. Supports Windows . Freeware download of SBHttpStat Statistics 1 3, size 80.02 Mb.

VKernel StorageVIEW 1.0.11081.1615 VKernel 

StorageVIEW provides nearly instant analysis of VM infrastructure path latency, including: top five host/datastore paths with the highest latency, listing of the associated VMs for these high latency paths, throughput information for each VM in the high latency path, aggregated results for the remaining datastore/host pairs and support for NFS, . Freeware download of VKernel StorageVIEW 1.0.11081.1615, size 7.24 Mb.

BACMan: BAC Data Management 2.1 

BACMan is a Microsoft Access based application designed for the management and analysis of hybridization data related to the high throughput screening of large insert genomic libraries associated with physical mapping projects. . Freeware download of BACMan: BAC Data Management 2.1, size 2.37 Mb.

CB-Commander 0.02 

CB-Commander is a plugin based tool that tries to integrate high throughput sequencing algorithms. It allows researchers to design and execute their experiments through a user friendly interface. . Freeware download of CB-Commander 0.02, size 3.43 Mb.

DockoMatic 1.0 

DockoMatic is a GUI application that is intended to ease and automate the creation and management of AutoDock jobs for high throughput screening of ligand/receptor interactions. . Freeware download of DockoMatic 1.0, size 553.57 Kb.

FBENCH 2.0.0 

FBENCH is the throughput benchmark tool for measuring TCP and UDP performance between two systems. It also used as the networking stress tool. Originally it was developed as part of the FNET TCP/IP stack project. . Freeware download of FBENCH 2.0.0, size 115.07 Kb.

Io (ISREC ontologizer) 0.1.3 

Io (ISREC ontologizer) is a program to classify high-throughput genomics data (e.g. microarray results) in the Gene Ontology. Io includes a statistical estimation of the significance of data in the GO nodes and reannotation files for Affymetrix chips. . Freeware download of Io (ISREC ontologizer) 0.1.3, size 201.92 Kb.

JCVI Primer Designer 20101122 

This is the high throughput PCR primer design software that is used at the J. Craig Venter Institute. See: Li K, et al. "Novel computational methods for increasing PCR primer design effectiveness in directed sequencing". BMC Bioinformatics 2008, 9:191. . Freeware download of JCVI Primer Designer 20101122, size 190.17 Mb.

Knock-out Expression Advice 1.0 

This project concerns the development of a strategy to guide and provide a rational roadmap of experimentations to carry to fully characterize a pathway using high-throughput gene expression measurement techniques. . Freeware download of Knock-out Expression Advice 1.0, size 15.33 Mb.

LoadAVG 1.0 

LoadAVG is a simple and lightweight method of monitoring load, memory usage and transfer throughput on a Linux server. . Freeware download of LoadAVG 1.0, size 30.64 Kb.

mubench 0.2.2 

Low-level processor benchmark for x86 and amd64 processors: measures exact latency and throughput for each assembly instruction, and automatically finds execution units. Special focus on SIMD (MMX, SSE) instructions. . Freeware download of mubench 0.2.2, size 81.97 Kb.