Using Remote Desktop Software

WP7 Remote Desktop 1 3 

Access and control your computer from anywhere remotely Using Remote Desktop for Windows Phone 7. It gives you full control of your computer's mouse and keyboard which let's you perform any action on the your Desktop as if you were sitting in front of it!.

Currently, because of Windows Phone 7 platform restrictions, we . Freeware download of WP7 Remote Desktop 1 3, size 1.49 Mb.


Visual Management Console (MMC for web) 1.0 Vwmc 

A migration of Microsoft Management Console to the web (based on Visual WebGui), which allows managing your web server/ site as if Using Remote Desktop without installing anything on the server or client Using a plain browser (extendable Using MMC API).

Visual Management Console (MMC for web) 1.0 License - GNU General Public License . Freeware download of Visual Management Console (MMC for web) 1.0, size 0 b.

Techinline Remote Desktop Techinline Limited 

Techinline Remote Desktop lets you instantly access and control a Remote computer over the Internet, across firewalls and proxies, Using any browser. It doesn't require manual downloads or installs. With Techinline you can view, diagnose and rapidly solve your customers' problems from anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can share your Desktop . Free download of Techinline Remote Desktop, size 307.20 Kb.

Scanner for Remote Desktop 1.0.5 FabulaTech Inc 

Scanner for Remote Desktop is a useful application designed to help you scan documents by Using a Remote scanner. The program allows you to share your hardware with minimum effort by Using the server / client model.

The application supports TWAIN/WIA devices and allows you share them in a network environment.

. Free download of Scanner for Remote Desktop 1.0.5, size 0 b.

Remote Desktop remote configurator 1.0.0 Ermanno Goletto 

Remote Desktop Remote configurator is a simple application developed in Visual Studio 2008 Using VB.NET., which allows you to enable the Remote Desktop connections from a Remote computer Using WMI.

The application is useful when you want to remotely enable Remote Desktop connections and to examine the configurations of the Remote Desktop . Free download of Remote Desktop remote configurator 1.0.0, size 0 b.

Remote Desktop Control 1.5 ABF software, Inc. 

Remote Desktop Control allows the user to control any computer from another computer. Usually this is a common task for a network administrator, but nowadays many people have more than one computer and switching between them takes a lot of time. Imagine, you can sit at your place of work and control your home computer. You can help your friends or . Free download of Remote Desktop Control 1.5, size 1.39 Mb.

ThinVNC HTML5 Screen Sharing and Remote Desktop Cybele Software, Inc. 

ThinVNC is a pure-web Screen Sharing and Remote Desktop access solution. The Remote computer can be accessed from any OS platform through any HTML5 compliant browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.). Without the need for any plugin, add-on or any kind of installation on the client side, ThinVNC is the optimum way to ensure that you can . Freeware download of ThinVNC HTML5 Screen Sharing and Remote Desktop, size 14.33 Mb.

Columbus Remote Desktop 1.0.6 Ilya Fainberg 

The default Microsoft solution for Remote access, the Remote Desktop tool lacks a few vital features when it comes to setting custom resolutions. Using a lower resolution on the client computer than on the connected host can prove to be tricky most of the times.

With Columbus Remote Desktop, you can now define custom resolutions and also . Free download of Columbus Remote Desktop 1.0.6, size 0 b.

Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection software 5.1.2600.2180 Microsoft Corporation. 

Remote Desktop in Windows XP Professional provides Remote access to the Desktop of your computer running Windows XP Professional, from a computer at another location. Using Remote Desktop you can, for example, connect to your office computer from home and access all your applications, files, and network resources as though you were in front of your . Freeware download of Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection software 5.1.2600.2180, size 3.60 Mb.

Remote Desktop Spy 13.02.01 Remote Desktop Spy 

For administrators, monitoring Desktop activities going on over employee’s Desktop is not an easy task. But, with the help of a professional Remote Desktop spy tool, this task can be performed successfully. Employee Desktop live viewer is one of the most popular Remote Desktop spy tools available in these days. By Using this employee Desktop live . Free download of Remote Desktop Spy 13.02.01, size 11.43 Mb.

EMCO Remote Desktop Professional 1 Emco Software Ltd. 

EMCO Remote Desktop Professional is a Remote Desktop management solution for professionals, education and business in a wired and wireless Microsoft network Reduces administration costs and enhances productivity all from a central location Software and Hardware information gathered from Remote computer’s Remote Desktop Professional can scan . Free download of EMCO Remote Desktop Professional 1, size 4.30 Mb.

Multi-Screen Remote Desktop DigitalBeijing 

Multi-Screen Remote Desktop (MSRD) offers a very fast and safe solution to administrators and power users for monitoring other Remote computers on their network.MSRD can help to display desktops of up to 9 Remote computers on your own screen in real time. Controllable Mode allows you to use keyboard and mouse to control any one of the Remote . Free download of Multi-Screen Remote Desktop, size 1.42 Mb.

SkyFex Remote Desktop 3.0.2 Tomsk, Inc. 

SkyFex Remote Desktop is a free online Remote Desktop service that allows watching and controlling Remote computers in real time. It works transparently through firewalls, proxies and NAT. No special knowledge is required to use it.SkyFex is a secure service for Remote support solutions and help desks. It works directly in web browsers (Firefox, . Freeware download of SkyFex Remote Desktop 3.0.2, size 318.73 Kb.

Remote Desktop Screenshot 2.0 MIS Utilities 

Remote Desktop Screenshot allows you to capture Remote Desktop screenshots. You can see all users' desktops at once. With built-in scheduler you can set time for update screenshots for all computers or for certain computers.

1. Capture a Remote Desktop screenshot.
2. Install an agent-service on Remote . Free download of Remote Desktop Screenshot 2.0, size 2.02 Mb.

Remote Desktop Assistant 1.1.530 Alexander Yarovy 

Remote Desktop Assistant is a wrapper for Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection. It creates RDP configuration files and utilizes the Remote Desktop Client (mstsc.exe). Also, the program combines the features of a ping and port monitor, and a Wake-On-LAN magic packet sender, retrieving automatically MAC addresses of LAN computers. It manages multiple . Free download of Remote Desktop Assistant 1.1.530, size 4.23 Mb.

Remote Desktop Connection Plus 1.7 Remote Desktop Plus 

Remote Desktop Connection Plus is a Remote Desktop connection software, formerly called Terminal Services Client, for Windows. While it can serve as a good Remote Desktop Connection replacement, it also can manage many servers in one window,free 30 day trial. . Free download of Remote Desktop Connection Plus 1.7, size 2.19 Mb.

USB for Remote Desktop (Workstation) 3.0.1 FabulaTech 

USB for Remote Desktop allows you to work with USB devices at Terminal Server, while they are connected to your local workstation. The devices appear as if they were plugged directly to the Server.
The program consists of a Server and a Workstation. Workstation is installed on the computer to which the USB device is physically plugged . Free download of USB for Remote Desktop (Workstation) 3.0.1, size 7.75 Mb.

EMCO Remote Desktop Starter Emco Software Ltd. 

Welcome to the world of automation with EMCO Remote Desktop! Manage servers, provide technical assistance to users, diagnose and fix problems on personal PCs - these and a lot of other tasks can be performed remotely, all directly from your desk. You don't need to spend time anymore in refrigerated server room or make long trip to customers in . Free download of EMCO Remote Desktop Starter, size 11.20 Mb.

PC Remote Desktop Pro Remote PC Tools Ltd. 

PC Remote Desktop Pro is a network administration tool that allows a machine to connect and interact with a host machine from a Remote location. It offers full control of the system, with common interactions such as sending keystrokes and mouse commands, allowing the client machine complete control over the host machine. . Free download of PC Remote Desktop Pro, size 4.22 Mb.

Remote Desktop Plus Remote Desktop Plus 

Remote Desktop Plus is a Remote Desktop connection software, formerly called Terminal Services Client, for Windows. While it can serve as a good Remote Desktop Connection replacement, it also can manage many servers in one window for Webmasters,system xp user needs SP3 . Free download of Remote Desktop Plus, size 1.52 Mb.