Transfer File Software

CC File Transfer 3.2 CC File Transfer 

CC File Transfer is web based File Transfer software built for people that need to Transfer files PC to PC regularly. It helps you share files, photos, music and video with your friends. This File Transfer program eliminates the hassles of FTP and limitations of email File Transfer especially for transferring large files. The simple interface makes . Free download of CC File Transfer 3.2, size 544.98 Kb.


DVDFab File Transfer Fengtao Software Inc. 

DVDFab File Transfer is a handy and easy to use tool for you to remove converted files on the computer to devices such as iPod, PSP and ZUNE. More devices will be supported in the future. When DVD/Blu-ray/File to iPod, DVD/File to PSP, and DVD/File to ZUNE conversion of DVDFab is finished, the DVDFab File Transfer will be activated automatically. . Freeware download of DVDFab File Transfer, size 168.77 Mb.

magicVORTEX 1 8 Sage Analytic 

magicVORTEX is a File Transfer service that makes it easy to send large files to anyone on the Internet.

It uses your email address but does not send the files through your email server. Instead, it uses the same method as your web browser to transmit data, so your files do not get blocked by attachment limits. Encryption keeps your . Free download of magicVORTEX 1 8, size 2.97 Mb.

DataMotion SecureMail for Outlook 4 3 DataMotion Inc. 

Whether you’re a single user or a Fortune 500 company, DataMotion SecureMail has packages that are right-sized for you. And since it’s a cloud-based solution, you’ll be up and running quickly without needing special software or server hardware. All of our packages combine military grade security with amazing ease of . Free download of DataMotion SecureMail for Outlook 4 3, size 4.89 Mb.

CrossLoop for Mac OS X 1 51 CrossLoop, Inc. 

CrossLoop simplifies the process of securely working with friends located in different physical locations and across different network environments. CrossLoop enables you to see the screen and control the mouse and keyboard on a remote computer. It is as if you are working side by side at the same PC.
You can get up and running with CrossLoop . Freeware download of CrossLoop for Mac OS X 1 51, size 8.07 Mb.

Supremo Remote Desktop 1.5.9 B1226 1.0 Nanosystems S.r.l. 

Supremo is a free remote desktop software for Windows. It is a complete and powerful utility for remote access and support over the internet. With Supremo you can remotely control any computer, without the need to change any firewall/router settings, combining an extremely easy setup with one of the highest security level available. Supremo . Freeware download of Supremo Remote Desktop 1.5.9 B1226 1.0, size 1.99 Mb.

Portable SecureFX 7.0.0 B281 Beta 1.0 VanDyke Software 

Portable SecureFX is a 32-bit WinSock application that makes File Transfer with FTP easy and secure. Portable SecureFX lets you choose between SFTP, standard FTP, and secure data Transfer with FTP over an encrypted SSH2 connection using the Secure Shell protocol. Portable SecureFX application was designed to be a File Transfer tool that allows you . Free download of Portable SecureFX 7.0.0 B281 Beta 1.0, size 10.28 Mb.

FlashCrest Spotlight 1.0 FlashCrest Software 

FlashCrest Spotlight is a useful and easy to use application designed to help users convert video files to many formats such as AVI, iPhone, MPEG, WMV etc.

You have the possibility to manually select and configure the output options, convert your files and Transfer them to your portable devices such as PSP, iPhone, iPOD, Zune and . Free download of FlashCrest Spotlight 1.0, size 0 b.

Chatna New Shatrix 

Chatna provides users with useful and performant tools that enable them to easily chat with their friends.

The software comes with both server and client applications and allows you to send messages and stay connected with your buddies.

Note: The application was designed within Synthetica platform.

. Freeware download of Chatna New, size 0 b.

FtpScripter Editor Beta FtpScripter 

FtpScripter Editor provides users with a feature-rich scriptable environment that comes in handy for users who want to use the object-oriented language in order to easily build secure File Transfer tasks and run them at a later time.

The application is an automated File Transfer client that provides you with support for FTP, FTPS and . Free download of FtpScripter Editor Beta, size 0 b.

wodSFTP.NET 3.4.4 WeOnlyDo Software 

The Secure File Transfer Protocol will provide secure File Transfer functionality over any reliable data stream, SSH in this case.

It is the standard File Transfer protocol for use with the SSH2 protocol. wodSFTP.NET is a dotnet implemenation of client side of this protocol which is reliable and easy to use.

SFTP protocol is . Free download of wodSFTP.NET 3.4.4, size 0 b.

Rebex FTP for .NET/.NET CF 3.0.4060.0 Rebex 

Rebex FTP for .NET/.NET CF is a versatile File-Transfer component for .NET languages (such as C# or VB.NET). Rebex FTP for .NET/.NET CF allows you to FTP files directly from your application - either synchronously or asynchronously, in active or passive modes, ASCII or binary. All popular FTP and proxy servers are supported.

Upload data . Free download of Rebex FTP for .NET/.NET CF 3.0.4060.0, size 0 b.

CodeTwo File Share CodeTwo 

CodeTwo File Share is a reliable and secure File sharing solution that enables you to easily share and synchronize your personal folders, as well as to define user access rights to the shared files.

With the help of CodeTwo File Share, you have the possibility to securely share business files in a local network or over the Internet . Free download of CodeTwo File Share, size 0 b.

DeskBrain 1.40 DeskBrain 

DeskBrain is a powerful application designed to help you access and control remote computers. The program is build on the server - client architecture and allows you to send files and to execute scripts with just a few clicks.

It is designed to easily organize remote computers into groups and to manually authorize the clients that . Free download of DeskBrain 1.40, size 0 b.

GBftp 2 RC 10 Inspire International Inc 

GBftp is a handy and reliable FTP client designed to Transfer large files rapidly. Tests have shown that the application is faster than some of the most popular FTP clients.

GBftp is a command line based uility. Even so, it is interactive and easy-to-use, because it features a step-by-step wizard that guides you through transfers.

Syncope 50 Beta Moritz Molle 

Syncope is a Python-based application specially built to be a Dropbox replacement.

The software supports pluggable backends and works prominently under FTP.

. Freeware download of Syncope 50 Beta, size 0 b.

Easy File Share Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 

Samsung's Easy File Share enables browsing, sharing, and swapping of files among Samsung PCs via a one-click connection, no Internet even needed.

Give Easy File Share a try to see just how useful it can be for quickly transferring your documents over wireless connections!

. Free download of Easy File Share, size 0 b.

FlyCat 1.2 Digola Systems 

FlyCat is a handy and reliable utility designed to display the selected images and data from one computer to another.

The program is designed to be used in technical shops and warehouses. First monitor is facing to a warehouse worker and the second monitor is facing to thecustomer. Second computer may be less powerful.

jSpeedFile 1.0 Dhanoop Bhaskar 

jSpeedFile is a simple, accessible and easy-to-use application that allows you to quickly Transfer files.

jSpeedFile si built using the Java programming language and can run on multiple operating platforms.

. Freeware download of jSpeedFile 1.0, size 0 b.

awBlackHole 2010.10.19 AultWare 

awBlackHole is a handy and reliable web server application designed to facilitate the Transfer of files via web browsers.

awBlackHole does not rely on IIS or Apache - it is a standalone webserver. The communication is done over SSL, making the transfers secure.

. Free download of awBlackHole 2010.10.19, size 0 b.