Timing Software

WorkTime 4.18 NesterSoft Inc. 

WorkTime is a project and PC usage tracking software that sits in the system tray and automatically gathers comprehensive statistics about your work with the PC.WorkTime detailed reports show when and how long you spend working in different applications and documents, playing games, visiting WEB pages.WorkTime endless capabilities make it good for . Free download of WorkTime 4.18, size 4.30 Mb.


ProSoft FTP Scheduler Standard Edition 1.2.14 ProSoft 

Automated file transfer for Windows with log file and date/time wildcards.


* Automated scheduled FTP downloads and uploads
* Manual mode
* Date/time wildcard support
* Regular wild card support
* Automatic start of schedule
* Advanced logging of transactions
* . Free download of ProSoft FTP Scheduler Standard Edition 1.2.14, size 1.56 Mb.

Maple Leaf timing multi-media player system 12.0 Lark Software studio 

This tiny timing multi-media player system is very easy to use, actually green,definitely no malicious software and no Trojan!!
Audio and video files with variaty of format can be played in a desired period of time! easily and natually switch, no stops and black screen phenomenon!
media playing, inserting and playing in turn within a . Free download of Maple Leaf timing multi-media player system 12.0, size 11.72 Mb.

Maple Leaf multi-media public broadcasting system 12.6 Larl software Studio 

Including the merits of all similar software, very beautiful interface and easy to use for customer. The software expands the play functions for video of broadcasting system and other kinds of files, it has the function of events reminding, open and close reminding and automatic play, etc. extensively used in the field of play for educational . Free download of Maple Leaf multi-media public broadcasting system 12.6, size 3.57 Mb.

TimeNet 3.9.23 AppleSource Software 

TimeNet takes a fresh approach to project management and invoicing, a unique and intuitive interface not found in any other Mac OS X billing application. TimeNet is feature-packed and powerful, ferociously fast and efficient and so easy to learn that within 15 minutes you'll be saving time and money while impressing your clients with beautiful, . Free download of TimeNet 3.9.23, size 11.50 Kb.

Project Planning and Management 2.3 Business Spreadsheets 

The Excel Project Planning and Management template is designed as a generic and affordable Excel based solution to plan and manage any project. The ability to build the project's budget as tasks are identified facilitates the processes of business case proposal, valuation analysis and securing required project funding. Project dynamics can be . Free download of Project Planning and Management 2.3, size 294.91 Kb.

Hockey Scoreboard Standard 2.0.4 PC Scoreboards 

Use the computer and display you already have with our hockey scoreboard software to transform your pc into a virtual hockey scoreboard. Our scoreboard download is great for scorekeeping hockey games in gyms, rinks, arenas, or multipurpose facilities. Hockey Scoreboard Standard features a simple to use mouse and keyboard interface, allowing for . Free download of Hockey Scoreboard Standard 2.0.4, size 1.94 Mb.

Team Scoreboard 2.1.4 PC Scoreboards 

Our multipurpose scoreboard software transforms your PC into a virtual multi-team scoreboard for up to 100+ teams using the computer and display you already have. Our scoreboard download is great for scorekeeping multi-team games like trivia games in classrooms, gyms, rinks, arenas, fields, or multipurpose facilities. Team Scoreboard features a . Free download of Team Scoreboard 2.1.4, size 2.72 Mb.

ADIsimCLK 1 40 Applied Radio Labs 

ADIsimCLK is the design tool developed specifically for Analog Devices' range of ultra-low jitter clock distribution and clock generation products. Whether your application is in wireless infrastructure, instrumentation, networking, broadband, ATE or other areas demanding predictable clock performance, ADIsimCLK will enable you to rapidly . Freeware download of ADIsimCLK 1 40, size 5.84 Mb.

SerialTimer Hot Time Software 

Use Serial timer to easily communicate with external appliances on an RS232 connection.

Serial timer has powerful features similar to the timer software that Work with all types of serial ports, including USB adaptors, Wireless Device Servers or any virtual port.

This program is especially made to communicate with . Free download of SerialTimer, size 5.21 Mb.

FlexManager 1.0.0 beta MYLAPS Sports Timing BV. 

Flex Manager is a software program that you need to install on your PC to activate your transponder in order to check his status.You can connect your transponder to Flex Manager using the Flex Cradle; after you make this connection the flex manager can display you when the transponder will expire and his status . Free download of FlexManager 1.0.0 beta, size 6.55 Mb.

The Racing System 5.0 DVL Software Limited 

The Racing System is a race timing system. It allows you to time races and produce race results. It can be used for most types of races and any number of racers. The concepts behind event software are pretty straight forward and we're worked hard to make sure that those concepts have been implemented in a easy-to-use package. . Freeware download of The Racing System 5.0, size 7.26 Mb.

Daily Task Reminder Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

This software offers a solution to users who want to setup one or more daily task reminders. There is a default alarm sound or the alarm sound can be changed to any sound file on the computer. The user can add new, update existing or delete reminders at any time. The repeat (sleep) interval between alarms can be chosen from a comprehensive list . Free download of Daily Task Reminder Software 7.0, size 5.73 Mb.

RaceMaster98 8.0 Sport Systems 

RaceMaster98 is the UK’s best selling Race Management software for road races, cross country, fell and multi-terrain events, customers appreciate its ease-of-use, robustness, speed of operation and the quality of the race reports. In addition we’ve included the following

-Multiple events within a . Free download of RaceMaster98 8.0, size 12.29 Mb.

Timer (pulses in minutes) 4 2 Hot Time Software 

TIMER (pulses in minutes), consists of 11 forms. A main form, 8 output forms, 1 inputs form and a settings form. The main form gives the status of all 8 outputs and 5 inputs. The location of each output and input can be altered on this form.

Each output form can be selected by the push-buttons marked 1 to 8 or the inputs can be . Free download of Timer (pulses in minutes) 4 2, size 5.34 Mb.

iNetManager Server 9 4 Network & System Tech Ltd 

iNet Manager Server: this module is used by cafe's admin, and is usually installed on the front desk computer. It enables you and your employees to fully control all workstations from a single computer. You can send SMS (text messages) to GSM phones worldwide. Adjust the size of tickets to fit your paper. All tickets are numbered to allow . Free download of iNetManager Server 9 4, size 3.42 Mb.

ALGE Synchro! 1.006 Alge-Timing 

ALGE Synchro! is an evaluation program for synchronized swimming with the possibilities for import data from Timy-Terminals and to show on a display board.
It is easy to install and easy to manipulate. It has a simple interface which makes it more attractive.
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/XP64/Vista/Win7 . Free download of ALGE Synchro! 1.006, size 10.28 Mb.

MBTestBench 2 50 Spatial Projects 

MBtestbench provides debugging and automated test monitoring
of your MapBasic applications. Test monitoring and reporting is the primary motivation for MBTestBench, although new MapBasic users should find the debugging facilities to be of value.
A user environment comprising a number of applications written in different languages, . Freeware download of MBTestBench 2 50, size 4.11 Mb.

AVX Professional SOFTWIN 

AVX Professional (Win 95/98/NT/ME/2000) is a single packaged superior anti-virus scanner and protection suite, offering automatic virus protection updates over a virus signatures database of more than 50,000 viruses. It has been designed on an open and distributed architecture, utilizes new plug-in technology that offers users unlimited resources . Free download of AVX Professional, size 0 b.


AVX for ICQ is an antivirus special designed for ICQ. It is able to intercept, filter and virus scan all files sent during an ICQ chat session. Based on a new proprietary technology, AVX for ICQ incorporates features found on enterprise-class corporate firewalls. The product uses the powerful virus protection engine incorporated into the AntiVirus . Freeware download of AVX for ICQ 1.0, size 0 b.