Viewers Software

MediaChest Dmitriy Rogatkin 

MediaChest is an attempt to provide a centralized access to a personal collection of media files from anywhere. MediaChest gives not only a simple access, it gives a fast access to only medias you want to listen, or view now and then. You are not limited to a particular platform or an application. It doesn't matter what system or software you . Freeware download of MediaChest, size 2.89 Mb.


SimPE 0.73.44 Ambertation 

SimPE is an Editor especially designed for modding The Sims 2. Whatever you want to change in your Game, SimPE can do it.

It can perform simple tasks like tweaking your Neighborhoods, as well as more complex Operations, like Creating new Objects.

While it is a powerfull Tool, SimPE is absolutely free and largely based on . Freeware download of SimPE 0.73.44, size 7.17 Mb.

Markosoft Image Viewer Markosoft Incorporated 

Markosoft Image Viewer is a program that will let you view images saved in the most popular formats. It can show .JPG, .JPEG, .BMP, .ICO, .EMF, .WMF and .GIF images. You can choose to preview an entire folder, and you can choose if you want to view thumbnails from every image in a frame in the interface. Markosoft Image Viewer can also show . Free download of Markosoft Image Viewer, size 75.62 Mb.

Show Mesh 1 1 Quentin Bereau 

Show Mesh is a mesh viewer using Ogre and Qt. It allows the user to view 3D Ogre models and play with light, shadow, fog. It also allows the user to see the materials the model uses and see the bounding boxes and animations the model has. You can rotate the entity by using WASD or the arrows.You can move the camera by left clicking on the mouse. . Freeware download of Show Mesh 1 1, size 21.26 Mb.

abrViewer.NET 2.0.2506 abrViewer 

There are lots of wonderful brush sets for photoshop in the web... too many to install them all just to see what they look like! now you can have the preview of a set without having to install it... without having to run photoshop!

You can even adjust thumbnails size and you can have the preview of the actual size of the . Freeware download of abrViewer.NET 2.0.2506, size 6.00 Mb.

MrSID Viewer Lizardtech 

Download, View, and Print Maps with the MrSID Viewer.

To download and view maps offline you need a special viewer. Maps are stored in MrSID format. The MRSID Viewer is a freeware tool. This library provides access to the MrSID viewer developed by LizardTech.


LizardTech dropped the link for that . Freeware download of MrSID Viewer, size 2.11 Mb.

GraphNview 2.0 pacionifabio 

GraphNview is the Easy way to draw and animate Graphs. It\'s an open source tool that allows you to create and display graphs with extreme simplicity. It also has an integrated development environment to generate the graph animation . It is a very simple tool. . Freeware download of GraphNview 2.0, size 18.65 Mb.

ImageAniso 2 4 DMLand 

ImageAniso is designed to be a prospective image retouch, viewer that uses new graphic hardware technology to show simple image world. This is an OpenGL Prospective Image Retouch, Viewer that uses new graphic technics to display an image. The user can modify/retouch images with built in features. . Freeware download of ImageAniso 2 4, size 4.36 Mb.

eLynx lab 2 3 eLynx project 

Windows & Linux image processing tools. It Supports multi-core, 8 to 64-bit resolutions for grey,RGB,HLS,CIE Lab and Bayer images. Handles dng,tiff,fits,jpg,j2k,png and raw file formats. eLynx lab is a GUI application based on wxWidgets and eLynx SDK. . Freeware download of eLynx lab 2 3, size 17.45 Mb.

ComicViewer 0.1 bpg2000 

ComicViewer is a plugin based comic book screen reader written in c using the Qt framework v4.3. You can use ComicViewer to read the commonly found cbz or cbr files, A cbz file is simply a .zip file containing images renamed to .cbz. Likewise a cbr file is a renamed .rar file, thus it is probably the easiest way to package a comic book collection. . Freeware download of ComicViewer 0.1, size 33.83 Mb.

ImgV32 2 8 Arcata Pet Software 

ImgViewer/32 is a Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7 graphics viewer for GIF, JPG, PNG and other formats. It is designed for those who want a solid, easy viewer but who still want powerful features, without the complexity of a complete paint or thumb nailing program. . Freeware download of ImgV32 2 8, size 8.15 Mb.

JMGPhotoPrinter jhmgbl 

A program for printing and editing pictures. Pictures for printing are selected with checkboxes. So you don't have to have a hassle with the mouse and the keyboard to select pictures. Together with ufraw-batch RAW pictures are shown and can be converted. . Freeware download of JMGPhotoPrinter, size 4.00 Mb.

Anaglyph Viewer for Flickr 1.0.2 Y5mail-at-Flickr 

Anaglyph Viewer for Flickr is a simple image viewing tool that can be used to view images in 3D using the blue / red glasses.

It can open local photos or photos from Flickr and it has various view mode: crosseye, parallel, only right, only left, cyan/red, cyan/red gray. The images don't have to be 3D, because this software will . Freeware download of Anaglyph Viewer for Flickr 1.0.2, size 392.19 Kb.

SameLook 1.0 Nikita Pirogov 

SameLook - Open and compare 2 images at the same time, the same window.
SameLook is a lightweight application for Windows. Open and compare 2 images at the same time, the same window. Change background color for comfortable view. SameLook - Compare Images. . Freeware download of SameLook 1.0, size 5.21 Mb.

SharpVectorGraphics 0.3 Niklas Gustavsson 

SharpVectorGraphics Document Object Model in C# on the .Net framework. Help build the future foundation of SVG on .Net.
With its easy to use interface and user friendly concept build this program will deliver your desired outcame with no trouble for you and will help you get the job done fast and easy. . Freeware download of SharpVectorGraphics 0.3, size 288.77 Kb.

JavaHMO 2 4 Leon Nicholls 

JavaHMO implements a media server for the Home Media Option from TiVo® and adds new innovative features beyond the existing functionality provided by TiVo's implementation.
The list of features in JavaHMO go well beyond the features provided by the HMO Publisher software provided by TiVo:
- View images in the following . Freeware download of JavaHMO 2 4, size 28.29 Mb.

EZV-AVO 1 5 Brandyware Software 

With EZV-AVO you can capture anything on your screen or any sound comind through your audio card.

Using Auto Name, you can automatically have each capture pre-named and saved to any selected folder, ready for the next capture. Compression may be used for video and audio. . Free download of EZV-AVO 1 5, size 2.99 Mb.

Solitaire Devil 1.0 Rood Productions 

Anyone who has ever used MS Windows(TM) has played a game of solitaire (at least once), thus making it one of the most popular games ever played on a PC. For this reason, Tech-Connected of Austin, Texas has created the Solitaire Devil for players of the popular game who want more options; superior scoring features, greater deck variety, the ability . Free download of Solitaire Devil 1.0, size 0 b.

Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple MP4 Files Into One Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Append multiple MP4 files. Save result as a new file. . Free download of Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple MP4 Files Into One Software 7.0, size 3.71 Mb.

File Viewer Express 3.6 Accessory Software 

File Viewer is an multi purpose Disk/File Management Program with functions for finding, viewing, printing, emailing, and organizing Pictures, Images, Text, Documents, Database, and Spread Sheet Files. Multimedia Files, including MP3, AVI, MPG, MP4, FLV, MOV, WMF, WMA, MID, RMI, and WAV, are easily located, played and Organized using File Viewer. . Free download of File Viewer Express 3.6, size 36.00 Mb.