Time Server Software

PresenTense Time Server 5.1-build1646 Bytefusion Ltd. 

PresenTense time server is a high performance Windows time server supporting NTP and SNTP protocols. PresenTense time server will synchronize your PC to a primary time source such as an atomic clock on the internet or an inhouse GPS reciever and offer time services to clients on your LAN or WAN. Most leading GPS and Radio hardware clocks are . Free download of PresenTense Time Server 5.1-build1646, size 10.40 Mb.


NTP Server 1.0.001 NTP Server 

TimeTools Freeware NTP server Utility Software For WindowsThis software utility is a freely downloadable Freeware application. It allows any Windows NT4/2000/XP/Vista PC to synchronise with an Internet or lacally based time reference using the Network time Protocol. The utility can also act as a time server for other network clients.

The . Freeware download of NTP Server 1.0.001, size 2.43 Mb.

LAVClock 2.6.2 LAVResearch 

LAVClock is an astrological digital clock that provides all the information you need about your astrological sign and adds more functionality to the boring Windows clock. The applications sits on your system tray and enables you to command everything from there. It includes a multi functional alarm clock that enables you to schedule everything you . Free download of LAVClock 2.6.2, size 7.57 Mb.

Karen's Time Sync 6. 4. 2800 Karen Kenworthy 

Karen’s time Sync is a small utility that was developed for making your system clock always show only precise time. The program connects to one of time servers available in the Internet and synchronizes your clock. The application has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. Its main window is organized as a range of tabs. You can . Freeware download of Karen's Time Sync 6. 4. 2800, size 1.38 Mb.

SamLogic No Ads Utility SamLogic 

SamLogic No Ads Utility - removes popup ads, Are you also tired of all these popup ads that always fill your screen when your are browsing on the web? The freeware SamLogic No Ads Utility solves this problem by automatically removing all these popups from the screen. When you start this program you never need to see any popup ads anymore! . Freeware download of SamLogic No Ads Utility, size 4.46 Mb.

ipload 2.0 AVANTIS S.A. 

IP Load is designed to send a large number of IP frames to an individual (or broadcast) address, using a specific TCP or UDP port, and allowing a user defined data packet. It is not intended to listen to any frames which may be sent in response. The maximum packets per second may also be specified, and the software will attempt to maintain this . Freeware download of ipload 2.0, size 1.59 Mb.

GPS Clock 1.0 ntp time server 

GPS Clock Software is a freeware utility that runs on any Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 workstation or server. The software polls time from a standard NMEA GPS time receiver connected to the host PC's serial port and optionally allows time to be synchronised on the host PC. The GPS clock utility polls GPRMC messages from a standard NMEA GPS time . Freeware download of GPS Clock 1.0, size 0 b.

TimeTools NTP Server SysLog Monitor 1.0 TimeTools 

The utility listens for syslog messages generated by a LINUX \ UNIX syslog server and displays the message information along with date and time information, remote IP address and priority information.

The windows ntp server syslog daemon analyses the priority information and highlights warnings, errors and critical errors in different . Freeware download of TimeTools NTP Server SysLog Monitor 1.0, size 2.42 Mb.

E-Mail Control Console 1 2 Bytefusion Ltd. 

Extracts e-mail messages from mail client databases to plain text files for easy integration of e-mail data with other technologies. Converts extracted e-mail files to html. Indexes, filters & sorts e-mail files. Produces html based web index to facilitate large scale sharing of e-mail databases overcorporate intranets. . Free download of E-Mail Control Console 1 2, size 2.23 Mb.

TimeTools SNtp Time Client 1.0 TimeTools 

TimeTools provides highly accurate GPS NTP server and atomic clock timing systems and solutions for PC's and computer networks. By utilising MSF, DCF-77 and GPS time references, our Windows NTP time server systems and radio and GPS atomic clock provide accurate time to PC's and computer networks. . Freeware download of TimeTools SNtp Time Client 1.0, size 2.42 Mb.

SamLogic AtomicSync SamLogic 

SamLogic AtomicSync is a great utility that helps you if you want to be sure that your computer clocks always shows the correct time. This application synchronizes the system clock in your computer with an atomic clock server (time server) via Internet. . Freeware download of SamLogic AtomicSync, size 2.26 Mb.

Ultra Atom Time Synchronizer 1.0.2012.901 Utralshareware Software 

Synchronize standard NIST time server.
Support customized time server.
Support SNTP protocol.
Support time protocol.
Can be used as a time server.
Synchronize time regularly or once windows starts. . Freeware download of Ultra Atom Time Synchronizer 1.0.2012.901, size 1.10 Mb.

AMC The Ultimate Screen Clock 4.0a.10 1.0 Alchemy Mindworks 

The Ultimate Screen Clock will manage time on your system as few applications have managed it before or since. It will integrate an attractive graphic clock with your Windows desktop. You can configure the appearance of your clock, selecting from a library of digital and analog clock styles, or you can design your own. One of the most powerful . Free download of AMC The Ultimate Screen Clock 4.0a.10 1.0, size 27.32 Mb.