Timed Shutdown Software

Magic Timed Shutdown 10.02 DoGoodSoft 

DoGoodSoft Magic timed shutdown is a professional auto shutdown package. It will help you better manage one computer.

Magic timed shutdown has four powerful functions, which has made it a good helper for parents and administrators.

timed shutdown allows your computer to perform certain tasks automatically at specified times . Free download of Magic Timed Shutdown 10.02, size 3.32 Mb.


TIOsoft ShutDownTimer 2 10 TIOsoft 

your rapid access to a timed shutdown, logoff and restart of Windows 9x,NT4,ME,XP,2000 and the standby-mode. It´s easy to use and can be minimized to the tray of the taskbar.The trayicon (with popup menu) shows the remaining minutes till Windows shutdown.A messagebox will inform about the forthcoming shutdown.
If there is no user . Free download of TIOsoft ShutDownTimer 2 10, size 99.16 Mb.

Auto Shutdown Pro II Auto Shutdown Pro 

The software is an automation launcher for scheduling of multiple events to shutdown, hibernate, or sleep your computer based upon triggers of time, mouse or keyboard idle, a countdown of time, busy or idle CPU, heat, and with mobile computers battery charge.

Based upon your criteria the system will eliminate your computer being left . Free download of Auto Shutdown Pro II, size 837.63 Kb.

SWX-Timer 2.0 Daniel Kreutz 

SWX-Timer is a handy and reliable application designed to schedule shutdown operations in a simple and comfortable manner.

SWX-Timer allows you to select the period after which the computer will shutdown. The interval can varry from 15 to 510 minutes.

. Free download of SWX-Timer 2.0, size 0 b.

ShutDownOne Home 3 3 DimaWare 

ShutDownOne runs in the system tray and allows you to quickly shut down Windows. You can choose from a full
shutdown, reboot, log off, power off and also lock the work station, activate hibernate. Any operation can be
executed as an emergency (force) shut down. In addition, you can perform scheduled shutdowns, no-activity action

Auto Shutdown Free Auto Shutdown Pro 

New, better, more options, and this software is freeware; so it is free. This software is the handiest, newest software to help you automate shutdowns, countdowns, restarts, hibernate, sleeps, power on, power off, log off, locks, turning off the monitor all at schedule times you specify. Plus with added options to shutdown the computer if . Freeware download of Auto Shutdown Free, size 837.63 Kb.

MEDIA Revolution 3.9.3 IN MEDIA KG 

By it's enormous function range and the support of numerous media formats MEDIARevolution is the only Player you really need on your PC! Apart from playing video and audio files as well as DVD's, you get a complete media administration and a digital video recorder. Perfect for Massive Media Collections!

MEDIARevolution is the All-In-One . Free download of MEDIA Revolution 3.9.3, size 40.28 Mb.

ASoft AutoExit R2 for WHS 2008 ASoft 

Shut down your machines over the Windows Home Server network.
It can be used to shut down, reboot machines in your home network from within the console. Wake On Lan is also supported, this enables you to easily boot up machines remotely.
You can put the machine into hibernation, sleep, log off the user or lock the machine.
The . Freeware download of ASoft AutoExit R2 for WHS 2008, size 0 b.

PC Monitor Expert 1.59 DoGoodSoft 

PC Monitor Expert is a professional PC monitoring utility for completely monitoring an object computer. It will become invisible without any trace after installation, and it cannot be found on the monitored machine.

It can record all keystrokes typed including Chinese, English, figures, function keys, chats, IMs, email sent, usernames . Free download of PC Monitor Expert 1.59, size 3.25 Mb.

EMCO Remote Shutdown Professional 1 Emco Software Ltd. 

EMCO Remote shutdown Professional, Allows anAdminisrator to shutdown/Reboot/Power offone or many computers.Major features:Enumeration of machines with a click of a button.Get system information from machines for filtering.Job schedule, Once, Repeat by hour, Weekly, Monthly.Machines are dragged/dropped to the Machine Queue.Option to install service . Freeware download of EMCO Remote Shutdown Professional 1, size 2.25 Mb.

Auto ShutDown XP Professional with Auto Login 2003 Gill Information Technology 

Auto shutdown XP Professional ASD XP is the most advanced Auto shutdown application on the market to date. The previous version of ASD was the first application of its kind to integrate unique functionality to give users complete control of shutdown management of PCs.ASD XP exploits all the functionality Windows XP has to offer along with the .NET . Free download of Auto ShutDown XP Professional with Auto Login 2003, size 1.70 Mb.

Auto ShutDown XP Professional 2003 Gill Information Technology 

Auto shutdown XP Professional ASD XP is the most advanced Auto shutdown application on the market to date. The previous version of ASD was the first application of its kind to integrate unique functionality to give users complete control of shutdown management of PCs.ASD XP exploits all the functionality Windows XP has to offer along with the .NET . Free download of Auto ShutDown XP Professional 2003, size 1.39 Mb.

SuperFast Shutdown 2.0 Waresoft Software 

Have you ever wished there was a faster way to shutdown your Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista computer system? I mean instantly shut it down! Now you can! Just install Super Fast shutdown and click on one of the desktop icons created to reboot or shutdown. . Freeware download of SuperFast Shutdown 2.0, size 360.36 Kb.

dfg ShutDown XP 3.9.1 d.f.g 

This program is a professional shutdown, automation, atomic time synchronizing, disk cleaning and PC protection utility - the best you can get today. dfg shutdown XP gives you an easy and thorough time controlled and automatic way to shutdown, restart or log off your system with optional power off and shutdown forcing (no questioning). Optionally . Freeware download of dfg ShutDown XP 3.9.1, size 1.14 Mb.

Power Shutdown 2.7 Snowportion 

Power shutdown is an auto-shutdown program with many launch options.It has 11 commands:Logoff, restart, turn off the computer, play media files, screen saver, standby, disconnect the modem, and more.You can choose to launch the command...at the exact time, orafter a specified time has elapsed, orwhen certain conditions are met.(For example, when . Free download of Power Shutdown 2.7, size 612.35 Kb.

Shutdown Scheduler 1.0 Justvb.net 

PC Auto shutdown is a small software that helps you automatically shutdown, power off, reboot or log off any computer at scheduled time. It gives you different ways to schedule the event e.g. daily, weekly and only once. PC shutdown Software shutdown computer via Schedule . Supports power off, shutdown, reboot and log off.! PC shutdown Software . Free download of Shutdown Scheduler 1.0, size 2.16 Mb.

Shutdown Command 1.1 ShutdownCommand.com 

shutdown Command is free shutdown software for Windows system, this shutdown manager utility program which can help shutdown, power off, restart computers on your local network, support for forces shutdown right now, auto shutdown at a scheduled date and time, send one message before shutdown, and more features. This is one useful tool for network . Freeware download of Shutdown Command 1.1, size 544.59 Kb.

Window Shutdown 1.0 Greatis Software 

Windows shutdown (TWindowsShutdown component) allows to shutdown your Windows XP in any mode with the following methods: Sleep, Hibernate, LogOff, PowerOff, Reboot, shutdown. The Force mode allows you to shutdown the Windows XP immediately independing from unsaved information in the currently run applications. The TurnOffDialog method allows to . Free download of Window Shutdown 1.0, size 873.47 Kb.

Shutdown Reboot Logoff ActiveX (OCX) 1.0 smart-activex.com 

shutdown Reboot Logoff ActiveX 1.0 is an OCX control for software developers which allows to shutdown / turnoff, reboot, logoff, hibernating, or lock PC. Also, this ActiveX can terminate processes, so you can close / terminate any process before you will activate any operation of this control. shutdown Reboot Logoff ActiveX 1.0 includes VB simples, . Free download of Shutdown Reboot Logoff ActiveX (OCX) 1.0, size 142.34 Kb.

Aquarius Soft PC Shutdown 3.11 Aquarius Soft Pte Ltd 

Need to auto shutdown or reboot your computer and workstation everyday at the same time even if your PC goes to sleep?Want to save electricity bills and save the environment by making sure all your office PCs shutdown automatically after 7 p.m.? Want to improve PC performance by cleaning up your system during shutdown?Want to protect your PC and . Free download of Aquarius Soft PC Shutdown 3.11, size 1.75 Mb.