Umagawa Balls Lines Software

Golden Lines 1 Atis-Labs 

Golden Lines is extremely addictive variation of classical Color Lines game, logical game for people of all ages. Your task is to build Lines of Balls of the same colour. Every time you move a ball, 3 new Balls appear. When you build a line of 5 or more Balls, these Balls are removed from the board. Sounds easy? Try it. Golden Lines has excellent . Free download of Golden Lines 1, size 2.65 Mb.


Balls Lines 2.0.0 Rashid Nasibulin 

Think your mind is fast? Think you have good reaction time? Find out for sure by playing aBalls.

When you are bored and have nothing to do ... Play aBalls!

Are you ambitious? Break a world record and write your name in history of the worlds top ranking players. Have fun!

To play, set five (or more) Balls of one . Free download of Balls Lines 2.0.0, size 3.67 Mb.

Alhademic Lines 1.31 Alhademic Group 

Logic game in which you are to move Balls over game board in assembling figures (Lines, blocks, or squares) of same-colored Balls. An assembled figures will vanish to clear space for further game. Along with it, you will be awarded some score. After each move a new three Balls will emerge on a board. You should assemble figures as long as possible, . Free download of Alhademic Lines 1.31, size 1.39 Mb.

Math Lines 1 2 Novel Games Limited 

Math Lines is an enjoyable game, in which you shoot Balls at other Balls coming in line. When you add up 10 Balls, they disappear from the board. The Balls can be of different color; the only requisite is that they add up 10. You should also bare in mind, that if you put Balls of the same number together, you can eliminate all with a single shot. . Freeware download of Math Lines 1 2, size 26.87 Mb.

Pick-a-Line 1 Holotronix srl 

Select longest Lines of identical Balls, to be replaced by the incoming Balls. Our logical funny games are made to increases the player's intelligence's "muscles". The player trains his brain and has fun too. Einstein's intelligence is not impossible to achieve! The player can have pleasure and train his intelligence in the same time. . Free download of Pick-a-Line 1, size 516.10 Kb.

Board Games Collection 1.06 GameOver-Games, Ltd 

The game is a collection of four games – Speed Lines, Super Blocks, Fast Balls and Real Clicks. The rules are based on removing certain amounts of chips from the board, depending on the rules of each game.The player gets bonus points and thus increases game level. Higher level means more bonus points and faster appearance of new chips. . Free download of Board Games Collection 1.06, size 3.14 Mb.

Amusing Balls 2.5.0 Amusing Software 

A very amusing puzzle and logic game is familiar Lines and Balls games. New possibilities movement of Balls. You can to put one ball over other ball in this game only. Color will be changed. Consist of five original games. Excellent sounds schemes. Help with rules, control and strategy of game. Many skins, set of animation figures, tables, sound . Free download of Amusing Balls 2.5.0, size 803.84 Kb.

Active Lines 1.4 AquaPack Games 

Active Lines is famous puzzle game. The game is easy to play. All you have to do is just moving Balls arranging them in Lines. But sometimes you have to think, what line to build and what ball to take. This game does not require fast reflexes, and will fascinate not only kids, but their parents as well. Game features: * The Balls are not just . Free download of Active Lines 1.4, size 948.22 Kb.

Flower Lines 1.0 TameStorm games 

Puzzle Game - Flower Lines. Flower Lines is a Puzzle Game in best traditions of match three games. The main idea is similar to classic puzzle game - Lines - where your objective is to line up 5 Balls of the same colour. However we've made a lot of interesting changes in the gameplay to make this puzzle less boring. For instance, the number of Balls . Free download of Flower Lines 1.0, size 6.06 Mb.

Smart Lines 1.2 Rototo Studio 

Discover the most enjoyable four in a row game in three dimensions: Smart Lines is easy to play, beautiful and challenging!Prepare traps to force your opponents into playing where you want, or rely on the piles of Balls covering the board to hide the line you're secretly building... But remember: the first one to connect four Balls in line wins, so . Free download of Smart Lines 1.2, size 2.79 Mb.

Tactical Lines 1.5 Pyramid-Games 

Tactical Lines is a remake of the classic Lines arcade puzzle game. To make the game more fun we have included a special bonuses like 4 types of Balls animation, Joker Ball, "fork mode" and more! . Free download of Tactical Lines 1.5, size 1.54 Mb.

Magic Games Collection 3.5 Agentix Software 

Magic Games Collection is a pack of six puzzles, including Magic Lines, Magic Balls, Magic Beads, Logic Trainer, Magic Tetcolor and Combat Engineer. Whether you want to improve your brain power or simply unwind and relax after a hard day, this joyful collection will tease your brains and help you regain a peaceful state of mind.The collection . Free download of Magic Games Collection 3.5, size 5.03 Mb.

LinkLines 1.2.5 Shoecake Games 

LinkLines is a remake of the classic Lines arcade puzzle game. The object of the game is to Link five Balls of the same color to form a line in any direction. Create Lines to stop the board from filling up! The game is presented in an updated format. Rather than playing the game at a static difficulty level, you are given the chance to progress . Free download of LinkLines 1.2.5, size 664.58 Kb.

Agile Lines 1.3.1 GameRange Studio 

Agile Lines is an extremely addictive and sleek variation of the popular Lines game. The objective of the game is to remove from the playing board as many Balls as possible by placing them in rows of five or more. The use of the multicolored JOKER Balls gives a new twist to the old concept: these universal Balls can be used to complete shapes of . Free download of Agile Lines 1.3.1, size 1.38 Mb.

AquaPack Lines 1.3 AquaPack Games 

Just when you though you saw it all, AquaPack Games released AquaPack Lines - the most extraordinary remake of the classic games. Honestly, sometimes folks just stop playing to stare for hours at the game's astounding interface, graphics elements and cool ripple effects. For those not familiar with the game rules, there is a tutorial. But really, . Free download of AquaPack Lines 1.3, size 1.99 Mb.

MoleLines 2 

MoleLines is a beautiful Lines-style game which is played on a 9x9-squared board. You move Balls around the board, arranging them into figures—Lines or squares. To move a ball just select it with the mouse and then click on a cell where you want to move it.Once a figure of same-colored Balls is created it will disappear and you will score . Free download of MoleLines 2, size 1.42 Mb.

GLines2007 1.0 GonzaGames 

GLines2007 is a remake of the classic Lines arcade puzzle game. The object of the game is to Link five Balls of the same color to form a line in any direction. Create Lines to stop the board from filling up!The game is presented in an updated format. You are given the chance to progress through various challenging levels. This is a bright and . Free download of GLines2007 1.0, size 2.17 Mb.

PDAcraft Lines 1.0.7 PDAcraft 

Lines is a very popular, simple and easy-to-play puzzle game.Each turn, three randomly colored Balls appears on the board. You can move ball if there is a path (linked set of vertical and horizontal empty cells) between the current position of the ball and the desired position. You must move one of Balls to pick the line of 5 or more Balls of the . Free download of PDAcraft Lines 1.0.7, size 833.54 Kb.

Tropical Lines 1.01 MadGears 

Tropical Lines is an incredible puzzle entertainment, which shines with unique tropical visuals and animation. We improved classical Lines game with bonus Balls which bring more challenge, variety and fun. The game gives you an ability to share your score with other players by publishing your high score results in the online high scores table. It . Freeware download of Tropical Lines 1.01, size 12.18 Mb.

Picture Lines 1.2 2VG Group 

Besides the traditional Lines game with tremendous number of options the game has a unique mode - Lines with pictures. Now you can not only to gather Balls in Lines (squares, crosses or blocks) but also reveal pictures. The bright graphics, beautiful animation and remembering sound effects will not let you get bored. You can find dozens of skins, . Freeware download of Picture Lines 1.2, size 3.39 Mb.