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Elcomsoft Blackberry Backup Explorer 10.02 ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. 

Analyze Blackberry backups with ease. Elcomsoft Blackberry Backup Explorer grants forensic access to information stored in backups produced with PC and Mac versions of Blackberry Desktop Software. Review call logs, get access to email, SMS and MMS messages, and View organizer information stored in Blackberry devices.

With Blackberry . Free download of Elcomsoft Blackberry Backup Explorer 10.02, size 0 b.


BlackBerry Backup Extractor 0.72 Reincubate Ltd 

If your Blackberry has been stolen, lost or broken and you have created an IPD Backup file on you computer the Blackberry Backup Extractor application can retrieve your data. The software can extract data stored in the IPD file easily and automatically, only one click is needed to extract data through its simple and easy to use interface.

phoneMiner 1.7 Amrak Software 

phoneMiner lets you to access your data from your Blackberry Backup files, allowing you to retrieve previously inaccessible data.

View your address book, emails, SMS messages and calendar data.

phoneMiner also lets you save your Blackberry data in a range of popular file formats, allowing you to import your information to . Free download of phoneMiner 1.7, size 17.11 Mb.

ABC Amber IPD Splitter 1.03 ProcessText Group 

ABC Amber IPD Splitter is a useful tool that allows you to easily split IPD (Blackberry Backup) files and extract a desired BB database. . Freeware download of ABC Amber IPD Splitter 1.03, size 1.04 Mb.

ABC Amber IPD Merger 2 6 ProcessText Group 

ABC Amber IPD Merger is the award-winning, powerful tool that allows you to easily merge a number of IPD (Blackberry Backup) files into a single IPD file.
The software supports more than 50 languages and can be run from a command line.

Procedure for combining IPD files:
1. Click Add IPD file button.
2. Select IPD . Freeware download of ABC Amber IPD Merger 2 6, size 0 b.

ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter 8.19 ProcessText Group 

ABC Amber Blackberry Converter is a very useful tool that converts messages and contacts from IPD (Blackberry Backup) files to any document format (PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, TXT, DOC, MDB, XLS, etc.) easily and quickly. All you have to do is open the Blackberry file, select required messages, choose the document format to convert and click the . Free download of ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter 8.19, size 2.35 Mb.

ABC Amber BlackBerry Remover 1.03 ProcessText Group 

ABC Amber Blackberry Remover is a very useful tool that allows you to delete unnecessary items (messages, contacts, SMS, calendar events, memos, PIN, MMS, etc.) from IPD (Blackberry Backup) files. All you have to do is open an IPD file, select required items, click the "Remove" button and save the database as a new IPD file. Currently our . Free download of ABC Amber BlackBerry Remover 1.03, size 1.32 Mb.

ABC Amber BlackBerry Editor 1.11 ProcessText Group 

ABC Amber Blackberry Editor is an easy-to-use, award-winning program that helps you manage contact information in IPD (Blackberry Backup) files. You can retrieve an address book from IPD file, edit it (full name, company name, job title, phone numbers, home and work addresses, etc.) and then put it back on BB. As all ABC Amber products, it's really . Free download of ABC Amber BlackBerry Editor 1.11, size 1.04 Mb.

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 5.10.36812 ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. 

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer is a fast, lightweight forensic viewer for quickly accessing information extracted from mobile devices, backups and cloud services. Supporting a variety of platforms and data formats, the tool can display information extracted from local and cloud iOS backups and data synchronized to Apple iCloud. Password-protected iTunes . Free download of Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 5.10.36812, size 139.21 Mb.

BlackBerry Recovery 1.0.0 Fireebok Studio 

Blackberry Recovery is an easy-to-use application designed to recover various types of data from Blackberry phones. This program will extract data like SMS messages, photos, contacts, notes etc. from your Backup (BBB or IPD file).

This program comes with a wizard-like interface so everything will be easy to use. Users are allow to . Free download of BlackBerry Recovery 1.0.0, size 16.30 Mb.

BBSAK 1.9.2 JMTLabs 

BBSAK stands for Blackberry Swiss Army Knife, and it was developed to offer users a complex and complete tool for their mobile devices.

BBSAK can be used to Backup the apps from their handset, as well as load operating systems or create JAD packages. .

. Free download of BBSAK 1.9.2, size 0 b.

EzBackup 4 Data Protection Solutions by Arco 

With EzBackup, backing up to another drive is easy as 1, 2, 3. First, EzBackup will transfer an exact image copy of your hard drive--partitions, preferences, everything--to your Backup drive. Use EzBackup with any internal or external storage drive. Next, just point and click to tell EzBackup which files you want backed up on a regular basis and . Free download of EzBackup 4, size 8.16 Mb.

Backup2009 Pro 6.2.256 RD Technologies 

Backup and synchronize any kind of digital data among multiple PCs. It comes with its own burner driver, supports any kind of medium (network drive, USB external disk, FTP server...). Multiple tools help the user to take control over Backup tasks. Through an Explorer like interface the user can easily access to any Backup components: script detail, . Free download of Backup2009 Pro 6.2.256, size 6.61 Mb.

SQL BAK Reader Yohz Software 

SQL BAK Reader is a WIndows application that can display the details of a SQL Server Backup file, without requiring an instance of SQL Server to be available. It obtains the Backup information directly from the header of each Backup set that is stored in the Backup file.

Useful when you do not have access to a SQL Server instance and . Free download of SQL BAK Reader, size 0 b.

iBackup Extractor 3.00 Wide Angle Software 

iBackup Extractor is the perfect tool to access and recover all your files from your iTunes backups. Everyone's been there - lost an iPhone, had it stolen? Your iPod got wet and it doesn't turn on anymore? iPad not working? Or maybe you just want to access your files without having to connect your iOS device.
Well, iBackup Extractor is . Free download of iBackup Extractor 3.00, size 10.32 Mb.

BackupYou Beta Fernando Scicia Jaconete 

BackupYou is a handy and reliable application that you can use to schedule backups of your important files and folders.

You can create multiple Backup jobs, each including multiple files and folders and schedule unitary, daily, weekly or monthly backups. BackupYou stores the Backup history and enables you to View the Backup progress.

View Backup and Restore Tool 1 Microsoft 

The View Backup and Restore tool is a command-line tool that you can use to back up and restore the views that you create in Project Web Access. You can use this tool to move views to a different computer running Project Server.

ViewBackup backs up and restores views on a Microsoft Office Project Server 2003. Backup and restore are both . Free download of View Backup and Restore Tool 1, size 0 b.

Database Viewer for BlackBerry 2.3 Cellica Software Services 

Database Viewer for Blackberry is designed to help users View desktop databases on their Blackberry device. Blackberry Database Viewer will help you to View the contents of your desktop databases like MS Access, FoxPro, dBase, Excel and any ODBC Compliant Database like Oracle, SQL Server on Blackberry through the USB cable.

It has two . Free download of Database Viewer for BlackBerry 2.3, size 0 b.

IpdDecryptor 1.1.0 Sakisaki Software 

IpdDecryptor is a utility that allows you to decrypt your encrypted Blackberry's Backup file (IPD file). Once you decrypt the IPD file, there are many utilities to View/edit the decrypted IPD file. If you forgot the password, you may want to try "password attack" feature. IpdDecryptor will attack by given password list and/or numbers. . Freeware download of IpdDecryptor 1.1.0, size 167.77 Kb.

BlackBerry Database Viewer Plus 1 Cellica Software Services 

View and sync Microsoft Access, Excel, Foxpro,Oracle, SQL Server or any ODBC enabled database on Blackberry.Update data on Blackberry. Make a phone call from transferred database.Features:Supported Databases: MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle, SQL Server, FoxPro, dBase, and Any ODBC Compliant Database. View and sync any database with Blackberry. Modify . Free download of BlackBerry Database Viewer Plus 1, size 966.66 Kb.