Usb Over Ip Freeware

USB over Network (Client) FabulaTech 

usb over Network (Client) is a far better remote automation utility that will bridge your distance for using any usb drive from anywhere. With this application installed in your system you can configure any usb drive so that you can work remotely with it over the Local network or even the Internet. You will be instantly connected to any usb drive . Freeware download of USB over Network (Client), size 5.51 Mb.


cups-bjnp 1.2 Cups-bjnp 

CUPS back-end for the canon printers using the proprietary usb over ip BJNP protocol. This back-end allows Cups to print over the network to a Canon printer. It currently supports Cups 1.2 and later. It is designed using reverse engineering of the protocol.

The version 1.1 adds support for printing over Ipv6 and fixes some bugs (the . Freeware download of cups-bjnp 1.2, size 139.89 Kb.

Audio over IP Interoperability Engine. 1.0 

This project aims to build a software reference implementation of the EBU standard for the transmission of high quality, low latency, audio streams over ip networks. (EBU-tech 3326) . Freeware download of Audio over IP Interoperability Engine. 1.0, size 5.42 Mb.

i-Ciao SoftPhone 1 3 Wenjoy Technology Inc. 

i-Ciao softphone is a software-based Voice/Video over ip (VoIP, SIP 2.0 standard) phone with both audio and video conference features. With its intuitive user interface, it is easy for ITSP customers to utilize all phone features such as: dialing and receiving calls on multiple lines, transferring calls, hosting a conference…etc. With . Freeware download of i-Ciao SoftPhone 1 3, size 7.57 Mb.

VoIPerized 2.4 Jeroen de Kleijn 

VoIPerized is a so called VoIP (Voice over ip) program. VoIPerized enables you to make free audio calls to other people who also run VoIPerized. When making VoIPerized the focus was to minimize the latency, because other VoIP programs always seemed to have an irritating lag which makes the conversation seem unnatural. By using the open source Speex . Freeware download of VoIPerized 2.4, size 323.58 Kb.

EasyMP Network Projection 2 75 Epson America, Inc. 

EasyMP Network Projection is a client-based content-over-ip utility which is installed on a wireless or wired laptop. It allows users to send display content to any networked Epson EasyMP projectors from any ip network, using the EasyMP feature. This can be achieved through an existing network infrastructure. . Freeware download of EasyMP Network Projection 2 75, size 0 b.

Linphone 3. 4. 2003 Linphone 

Linphone is an internet phone or Voice Over ip phone (VoIP).

With Linphone you can communicate freely with people over the internet, with voice, video, and text instant messaging.
Linphone makes use of the SIP protocol , an open standard for internet telephony. You can use Linphone with any SIP VoIP operator, including the free . Freeware download of Linphone 3. 4. 2003, size 12.14 Mb.

NetTelephone VoIP Calls 2.0 NetTelephone 

This is a small softphone application used to connect with the NetTelePhone Voice over ip services network.

With this software you can both make phone calls or send SMS to mobile phones worldwide.

System Requirements:
Operative system: Windows 98/2000/ME/2003/XP/Vista
Audio device, for example a headphone with . Freeware download of NetTelephone VoIP Calls 2.0, size 0 b.

PortSIP Softphone 3 5 PortSIP Sutions, Inc. 

This is a full featured Voice Over ip Phone in software used to connect with VoIP PBX compatible with SIP like Open SER, Asterisk, Portaone, Radvision, Nortel, or a variety of international telephony providers.

It has a lot of popular features like call recording, attended and blind transfer, hold, auto answer, do not disturb, and . Freeware download of PortSIP Softphone 3 5, size 0 b.

CALL SHARP 4.0 Call Sharp 

Call Sharp is a leading Voice over ip Solution (VoIP Solution) Provider and System Integrator. Call Sharp provides an opportunity for businesses and individuals around the world to start their own VoIP businesses in telecom industry without taking financial, marketing and other risks.

CALL SHARP works like a telephone to let you make . Freeware download of CALL SHARP 4.0, size 5.33 Mb.

Logotell 3 5 VoipSwitch 

Logotell is a multifunctional communicator enabling voice over ip, SMS over ip and instant messaging.
The main characteristics:

- Based on SIP protocol
- Embedded VoIP tunnel proprietary technology allowing for making and receiving calls behind firewalls and VoIP blockades (in some countries like UAE).
- Call . Freeware download of Logotell 3 5, size 13.95 Mb.

Linphone for Mac OS X 3. 4. 2001 

Linphone is an easy to use, handy internet phone or Voice Over ip phone (VoIP).
This tool will enable you to communicate freely with people over the internet, with voice, video, and text instant messaging.
Linphone also complies to the SIP protocol, an open standart for internet telephony. The application should be able to interoperate . Freeware download of Linphone for Mac OS X 3. 4. 2001, size 12.06 Mb.

CQiNet 1.0 

Voice over ip (VoIP) software specifically for ham radio operators. The primary purpose is to use the Internet to link Ham repeaters with a secondary purpose of providing remote access for users. Compatibility with EchoLink and IRLP is a goal. . Freeware download of CQiNet 1.0, size 8.83 Kb.

kallcenter 1.0 

kallcenter is a Voice over ip Callcenter software for outbound Callcenters. It is based on kphone and uses a mySQL database backend. It was developed and tested on SuSE Linux 9.2.Documentation is currently available in german only. . Freeware download of kallcenter 1.0, size 549.00 Kb.

MultiCast News Transport Protocol 1.2 

Develop/enhance software to transport NetNews over ip multicast in order to save bandwidth on links . Freeware download of MultiCast News Transport Protocol 1.2, size 267.22 Kb.

okvm 20051107 

A low cost software and hardware KVM over ip and remote Console monitoringsolution running on Linux. Secure administration and access to remotekeyboard/video/mouse and serial console output. Easily configured andcustomised to suit user needs. . Freeware download of okvm 20051107, size 5.18 Mb.

Senriska 0.3 

Software for camera surveillance with motion detection; works with any usb or ip camera. On motion detection, the program starts recording and a message is send via email and/or SMS. For support, see the support options on . Freeware download of Senriska 0.3, size 1.12 Mb.

Shtoom - a python SIP framework & phone 0.2 

A software SIP (Voice over ip) Framework, including a phone, written in Python . Freeware download of Shtoom - a python SIP framework & phone 0.2, size 73.95 Kb.

Tapioca b. 

Tapioca is a framework for Voice over ip (VoIP) and IM applications. Its main goal is to provide an easy way for developing and using VoIP/IM services in any kind of application. It provides a pluggable interface for different protocols, such as SIP/XMPP . Freeware download of Tapioca b., size 622.91 Kb.

VoicePulse Global Provisioning System 0.1 

VGPS is a PHP/MySQL based provisioning system intended to generate vendor-specific configuration files for Voice-over-ip (VoIP) devices via a generic HTTP API. . Freeware download of VoicePulse Global Provisioning System 0.1, size 96.67 Kb.