Trail Blazer Software

Trail Blazer 1.05.0002 INDevelopment 

Program Trail Blazer was designed for batch image protection and printing additional information (for example, time, date and place where photo have been taken). Image protection is in stamping your images. You can stamp unique logo or copyright information onto your images to protect them from plagiary.Trail Blazer has simple and powerful user . Free download of Trail Blazer 1.05.0002, size 82.27 Mb. Surf Trail Washer 1.1 

There are many ways and tools to delete the Trail you leave on your computer when you visit websites - but this one already washes it away while you are surfing! The program runs nearly unrecognizable in the background. You can surf the web as always without any restrictions! Do you know that every visited website leaves files on your computer? . Free download of Surf Trail Washer 1.1, size 116.74 Kb.

Jewel Quest Mysteries - Trail of the 32.0 

Trail of the Midnight Heart Deluxe, a mesmerizing mix of hidden object and 3-in-a-row gameplay! Unfold the riveting story behind Jewel Quest Mysteries 2 and follow a path of mystery and intrigue to uncover relics in an ancient land. Search for dazzling items hidden in eye-catching scenes and unearth shards of precious jewel boards.

. Free download of Jewel Quest Mysteries - Trail of the 32.0, size 0 b.

Interpol - The Trail of Dr. Chaos 32.0 GameHouse, Inc. 

Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos in an entertaining hidden object game in which you play as a crime stopper Operative X who wants to capture a Cold War-era criminal mastermind called Dr. Chaos. As in any hidden object game, your goal is to travel to different locations looking for clues by finding the objects on a given list in a certain scene . Free download of Interpol - The Trail of Dr. Chaos 32.0, size 0 b.

Spell Blazer 1.0 

Spell Blazer is a puzzle game available for free. In a peaceful kingdom, where the monsters were embanked, you incarnate the son of a farmer who must go to the city. Nevertheless the road is sown obstacles bus, misfortune, the monsters are back! When you meet an enemy you must to beat you to select three charts of attack: cicatrization, swell of . Freeware download of Spell Blazer 1.0, size 13.17 Mb.

Mouse Trail Sparkle Dust 1.0 FlashComponents 

Mouse Trail Sparkle Dust is a nice effect consisting of an animation following the mouse around. It's easy to take the provided source code and put it into your own projects.Created with Flash CS3 and Actionscript 3.0. Package includes: FLA Opens with: Flash CS3 AS Version: ActionScript 3.0 Viewable with: Flash Player 9 and above . Free download of Mouse Trail Sparkle Dust 1.0, size 499.71 Kb.

ESBProgCalc Pro - Programmers Calculator 1.1.0 ESB Consultancy 

ESBProgCalc Pro is a Programmers Calculator that supports full precedence, large range of operations (and, or, xor, not, nand, nor, xnor, shl, shr, rol, ror, neg, mod, etc), Paper Trail, Clipboard Support, History of results, Integrated Help, Expression Editing, and much more.The Calculator also has an expression editor that allows the data that . Free download of ESBProgCalc Pro - Programmers Calculator 1.1.0, size 2.08 Mb.

Blazer Database 1.0 Blazerdb 

Blazer is truely open source, standards based RDBMS written completely in C# to be complaint with .net framework. It can be used basically in .net environment projects. It would be part of managed code, secure and stable.

Blazer Database 1.0 License - Apache Software License . Freeware download of Blazer Database 1.0, size 0 b.

Oregon Trail Extreme 1.0 Oregon-trail-x 

Ever played the game Oregon Trail as a kid? Yah pretty much everyone has. But it is now way out-dated (plus a little imature). So whats the answer? Oregon Trail Extreme! This game is based on oregeon Trail but is aimed at amore adult audience.

Oregon Trail Extreme 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Oregon Trail Extreme 1.0, size 0 b.

Blazer for Windows 1.0 Blazer 

Blazer for Windows V. Description: Early APLHA Stage: Remake of the original Blazer web browser for the Palm OS Re- maked for Windows 98, 2000, and XP: Vista is currently being developed. Copyright goes to Palm, inc Requires .net framework

Blazer for Windows 1.0 License - Sun Public License . Freeware download of Blazer for Windows 1.0, size 0 b.

Dracula Origin: Strategy Guide 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Play as the vampire slayer Professor Van Helsing, hot on the Trail of the diabolical Count in this thrilling Large File Adventure! Use the official Strategy Guide to solve complex riddles. Complete the game and improve your puzzle strategy skills with the Dracula Origin Strategy Guide.

* Official Strategy Guide
* Helpful advice . Free download of Dracula Origin: Strategy Guide 1.0, size 18.52 Mb.

Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate for Windows WildTangent 

When Samantha Swift's quest to follow the Trail of Cortez is interrupted by the manipulative M'Alice, she embarks on a journey to reclaim the Emerald of Judgement. With the help of Dr. Butler and Adam, the archaeologist and adventurer soon discovers that the rare artifact she possesses may be the key to unlocking the Fountain of Youth! M'Alice and . Free download of Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate for Windows, size 975.17 Kb.

Jewel Quest Mysteries: Trail of the Midnight Heart 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc 

After answering her uncle's call, Eva Witheby winds up far from home and amidst strangers in Jewel Quest Mysteries Trail of the Midnight Heart! It's hard to know who to trust when treacherous trails and veiled secrets abound. Alongside Eva, uncover relics in eye catching Hidden Object scenes. Unearth tools that will help you reveal shards of the . Free download of Jewel Quest Mysteries: Trail of the Midnight Heart 1.0, size 295.05 Mb.

Chubby Trail 1.0 House of Lime 

This is a TTF character with a transparent appearance.

Chubby Trail is a truetype font that will allow you to give a fresh new look to your written documents.
. Freeware download of Chubby Trail 1.0, size 83.89 Kb.


Back Trail app lets you see what's ahead of you while walking and typing a message. You don't need to stay somewhere and spend time for sending messages and mails. Now you can do all the things while you are walking on the street and watching what's happening in front of you.

* Make yourself better comfortable.

* Make . Freeware download of Back trail 2.1, size 9.75 Mb.

Ballarat to Skipton Rail Trail 1.0 Golden Plains Shire Council 

The Ballarat to Skipton Rail Trail App provides you with the opportunity to test your fitness and race against the train by comparing your times against the original train timetable.

If thats not your scene, you can take your time and seek out the attractions along the way. Hop on or off at any location, and head in any direction, the . Freeware download of Ballarat to Skipton Rail Trail 1.0, size 8.49 Mb.

Cedar Breaks Alpine Pond Trail 1.1 Howe Software 

Learn about Geology, Wildlife, Trees, and Mysteries of Cedar Breaks National Monument. Enjoy activities about the monument. This is the official Alpine Pond Trail app of the monument. . Freeware download of Cedar Breaks Alpine Pond Trail 1.1, size 34.81 Mb.

Cherokee Trail High School 3.3 Cherry Creek School District #5 

This is the Official App of Cherokee Trail High School.

Use the App to check out News or Events at the school.

Add a pic as your wallpaper, or look up contact information in the Directory.

Everything you need is right at your fingertips!
- Counselors: Find Counselor contacts and Request more Information about . Freeware download of Cherokee Trail High School 3.3, size 15.52 Mb.

Chester Ale Trail 1.2 Footsqueek 

The Chester Ale Trail is a guide to help you find the best pubs in Chester in which to enjoy local ales. Chester has many fantastic pubs and now it has never been easier to find them. Whether you are looking for pubs with historic buildings, canalside location, beer gardens, music venue, etc, or just want to enjoy the best pubs and real ale, this . Freeware download of Chester Ale Trail 1.2, size 5.35 Mb.

CHIJMES Heritage Trail 1.0 CHIJMES 

Take a journey into the origins of the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ) in Singapore and explore the heritage of this historical city site now named CHIJMES. The CHIJMES Heritage Trail takes you as far back as the nineteenth century Singapore where you can uncover its hidden secrets. Follow the virtual map and discover renowned historical . Freeware download of CHIJMES Heritage Trail 1.0, size 35.44 Mb.