Typing Tutor Game Software

DBNotesPro 7.3.4 Randy Wilson 

DBNotesPro is an easy-to-use yet powerful utility suite for your home oroffice and every day computing.

From its powerful word processor with full insert, import-export, to its data handling tools the application is second to none. Plugins offer a variety of handy tools from a file handling tool that builds a job que and then completes . Freeware download of DBNotesPro 7.3.4, size 13.84 Mb.


Englishtype Junior 3.0 Englishtype Ltd 

Englishtype Junior was developed by an experienced Educational Psychologist especially for UK schools. It has been used in the classroom and at home by thousands of children and with input from teachers all over the country. Englishtype Junior is excellent in the classroom and for mixed ability groups. . Free download of Englishtype Junior 3.0, size 10.42 Mb.

PC ToolShed 7. 5. 2000 Randy Wilson 

PC Toolshed offers ease of use in a powerful set of tools used in the home-office and every day computing. From the most powerful easy to use word processor with full insert, import-export, to its data handling tools its second to none. Includes its publisher with full screen edit, capture tool, graphics handling, work scheduler, Typing Tutor, . Freeware download of PC ToolShed 7. 5. 2000, size 13.84 Mb.

TutoreDattilo 7.1 Claudio Gucchierato 

TutoreDattilo is a lightweight application designed to help you learn to type without looking at the keyboard. The program supports multiple keyboard layouts and uses a set of exercises with three skill levels.

You can use the program to learn to use all your fingers for Typing without looking at the keyboard for increased . Free download of TutoreDattilo 7.1, size 0 b.

Ainsworth Sampler 4 2 Ainsworth 

The Ainsworth Sampler includes demo versions of both the Keypad Trainer and the Keyboard Trainer programs.A demo version of the Report Manager is also included, with a sample class roster, ordering information and other information necessary for you in order to work with these programs correctly . Freeware download of Ainsworth Sampler 4 2, size 7.15 Mb.

iNTERNET Turbo 5 4 Clasys Ltd. 

iNTERNET Turbo is a program that increases the efficiency of the existing Internet connection, thus increasing browsing speed. Surf the web Faster! This amazing software increases web speed 300%. Download it, install it and in 1 minute speeds your Internet up with a couple of clicks! No more broken downloads or long waits for web pages. Surf the . Free download of iNTERNET Turbo 5 4, size 2.33 Mb.

Arthaus Studio Xtra 2 1 Handy Productions 

A fun creative art program that anyone can use to produce stunning results with minimum effort - even those with limited artistic ability. Draw dazzling patterns simply by moving the mouse, edit photographs, change color / brightness, add borders, use creative filters to make your pictures more interesting. Play music by clicking pads, learn to . Freeware download of Arthaus Studio Xtra 2 1, size 0 b.

Letter Chase Speed Reader 1 3 D R Software 

1). Self-contained lessons and instructions.
2). Speed tests to evaluate your progress.
3). Comprehension tests.
4). Warm up exercises to develop peripheral vision.
5). Tachistoscopic reader.
6). Horizontal reader for further speed development.
7). Vertical reader for advanced speed reading.
8). The ability . Freeware download of Letter Chase Speed Reader 1 3, size 82.65 Mb.

The Typing of the Ghosts 2 15 Novel Games Limited 

In this Game you destroy the ghosts by Typing the words on them. If you failed to type the word before the ghost reach you, one life will be deducted. As the Game progress the ghosts will move quicker and quicker and you need to type faster and faster. . Freeware download of The Typing of the Ghosts 2 15, size 26.65 Mb.

Blackjack Tutor 1.0.28 maareyes solomon 

Blackjack Tutor is a program that will give you smart advises while you are playing Blackjack on your computer. You can use this Game just as a Game or you can use it as a program to improve your Blackjack skills. The application will display many different Blackjack strategies and you will be able to pick one of them. Then, the dealer will give . Freeware download of Blackjack Tutor 1.0.28, size 0 b.

Typing Monster 1 3 Novel Games Limited 

In this Game you need to fight against a huge monster! You can damage the monster by using magic, you use magic by Typing in the magic spells correctly. The monster will also throw fire balls at you, and you can destroy the fire balls by Typing the numbers on them. . Freeware download of Typing Monster 1 3, size 2.69 Mb.

USA Geography Tutor AHA! Software Inc. 

USA Geography Tutor is an educational Game, part of a series of geography games, that can be really helpful to those who want to learn the names and locations of the 48 states of the USA. The program is very straightforward, and features two simple games which are extremely easy to play.

It is divided into three sections, one of which . Freeware download of USA Geography Tutor, size 957.44 Kb.

Fast Rabbit Typing 1.0 Fast Rabbit Software LLC 

Fast Rabbit Typing is a fun application which will help you type faster.

15 categories of practice, 3 difficulty levels, and 5 Game play modes to help with Typing practice. Improve speed and accuracy with Fast Rabbit Typing. . Free download of Fast Rabbit Typing 1.0, size 2.36 Mb.

Hurricane Typing 1.1 Daheen 

FREE ~ *

On which rank is my Typing ability in the world...?

Let's compete with global people for a high Typing ability by 'Hurricane Typing'.

*..Game method..*

Game method is very simple.

You just . Freeware download of Hurricane Typing 1.1, size 7.34 Mb.

PacWriter 1.0 Bertesh Studios 

PacWriter is an educational Game ideal for the kids or for the whole family, with the objective of practicing your Typing skills and have fun at the same time!

In PacWriter, your mission consists on pressing as fast and accurate as you can the letters that will appear every time that Mr. Pacwri or Ms. Pacwri cross with an obstacle, . Freeware download of PacWriter 1.0, size 0 b.

Kana Attacks! Johnny5 Source 

The Game is sort of a cross between Space Invaders and Typing of the Dead. Kana fall from the sky and you must shoot them with your arufabetto laser. You must position your space ship and then aim by Typing in the romaji equivalent to the falling kana.

Try to type fast though. Your score per hit increases with the speed you type in the . Freeware download of Kana Attacks!, size 65.36 Mb.

Schlumpiwutz Math Tutor Deluxe 1.0 LEVEL 8 Multimedia & Gamestudio 

Platform Game that specializes in basic Single Digit Multiplication exercises for elementary school students.The Program was developed together with Elementary School Professionals and successfully testet in Elementary schools.Along with the obvious fun of the Game, the motor skills as well as the concentration of the child are developed. All the . Free download of Schlumpiwutz Math Tutor Deluxe 1.0, size 12.83 Mb.

TypeTris 1.0 Nyxbull Software 

TypeTris is not only a Typing trainer, this software has all advantages of absorbing arcade Game. Touch Typing (sometimes it is called also blind Typing) is a way of Typing a text without looking at the keyboard, which leads to 2 main improvements: you are Typing much faster and making significantly less mistakes. . Freeware download of TypeTris 1.0, size 1.87 Mb.

Touch-type car-racing 1.0 Urikor 

Touch-type car-racing is a captivating Game helping to acquire quick and correct keyboarding skills. The player controls movements of a car by Typing commands on the keyboard. A random word with a numeric parameter determining the extent of a movement instruction corresponds to each movement instruction. There exist two playing modes for the Game: . Freeware download of Touch-type car-racing 1.0, size 920.58 Kb.

crazytype 0.2.3 crazytype.sourceforge.net 

The BEST Typing Game is waiting for you! It is different from other programs, it's very crazy and funny! Just try it , and you'll like it! . Freeware download of crazytype 0.2.3, size 53.39 Kb.

Typing Tutor Game Web Results

The Legendary Saya-Jin Role-Playing Game

E-mail based. Includes a form for joining, a message board, a calendar, and details of how the game works.

Gohan's Dragonball Z Role Playing Game 2

AOL chatroom based. Includes details of how to join and play the game, AOL chatrooms for battles and training, and a list of members, with statistics.

Sailor Moon Mini Adventure Game (Trial Version)

A game to play online. Requires javascript.

The Big Steamy Thing Card Game

An unofficial card game.

Video Game Jam

Well-organized guitar tablature for video game music. MIDI files of the tabs are included so you can play along.