Vector Library Software

Variable Array Library 1.1 

Template Based on the standard vector library that allows creation of dynamically resizable two-dimensional arrays in C++ of most data types. . Freeware download of Variable Array Library 1.1, size 10.71 Kb.


CVM Class Library 6.1 Sergei Nikolaev 

CVM Class library is built as a small C++ library designed to encapsulate concepts of vector and square, band, symmetrix and hermitian matrices in Euclidean space of real and complex numbers.

The CVM Class library makes use of the BLAS and LAPACK Fortran libraries.

. Freeware download of CVM Class Library 6.1, size 0 b.

Template Matrix/Vector Library for C++ 0.70 

TMV is a comprehensive linear algebra library which uses operator overloading, views & delayed evaluation to simplify matrix and vector expressions in C++. It is well documented and can optionally call optimized BLAS/LAPACK for faster execution times . Freeware download of Template Matrix/Vector Library for C++ 0.70, size 999.63 Kb.

VMMLib 1.0 Stefan Eilemann 

VMMLib was specially developed as a vector and matrix math library. The library was implemented using C++ templates, thus making it very easy to integrate into other libraries and programs.

Its basic functionality includes a vector and a matrix class, with additional functionality for the often-used 3d and 4d vectors and 3x3 and 4x4 . Freeware download of VMMLib 1.0, size 0 b.

VectorCollection 1.2.0 David Beale 

VectorCollection was specially designed as an accessible and open source Adobe Flex SDK library.

VectorCollection is a library that can be used to wrap a vector in order to access it using Binding in the same way an ArrayColletion does it.

. Free download of VectorCollection 1.2.0, size 0 b.

OptiVec for C++ Builder 6.5.2 OptiCode - Dr. Martin Sander Software Dev. 

OptiVec for C++ Builder comes with libraries of vector, matrix, and complex math functions for PC compilers. Most programs that process numerical data consist of loops. But loop overhead is unnecessarily slow.

Replacing these loops by hand-optimized, Assembler-written vector functions and matrix routines speeds up program execution by up . Free download of OptiVec for C++ Builder 6.5.2, size 0 b.

Optivec for Borland C/C++ 6.3.0 OptiCode - Dr. Martin Sander Software Dev. 

Optivec for Borland C/C++ comes with libraries of vector, matrix, and complex math functions for PC compilers.

Most programs that process numerical data consist of loops. But loop overhead is unnecessarily slow.

Replacing these loops by hand-optimized, Assembler-written vector functions and matrix routines speeds up program . Free download of Optivec for Borland C/C++ 6.3.0, size 0 b.

Library Processor New Jlab 

The handy and accessible library Processor application takes a FASTA vector database, cleans and filters it and then generates new databases for a vector trimming process.

library Processor was designed and created in Java and can accessed from multiple operating systems such as Windows or Mac OS X.

. Free download of Library Processor New, size 0 b.

Vector and Matrix Math Library b.1.0 

VMMLib is a vector and matrix math library implemented using C++ templates, thus making it very easy to integrate into other libraries and programs. It is developed at the VMML, University of ZALrich. . Freeware download of Vector and Matrix Math Library b.1.0, size 225.15 Kb.

.Net Vector Canvas Library 1.0 Drawingcanvas 

A library which can be used to build a vector graphic application.

.Net vector Canvas library 1.0 License - GNU library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL) . Freeware download of .Net Vector Canvas Library 1.0, size 0 b.

play-SVG 0.3 PreAlpha Playful Geometer 

play-SVG is a lightweight Python library designed to help you generate and manipulate SVG vector graphics files.

The library comes in handy for developing Inkscape plugins. It can be used for building complex shapes, perform geometric operations and create XML nodes.

. Freeware download of play-SVG 0.3 PreAlpha, size 0 b.

VeCAD DLL/OCX 6.0 Kolbasoft 

VeCAD is a 3D vector graphics library. It serves as a foundation for your own customized drawing applications (CAD/GIS). The library is furnished in two discreet formats; as a run-time Windows 32 bit DLL; and, as an OCX (ActiveX control). Both are included. These components can be used with applications written in the popular Visual IDE languages . Free download of VeCAD DLL/OCX 6.0, size 3.72 Mb.

FlexGraphics Library 1.4 FlexGraphics Software, Ltd. 

FlexGraphics - is a set of components for creating vector graphics applications under Borland Delphi. FlexGraphics library can be used for creation of plots, drawings, electrical, concept and mnemonic charts as well as for creation of interactive plans with high level of detail for various facilities, buildings or their parts.FlexGraphics library . Free download of FlexGraphics Library 1.4, size 1.37 Mb.

LiteCAD SDK Kolbasoft 

LiteCAD SDK is a tool for software developers who build own specialized drawing applications, CAD / CAM / GIS type. The main component of the package, LiteCAD DLL provides 2D vector graphics possiblilities and has a simple API for using it with the popular languages such as Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic, VB.NET, Delphi. LiteCAD OCX module provides . Free download of LiteCAD SDK, size 8.54 Mb.

JFDraw Free Version 6.0 JingFei International 

JFDraw is a vector based application and library package.
It is used in vector graph drawing field, especially in architectural, electronic,mechanical graphs, or even in datagrams or business workflows.
JFDraw was designed to meet different users' demands. It can be used both in end user or developer user case.

Main . Freeware download of JFDraw Free Version 6.0, size 48.25 Mb.

Configurable Math Library 1.0.3 

The CML (Configurable Math library) is a free, open-source C++ vector, matrix, and quaternion math library designed for use in games, graphics, computational geometry, and related applications. . Freeware download of Configurable Math Library 1.0.3, size 183.01 Kb.

CRT X-Y Library (libcrtxy) 0.0.4 

The CRT X-Y library (libcrtxy) is meant to be used by video game programmers who wish to create games in the style of vector graphics arcade games of the late 1970s and early 1980s. (Tempest, Star Wars, Battle Zone, Star Castle, etc.) . Freeware download of CRT X-Y Library (libcrtxy) 0.0.4, size 321.59 Kb.

Java vector cut-and-paste 1.3 

A library for cross-platform vector graphics cut and paste in java. It allows one to draw graphics which can the be pasted into word or openoffice. It handles Graphics2D, but not bitmap picture inclusion nor transparencies. . Freeware download of Java vector cut-and-paste 1.3, size 105.63 Kb.

Ruby SVM (Support Vector Machines) 0.15 

Ruby SVM is a Ruby binding to the very popular and highly useful libsvm library (released under a seperate license) This allows you to effortlessly experiment with machine learning, in particular Support vector Machines, in Ruby. SVM's have found use in . Freeware download of Ruby SVM (Support Vector Machines) 0.15, size 32.32 Kb.

small math library 1.0 Lib-math 

A simple to use and powerful template math library which contain vector algebra, quaternions, euclidean geometry and fuzzy logic math.
NOTE: boost compatible and dependent from boost

small math library 1.0 License - BSD License . Freeware download of small math library 1.0, size 0 b.

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