Us Weather Software

Crawler Weather CRAWLER, LLC 

Get current weather information for forecasts, maps, storms and traffic news for your hometown or anywhere else in the world. Be ready for weather at your trip destination. View graphic forecast, radar, maps and more! You can use also a free customizable Crawler Toolbar that has games, ecards, fun ball, download manager, WSG, and more! Enjoy . Freeware download of Crawler Weather, size 4.16 Mb.


Whats the Weather for Windows 8 RichDassau 

Whats the weather for Windows 8 is a handy and reliable application designed to fetch weather forecasts for any city in the us.

Simply enter your city in the search field and wait for the results. Not only it retrieves the current temperature, but it also displays a forecast for the upcoming seven days.

. Free download of Whats the Weather for Windows 8, size 0 b.

Weather Watcher Alerts 1.0.2 Mike Singer 

weather Watcher Alerts watches for weather alerts issued by the National weather Service and alerts you within minutes. Get weather alerts sent to you by email, text message, or phone for any county in the us. Get weather alerts delivered to you by email, text message, or phone within minutes of being issued by the National weather Service. . Free download of Weather Watcher Alerts 1.0.2, size 1.68 Mb.

Hour Weather 1.16 Cachanga Soft LLC 

Hour weather is a simple application the tells you the weather of any us Zip Code in an hourly fashion.

It will provide the following information:

Temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.
? Apparent Temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.
? An Icon with the current Outlook of the sky.
? Localized for English, . Freeware download of Hour Weather 1.16, size 2.20 Mb.

Rain or Shine Weather 1.2.2 Nathaniel Chiger 

? Follow us on Twitter for Updates! @HalfPeeledLLC

Rain or Shine is a minimalistic weather app for your iPhone or iPod touch. That's what makes it great.

Enter your zip code or use your current location to see the current weather in your area, as well as sunrise and sunset times.

Tap the 2 Day button to view the . Freeware download of Rain or Shine Weather 1.2.2, size 5.14 Mb.

Rocket Weather 1 1 USA RADARS 

Rocket weather Browser was created to bring together the best and most reliable weather information on the internet into one easy to use place. weather is always changing, especially in severe conditions. Set email & cell phone alerts to stay updated, check the latest weather anywhere and then view it from multiple sources. Check the long range . Freeware download of Rocket Weather 1 1, size 9.83 Mb.

Weather Pulse Tropic Designs 

weather Pulse is a powerful weather display program for the Internet. Display popular Satellite images from around the globe, share images with your friends and family, stay updated on current and expected weather conditions, it's just plain fun. Displays the current temperature in your Windows task tray with adjustable colors, border and fonts and . Freeware download of Weather Pulse, size 5.24 Mb.

Weather Watcher Live Firefox Extension 1.0.17 Mike Singer 

weather Watcher Live is your personal, real-time weather station. View real-time weather conditions in your neighborhood from WeatherBug weather stations, or as reported by NWS. More about this add-on weather Watcher Live is your personal, real-time weather station. View real-time weather conditions in your neighborhood from WeatherBug weather . Freeware download of Weather Watcher Live Firefox Extension 1.0.17, size 838.66 Kb.

Weather Firefox Theme 1.0 Brand Thunder 

The only browser theme that changes with the weather. Turns Firefox into a window to the outdoors! SEARCH: Our primary revenue source is BING. We will reset your default search engine when installed so please give BING a try! PRIVACY: We respect your privacy. We do track some data - but it's only numbers. We follow the total number of active . Freeware download of Weather Firefox Theme 1.0, size 2.15 Mb.

Weather Theme for Internet Explorer 1.0 Brand Thunder 

The only browser theme that changes with the weather. Turns Internet Explorer into your own weather station!! Easy to install and we include an un-installer too! SEARCH: Our primary revenue source is BING. We will reset your default search engine when installed so please give BING a try! ABOUT us: Brand Thunder works with leading brands to develop . Freeware download of Weather Theme for Internet Explorer 1.0, size 557.06 Kb.

magayo World Time Weather 1.0 magayo 

magayo World Time weather is a desktop world clock that allows you to display the current local times of your chosen cities on your Windows desktop. It is delightfully simple and easy for everyone to use, whether at home or at work. Today, it is common to have family members and friends living and working in different parts of the world. For many . Freeware download of magayo World Time Weather 1.0, size 1.23 Mb.

Fizz Weather 2.4 for Pocket PC 2.4 

Fizz weather - PocketPC Fizz weather is a fully featured application & home screen plug-in. Supporting over 58,000 cities world wide we have one of the best, most comprehensive weather reporting tools for your mobile. Supporting Window Mobile 2003SE, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6, VGA modes and TrueVGA. Features include :- . Free download of Fizz Weather 2.4 for Pocket PC 2.4, size 104.86 Kb.

979WVOK 3.6.1 Woodard Broadcasting Company, Inc. 

979WVOK is Home of East Alabama's Favorite Music! Look to us for the Steve and Julie Morning Show, Local DJs, Severe weather Coverage and, of course, all that great music. Thanks for downloading our app, and for being a part of the best listening audience in the world!

App developed by . Freeware download of 979WVOK 3.6.1, size 1.05 Mb.

AWOS Map 3.3 Shaste Software 

AWOS Map displays Automated weather Observation Stations in the United States within a specified radius of any us airport or your current location (us Only). You can enter airports using FAA or ICAO codes. When you select an AWOS pin, the AWOS frequency, telephone number and distance are displayed. Pressing the blue telephone will call the AWOS. . Freeware download of AWOS Map 3.3, size 12.16 Mb.

Escape - Hotel getaways near you 1.1.0 ZeTrip 

Book last minute sunny getaways near you.

1 - Destinations near you by weather forecast, driving distance and last minute discounts.
2 - Select, book and enjoy your week-end getaway.

Now live everywhere in the us. . Freeware download of Escape - Hotel getaways near you 1.1.0, size 9.44 Mb.

Professional Meteorologist Compendium 1.0 WindyApp Studio 

One of the best dictionary, wiki, and free video lessons collection of METEOROLOGY in AppStore. This app covers the terms and study of the atmosphere and, especially, of weather.

More content is in updating, please keep us informed if you have some further request or problem confronted.

Hope you also like the old fashioned . Free download of Professional Meteorologist Compendium 1.0, size 32.93 Mb.

Rain Radar USA HD 1.0 Secure Hub Pty Ltd 

RAIN RADAR. This app only shows radars for United Sates of America.


Rain radar allows you to view the National Doppler Radar Sites weather radar information located through us. Each radar image can be panned and zoomed to get a better look at the area you are interested in. Hundreds of radars . Freeware download of Rain Radar USA HD 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

Rain? USA Radar 2.1 We Make Apps. 

You're in the us? You want to know if it's going to rain? You want to know quickly? us too.

All this app does is show you the latest rain radar data in your area, kindly supplied by the National weather Service. Nothing more - no forecasts, surf reports, shipping news...

Just rain. Or no rain.

That said, some . Free download of Rain? USA Radar 2.1, size 1.05 Mb.

Tray Weather Forecast 1.5 Tray Weather Ltd. 

Tray weather Forecast is a desktop application to view a weather forecast. It is nice and simple to use.Icon in the system tray (notification area near desktop clocks) show current outdoors temperature. Click on icon bring weather forecast window to desktop.There are forecast for temperature, cloudiness, storm probability, amount of precipitation, . Free download of Tray Weather Forecast 1.5, size 1.75 Mb.

Aerial Views US Cities 1.1 NexusMedia 

Aerial Photos: us Cities Screensaver (36 photos) provides an attractive slide-show presentation of aerial photographs of U.S. cities. Although the images aren't breathtakingly beautiful, they are rather interesting depictions of the mark we've made on the planet. The program is powered by an excellent screen-saver engine, which lets you adjust the . Free download of Aerial Views US Cities 1.1, size 3.43 Mb.

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