Update Media Library Software

Media Library Manager 9.0 RCL Software 

Media Library Manager is a complete Library system for a church's Library ministry. This program will allow a church Library to catalog all resources, connect to Library or Congress for quick data entry, maintain circulation, and track circulation history for the resource and the user. There is user level security, barcode scanning capabilities, . Free download of Media Library Manager 9.0, size 12.11 Mb.


Absolute Media Library 2.0.5 Latshaw Systems 

Absolute Media Library is a database program for cataloging and tracking all types of physical Media like Books, CDs, DVDs, or any format you can think of. Abs also tracks people who you lend items to, keeps inventory, and can generate reports. Abs can be used in both professional libraries and corporate network environments, as well as in the home . Free download of Absolute Media Library 2.0.5, size 6.72 Mb.

Media Library Ministry 13 2 RCL Software 

Media Library Manager is a complete Library system for a church's Library ministry. This program will allow a church Library to: catalog all resources, maintain circulation, track circulation history for the resource and the user. There is user level security, barcode scanning capabilities, using the ISBN and an open Internet connection you . Free download of Media Library Ministry 13 2, size 33.01 Mb.

Pota Media Library Management ML73 POTA Technologies 

Pota Media Library Management is a powerful application designed to help you manage the books from a public or private Library. You can use the program to create a database with books and Library members.

It is designed to be managed by multiple users and to keep track of the book loaned or returned by the members.

. Free download of Pota Media Library Management ML73, size 0 b.

Monte Media Library 0.6.4 Werner Randelshofer 

The Monte Media Library was developed as an Open Source and accessible a Java Library for processing Media data.

Supported Media formats include still images, video, audio and meta-data. This Library has some overlap in functionality with the Java Media Framework (JMF).

For some codecs, the Monte Media Library provides . Free download of Monte Media Library 0.6.4, size 0 b.

Winamp Media Library Stat Restore 0.41 Kyle H 

A small utility that allows you to move files around while still keeping all the metadata stored in winamp's Media Library. Both playcount and ratings can be restored using this util. . Free download of Winamp Media Library Stat Restore 0.41, size 41.94 Kb.

Media Library Sync 1.0 Medialibrarysyn 

The Media Library Sync is a tool designed for syncing a large Media Library from a master source to multiple destinations. It allows you to specify which parts of the Library you want to sync on which devices.

Syncs files from source to destination folders according to sync profiles., Allows sub folders in the source root folder to be . Freeware download of Media Library Sync 1.0, size 0 b.

SQL Media Library 0.2.0 sqlmedialib.sourceforge.net 

The SQL Media Library consists of a set of scripts to feed a MySQL server with tag information about Media (i.e. MP3) files from a central repository, as well as a GTK+ client for easy browsing of the tag information and playback of the files. . Freeware download of SQL Media Library 0.2.0, size 60.50 Kb.

Winamp Media Library Web plugin 041b mlsourceforge.net 

ml_www is a Winamp plugin that allows Winamp to operate as a webserver for controlling and managing songs from the Media Library. . Freeware download of Winamp Media Library Web plugin 041b, size 83.38 Kb.

DAAP for Winamp PreAlpha Xannor Archouse 

DAAP for Winamp was specially designed as an Open Source, and accessible Media Library plugin for Winamp.

DAAP for Winamp was created in order to allow access to DAAP enabled servers on the local network.

. Freeware download of DAAP for Winamp PreAlpha, size 0 b.

MediaLibrary Top-10-module 1 5 OrdaSoft 

The Media Library Top 10 module displays the 10 most visited Media from Media Library component in a list, with the number of hits behind it. With compatibility for the sh404SEF URLs. . Freeware download of MediaLibrary Top-10-module 1 5, size 1.02 Kb.

SE-MediaPlayer 1.7.2 SE-SOFT.COM 

Use SE-MediaPlayer to organize and play audio and video files, CDs, DVDs and flash clips.Main features:* A single player for audio, video, flash files, CDs and DVDs
* Support of all modern multimedia file formats
* Embedded Media Library with powerful filtering feature
* Built-in codec installer
* Customizable view with lots of . Freeware download of SE-MediaPlayer 1.7.2, size 7.27 Mb.

Brunhilde Media Server 2.3.1 brunhilde.sourceforge.net 

Brunhilde is a lightweight MP3/Media server, designed to provide easy, remote access to an MP3/Media Library from a web-based interface. . Freeware download of Brunhilde Media Server 2.3.1, size 94.19 Kb.

Album List for Winamp 2 6 Safai Ma 

If you have used the latest version of Windows Media Player than you must have seen the Media Library in which the audio and video files are shown as an album art. You can select your Media based on this album art. Now you can also add this functionality to Winamp using a free and simple plugin named Album List for Winamp 2.0, it sorts your . Freeware download of Album List for Winamp 2 6, size 53.34 Mb.

theRenamer 7 54 theRenamer 

Automatically rename and organize your TV shows and Movies. Also moves them to your Media Library!

TheRenamer renames your TV or Movie files into a neat and orderly format.....and adds in the TV show episodes titles!

Main features:

- A user interface that's idiot proof - using Drag & Drop.
- . Freeware download of theRenamer 7 54, size 0 b.

listFix() 2.1.0 listfix.sourceforge.net 

A Java application that can fix/repair playlists by searching a Media Library for lost, missing, & renamed files. Supports absolute & relative references, UTF-8, UNC paths, and URLs. Removes duplicates, sorts and randomizes lists, and much more! . Freeware download of listFix() 2.1.0, size 395.40 Kb.

PySet 0.0.3 pyset.sourceforge.net 

PySet is an incremental implementation of the classic logic/card game Set, built using Python, Simple Direct-Media Library (SDL), and PyGame (a Python wrapper of the SDL API). The code is intended to assist newcomers in gradually learning these libs. . Freeware download of PySet 0.0.3, size 63.96 Kb.

i20022 20022 I20022 

The i-20022 is an ISO 20022 Standard full implementation of a framework composed by the following components:1)A class Library to manipulate the messages;2)Tools to author, visualize and model business transactions;3)Tools to Update the Library.

i20022 20022 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of i20022 20022, size 0 b.

FlexLibrary 1.0 Flexlibrary 

FlexLibrary is an easy to use offshoot of the popular OpenDB Media Library software. This version has been tweaked for use at small to medium sized libraries.

FlexLibrary 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of FlexLibrary 1.0, size 0 b.

Winamp Meta Merger 3 Winampmeta 

Allows a user to keep their Winamp Media-Library Meta-Data (like rating and play count) through file moves and renames. For detailed instructions, visit the website.

Winamp Meta Merger 3 License - zlib/libpng License . Freeware download of Winamp Meta Merger 3, size 49.92 Kb.