Trade Option Mac Software

Binary Option Robot 1.9.1 Binary Option Robot 


Automated Binary Options Software made to trade automatically the Binary Options Online.

Binary Option Robot will analyse the trend of the market in real-time and will call or put at your place on the right currencies and at the right moment.

Based on market trends !

Binary Option Robot support those currency . Freeware download of Binary Option Robot 1.9.1, size 15.03 Mb.


Real Option Valuation 1.0 Business Spreadsheets 

Business \ Personal Info. Managers

The Real Option Valuation model encompasses a suite of option pricing tools to quantify the embedded strategic value for a range of financial analysis and investment scenarios. Traditional discounted cash flow investment analysis will only accept an investment if the returns on the project exceed the hurdle rate. While this is a worthwhile . Free download of Real Option Valuation 1.0, size 185.00 Kb.

Option Trading Workbook 1 Option Trading Tips 

Business \ Finance

Free option pricing spreadsheet. Uses Black and Scholes to calculate the theoretical price and option greek derivatives of call and put options. Includes a strategy simulation worksheet, which enables a user to enter up to 10 option legs that will be used as a single option combination. This combination will then be graphed to show the expected . Freeware download of Option Trading Workbook 1, size 55.30 Kb.

Video Game Trading Tool 1.0 

Games \ Gaming Tools

Quickly find the video games you want to buy, sell or trade.
Easily find players who want to trade games with you.
Do you still trade-in your games in store for just a few credits? Join us and make deals directly with other gamers.

Do you want to get the most when selling games and pay the lowest price when buying?
. Free download of Video Game Trading Tool 1.0, size 752.64 Kb.

TrainerSuperFast 1 2 Vickit, Inc. 


Learn to Trade Forex and make practice in Few Time! With TrainerSuperFast you can trade 1 month of trading forex session in 5 minutes. Do you have a manual trading strategy? Indicator are lagging...To verify if your strategy is good you need to trade before the price action! . Free download of TrainerSuperFast 1 2, size 12.52 Mb.

Chicago Option Pricing Model 1.0 

Business \ Finance

A graphing calculator implementation of the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model, with extensions for both American Style Options and Extreme Value Theory. . Freeware download of Chicago Option Pricing Model 1.0, size 518.88 Kb.

JCLO: A Java Command Line Option package 1.3.4 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

The Java Command Line Option package uses reflection to find the variables in a class and parses a command line to provide the values for them. . Freeware download of JCLO: A Java Command Line Option package 1.3.4, size 40.27 Kb.

Spice Trade 1.2 

Games \ Role Playing

Spice Trade is an rpg/strategy/adventure game about a poor spice farmer in 12th century Baghdad area. The game is written in Java and tested on Windows, Linux, BSD, OS X. . Freeware download of Spice Trade 1.2, size 194.86 Mb.

Used Game Search Tool 1.0 

Internet \ Mail

Quickly find the video games you want to buy, sell or trade.
Easily find players who want to trade games with you.
Do you still trade-in your games in store for just a few credits? Join us and make deals directly with other gamers.

Do you want to get the most when selling games and pay the lowest price when buying?
. Freeware download of Used Game Search Tool 1.0, size 752.64 Kb.

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac 12. 1. 2006 Microsoft 

Business \ Office Tools

Office 2008 for Mac is the best option for Mac users who share documents at home, work, or at school. It comes packed with powerful features for creating artful documents, dynamic spreadsheets, and effective presentations. Plus it’s compatible. You can be confident that your documents will open correctly on Mac or PC.
* Microsoft . Free download of Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac 12. 1. 2006, size 571.79 Mb.

Trade E-currency ebook 1.0 Xperior 

Home & Personal \ Personal Finance

When you start up your E-Currency Portfolio you will access a global network and profit from the supply and demand of the system. To make a trade you select a symbol to purchase which is a global representation of an E-Currency from that part of the world. You then temporarily make your funds available to facilitate the trade of E-Currency. Your . Free download of Trade E-currency ebook 1.0, size 1.21 Mb.

Anarchonomy 1.0 

Games \ Strategy

Anarchonomy is a Java application simulating AI agent based production, consumption, trade and force with a minimum of economic assumptions, letting users create and change their own rule and scenario sets. . Freeware download of Anarchonomy 1.0, size 1.14 Mb.

Console_GetoptPlus 1.0.0rc1 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Command-line option parser: PHP5 port/rewrite of Console_Getopt, with added functionalities, and with a Web interface to run getopt-like shell commands through a browser (not implemented yet). . Freeware download of Console_GetoptPlus 1.0.0rc1, size 22.57 Kb.

DQuery Tool 1.0 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

DQuery is a Dynamic Simple Query tool used to retrieve data as matching record(s) for a field value input by user with redirecting the output option also. It is developed using Tcl/TK. . Freeware download of DQuery Tool 1.0, size 3.96 Kb.

dynoparse 0.1.1 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

dynoparse (dynamic option parser) is a python package that implements a flexible and configurable way for cli option handling. . Freeware download of dynoparse 0.1.1, size 16.27 Kb.

Gnasher 0.2 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Gnasher alleviates developers from having to execute maven builds with the "-o" option (offline) to avoid accessing external repositories metadata files. SHA1 hash files and the missing pom metadata files for dependencies are created if missing. . Freeware download of Gnasher 0.2, size 154.84 Kb.

hansa 0.9.1 

Games \ Strategy

Hansa is a game of world domination, not through military conquest, but through forming friendly trade leagues. Compete with other players to offer the best deals and form the largest trading league. Hansa is implemented in 100% Java. . Freeware download of hansa 0.9.1, size 55.62 Kb.

JBuilder JDK 1.6 Extension Compiler 1.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

This opentool adds a new compiler option to the project properties build java page for compiling projects using JDK 1.6 (JDK 6) language extensions in JBuilder. . Freeware download of JBuilder JDK 1.6 Extension Compiler 1.0, size 89.95 Kb.

JavaHMO TiVo HMO Server 1.0 

Multimedia \ Graphic Viewers

JavaHMO is a media server for the Home Media Option (HMO) from TiVoA® implemented in the Java programming language. . Freeware download of JavaHMO TiVo HMO Server 1.0, size 406.44 Kb.

JCommando 1.2 

Development \ Code Management

A Java command-line option parser generator, providing function similar to GNU Getopt, but much richer. . Freeware download of JCommando 1.2, size 85.13 Kb.