Upgrades Software

Stoffi Music Player 1.30.393.1053 Team Stoffi 

Stoffi is a music player aimed at being simple but powerful at the same time.


Silent upgrades
Filesystem synchronization
Track history
Equalizer with echo effect
Powerful keyboard shortcuts
Meta data editor
. Free download of Stoffi Music Player 1.30.393.1053, size 5.66 Mb.


Create Message Pro 1.00 RJL Software, Inc. 

Create Message Pro allows you to configure and create stand alone .EXE files for distribution across your network or the Internet. Our Create Message Pro adds the ability to specify the message text, buttons to appear on the message, and the type of message icon that appears. Once your message is fully configured you can save that message anywhere . Free download of Create Message Pro 1.00, size 482.34 Kb.

VIBlend Windows Forms Controls 6.0.0 VIBlend 

VIBlend Controls for WinForms is a comprehensive library of User Interface controls. Designed and fine-tuned to provide rich functionality, outstanding performance and increase the ROI when building professional Windows applications using the Microsoft .NET framework. VIBlend Controls for WinForms includes over 65 UI controls that you can use to . Free download of VIBlend Windows Forms Controls 6.0.0, size 32.19 Mb.

ActivePatch 1.2 Catalyst Development Corporation 

ActivePatch is a software development kit that enables developers to create their own update in the form of a patch, and integrate the patch application process directly into their own software. It can be used to create a patch of a single file or an update for a complete product, modifying existing files, removing unneeded files, and creating new . Free download of ActivePatch 1.2, size 3.98 Mb.

SemanticWorks Semantic Web 1.4 Altova 

Altova SemanticWorksdlT« 2009 is the ground-breaking visual RDF and OWL editor for the Semantic Web. Graphically design RDF instance documents, RDFS vocabularies, and OWL ontologies, then output them in either RDF/XML or N-Triples formats. SemanticWorks makes the job easy with tabs for instances, properties, classes, etc., context-sensitive entry . Free download of SemanticWorks Semantic Web 1.4, size 7.78 Mb.

LanSchool lanschool 

Teachers today are faced with the challenge and opportunity of using technology to teach. Computers are amazing educational tools, but they can also be a huge distraction to learning. The Internet, instant messaging, email and games are a constant temptation for students.

LanSchool v7.4 removes these distractions so you can teach more . Free download of LanSchool, size 38.39 Mb.

Alien Shooter: Revisited 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Shoot your way past a horde of aliens and protect a secret research base! These blood-thirsty monsters must be stopped immediately! Dive into the middle of a war in Alien Shooter d-deOCt Revisited, a fast-paced Action/Arcade game. Purchase new weapons, and earn powerful upgrades as you face more and more aliens. Find powerful battle drones to help . Free download of Alien Shooter: Revisited 1.0, size 74.95 Mb.

Jessica's Bow Wow Bistro 1.0 GameHouse 

Serve up tasty treats for you and your pooch in Jessica's Bow Wow Bistro, a doggie adventure that's off the leash!

Taking inspiration from a client's little Chihuahua, Jessica is looking to expand her cupcake empire by dishing up premium pet treats. No longer will the community canines be subjected to inferior ingredients like fillers . Free download of Jessica's Bow Wow Bistro 1.0, size 1.43 Mb.

Mr. Jones' Graveyard Shift 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Help Mr. Jones make millions of dollars in the cemetery business, and retire to paradise with the love of his life! Plot and decorate each graveyard with a huge amount of items. Start off with just a shovel and old grave markers and build up to a marble-clad festival of crypts! Purchase enough upgrades to create the perfect resting place for . Free download of Mr. Jones' Graveyard Shift 1.0, size 48.11 Mb.

Perfect Battle Online 1.0b Marcus Lindmark 

Perfect Battle Online: is a fresh sequel to Perfect Battle and our most exciting 3D action/strategy game ever.

Featuring a unique single-player campaign that picks up where Perfect Battle: A New World Order left off. Perfect Battle Online presents both new heroes and familiar faces in an edgy sci-fi story filled with adventure and . Freeware download of Perfect Battle Online 1.0b, size 45.41 Mb.

Retro II 1.0 Cactus Software 

There are three types of enemies; squares, triangles and crosses. The bullets does no harm to the crosses unless you've got the homing bullets power up. The other enemies go down with eight shots or so... The bombs are a bit hard to control, and if they hit you they get absorbed by your vessel (unless you have the multibomb power up), but you can . Freeware download of Retro II 1.0, size 1.29 Mb.

X-Avenger 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Orion invaders have reached our peaceful planet! It is your mission to counter attack them. To aid you in your mission, the leaders of earth have given you X-Avenger, a cutting-edge hi-tech spacecraft. Blast your enemies with tons of missiles and energy-based weapons. The peace of all humanity rests in your hands!

* 3 marvelous worlds, . Free download of X-Avenger 1.0, size 21.37 Mb.

Word Power: The Green Revolution 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Start your very own Green Energy business and create a fleet of cutting edge energy generators to power local cities and help them clean up their acts. Overthrow greedy competitors, and help start a Green Revolution using your vocabulary skills in Word Power: The Green Revolution. Earn money and build different energy generators to become a . Free download of Word Power: The Green Revolution 1.0, size 16.91 Mb.

Chloe's Dream Resort for Windows 1.0 GameHouse 

Help weary workers relax and unwind after a hard day's work in Chloe's Dream Resort, an enterprising adventure through dreamtime.

Growing up, Chloe never thought she would spend endless days and nights behind the desk of a cubicle. Even now as she sleeps, she hardly rests and the reason has become apparently clear: Something strange is . Free download of Chloe's Dream Resort for Windows 1.0, size 1.43 Mb.

Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Venture out of Egypt to track down the stolen artifacts of Queen Nefertiti in this epic Marble Popper game! The ancient queen`s earthbound spirit calls on you to reclaim her sacred artifacts and return her soul to the ether! Arm yourself with the falcon-wing shooter of Horus and explore the exotic Near East in the epic Luxor: Quest for the . Free download of Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife 1.0, size 103.64 Mb.

The Flying Trapeezees 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Monsieur and Madame Trapeezee and their family of aerialists, are determined to bring France out of a funk by performing their amazing feats as The Flying Trapeezees! Kill the country`s mysterious malaise as you soar, loop, and perform daring stunts to inspire the audience, and bring color to the crowds. Collect new abilities, points, and power-ups . Free download of The Flying Trapeezees 1.0, size 68.50 Mb.

Banana Bugs (TM) WildTangent 

Hordes of banana-hungry bugs are ravaging the village food supply and you're the only monkey brave enough to take them on. Shoot ropes to wall off bugs and stop them in their tracks. Play over 470 challenging levels, and earn bananas to add buildings and upgrades to Monkeytown. Earn bonus points for speed shots! Banana Bugsd-OC?D? is an . Free download of Banana Bugs (TM), size 975.17 Kb.

Plan It Green for Windows WildTangent 

You've just been elected Mayor of Greenville, and it's up to you to transform this depressed wasteland into a thriving green town! Plan It Green gives you the opportunity to plan a green city by changing wasteful ways into sustainable practices. Build eco-homes, apply green upgrades, and bring new clean jobs and industry to your hometown. Work hard . Free download of Plan It Green for Windows, size 975.17 Kb.

Dancing Craze 1.0 Alawar Entertainment. 

You're going to Hollywood, baby! Open a dance studio and teach your clients a range of slick moves as you prepare for the biggest variety show Tinseltown has ever seen. Serve cool drinks and hot towels as your customers work up a sweat C-Walking; purchase a variety of upgrades to keep everyone happy as they wait their turn to Breakdance; and hire a . Free download of Dancing Craze 1.0, size 79.62 Mb.

The Design 1.0 Cactus Software 

This game is an unusual gaming experience, yet more normal than it seems. It's a 2D shooter with some unique quirks. The graphics are simplified and stylish, and makes the game look a bit confusing. The controls make the game even more confusing (before you get used to them, that is).

You control two dots on a design, which can shoot at . Freeware download of The Design 1.0, size 1.93 Mb.

Upgrades Web Results

Kruzer Trailers Inc.

Offers trailers to tow with motorcycles. Includes various optional upgrades and product specifications.

Ducati Designs, LCC

Manufacturer of performance enhancements for Ducati motorcycles; lighting upgrades for sport touring models.

Ultimate Resource Guides

Offers resources including low budget upgrades, custom turbocharging advice and H22 engine swap information.

Korman Autoworks

High performance BMW parts, tuning and performance upgrades, accessories and service. Extensive technical information online.

Metric Mechanic

Performance modification products for BMW enthusiasts. Engine and transmission upgrades as well as drivetrain upgrades for brakes, clutch, exhaust, carburetor, and differential components.

Aftermarket Automotive Parts Distribution

Exterior accessories and upgrades for 1984-2000 Ford Mustangs, F-150, Chrysler Sebring, Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, and BMW 3-Series.

Autostylin Ltd

Autolamp upgrades for cars including taillights, headlamps, fog lights and bulbs.